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Culture, Etiquette

Japanese Bathing Tips: Incorporating Self Care Management For Working Divas

Japanese bathing ritual offers more than surface benefits, which the ancient Japanese bathing tradition is perfect to soothe working divas. In this post, informative bathing tips depends on your concerns such as fatigue, stiff neck and shoulders, back pain, better sleep...Self-care is not selfish. Incorporate the Japanese Bathing Culture for tomorrow.
Culture, Etiquette

Best Japanese Bath Salts You Should Buy For Your Luxury Time

Japanese bath salts are one of the bath essentials for the Japanese, there are various types and forms. Japanese bath salts are commonly used for therapeutic and relaxation effects with their ingredients, colors, and aromas. This post provides the perfect way to experience the Japanese bath ritual. If you are looking for a Japanese hot spring "Onsen" effect, here is the perfect bath salt in this post. All products in this post are available online.
Things to do

Winter Light Festivals In Japan

Discover the best winter light festivals to visit in Japan this winter. Japan is crazy to make impressive illuminations nationwide, which is definitely one of the best things to do! Not only keeping your eyes in Shirakawa-go but also check out several lighting-up events during the winter vacation in Japan.
Things to do

Japan Highlights By Major 8 Regions

Discover what to do, what to eat, what to buy, and best Onsen list in each regon in Japan. Hokkaido, Tohoku, Kanto, Chubu (Hokuriku, Tokai, Shishu), Kinki (Kansai), Chugoku, Shikoku, Kyushu and Okinawa Islands!
Travel Tips

High Japan Travel Season, BUT You Will Miss Japanese Traditional & Cultural Experiences By NOT TRAVELLING In Those Seasons

Traveling to Japan? Do you know the Japanese high seasons? Cherry blossoms, sure. There are several high reasons that you have a hard time traveling around due to the crowd, and not so friendly for your budget. However, it will still worth seeing Japanese tradition, beauty and uniqueness in Japan. If you want to have authentic Japanese experiences, you should read this why you should travel to Japan even in high seasons.
Travel Tips

The Quick Guide Of Tokyo’s Winter; Winter Basics In Tokyo For Women

Check out Weather, Clothing, and Travel Tips in Tokyo during the winter season (Dec - Feb) in each month. Packing List for travel divas! Tokyo winter is moderate cold and also very dry! Read this post to get some ideas for your packing!
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