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How 5 Insider secrets of “Japanese HighBall” Brings You To Know Japanese Culture

A classic cocktail, "Whiskey & Soda" is also called 'Whiskey highball" known worldwide. The Japanese call it just "Highball" and it is a popular casual Izakaya drink for the first order (Kanpai!) You may be interested in why whiskey highball has been supported by the Japanese drinkers, what's so special? In this post, I will tell you the deep world of whiskey highball in Japan and the basic recipe to make Japanese highball at home.
Food & Drinks

The Japanese Alcohol; 5 Basics Divas Want to Know About Shochu

The ultimate native guide to Japanese Shochu. It one of Japan's deep worlds worth exploring. First, Shochu is a Japanese distilled liquor that ABV is between about 25% to 40%, and it is totally different from Sake. On this site, you can know about what's shochu exactly, what made from, and the types of Shochu.
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The Native Ultimate Guide; How To Enjoy Shochu Like A Japanese

Shochu-the Japanese favorite distilled liquor has been behind Sake, but Shochu is also has been rooted deeply in Japanese drink culture. Not like a Sake, Shochu can be enjoyed with straight, on the rock, with hot/ice water, and more unique ways. The famous "Chu-Hi" is one of them. Today, I am going to introduce you to the classic cocktails for your Sohchu 'cheers.'
Food & Drinks

Houjicha 101; Japan’s Popular Refreshing Roasted Green Tea

Japanese green tea is well-known as its health benefits and high-relaxation effect, how about if green tea is roasted? Because of the chemical of the roasting process, roasted green tea aka Hojicha has less caffeine, less astringency flavor, even gain rich toasty flavor and naturally sweet flavor. Read this site to know about Hojicha, health benefits, and how to make.
Food & Drinks

Japanese Green Tea Can Be Negative For Your Health?: Three Ingredients In Green Tea You Should Know About

Japanese green tea is generally considered a healthy drink when consumed in moderate amounts as a daily beverage, it's important not to go over-drink. There are little to no known side effects or contraindications to drinking green tea, but in some people, it can cause stomach and other unhealthy conditions. So what ingredients in Green tea cause negative effects?
Food & Drinks

Japanese Green Tea Aesthetic; Index For Types Of Japanese Green Tea

As one of Japanese aesthetic, many people want to try Japanese green tea which is not only ordinal green tea and Matcha. The most common green tea is called "Sencha" that you have already seen. There are more types of green tea, and do you want to know the differences? On this site, I make the "Green Tea Index" that helps you to shop and find your next new taste of Japanese green tea.
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