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Surrounded by Hinoki Wood Products; Natural Benefits From Japanese Cypress

being surrounded by hinoki wood productsCulture, Etiquette
Culture, Etiquette
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I talk about the awesome benefits of Hinoki Cypress in this page, such as

  • Antibacterial Effect
  • Deodorant Effect
  • Easy-dry
  • Adjust moisture (humidity)

Also, due to the “Phytoncide” effect, Hinoki cypress brings you

  • Lower blood pressure
  • Treat irregular heartbeat
  • Keep the autonomic nervous system healthy
  • Improves immunity
  • Calm down brain activity

Especially in Japan, we like using several products made of Hinoki cypress from ancient years such as building materials, furniture, kitchen tools, bathroom goods.

As people who prefer natural organic items, Hinoki essential oil and household supplies are getting popular worldwide.

To light up your natural living more, I am going to introduce beloved Hinoki wood products.

The Essential Oil

diffuser, aroma oil, essential oil

Use As Aroma Oil

Since containing α-pinene and borneol, Hinoki essential oilhas sedative effects like Nature therapy aka forest bathing.

When having stresses, fatigues, sleeping troubles, the Hinoki scents is helpful to induce a relaxed and refreshment feelings.

Not only using for mental therapy, but Hinoki essential oil also has effective for healing physical concerns such as

  • Reduce fatigue and the swelling with boosting blood circulation
  • Suppresses skin inflammation, heals wounds
  • Anti-aging

Hinoki Cypress is native to Japan and Taiwan. Among Japanese Hinoki Cypress, “Yoshino Hinoki” is well-known as its quality.

100% Pure woody scent make natural relaxation time, you can use it for massaging or adding aroma diffuser and hot bath.

Hinoki Balls are also handy items in any situation at home.

The natural soft woody Hinoki scent, put in the closet, shoe shelf, bathrooms…

These can also be soaked in the hot bath.

• Nature therapy (Shinrin Yoku, 森林浴)

forest bathing, shinrinyoku, nature therapy

“Shinrin-Yoku”, aka “forest bathing”is to enjoy the forest atmosphere by taking a leisurely walk, which is a therapy developed in Japan during the 1980s. The researches show “forest bathing” brings several health benefits especially to reduce stresses, anger, anxiety, depression, sleeping troubles, and also to improve immune systems.

As The Natural Household Spray

aroma, essential oil, spray

Hinoki oil has excellent antibacterial properties and deodorant effects. When using “Hinoki Aroma Spray” as a natural cleaner and air freshener, it has an outstanding effect even without the use of chemical substances for deodorization, sterilization, and cleaning.

It’s 100% natural and organic, kids & pet -safe. even you can use it for sanitation for kitchen tools.

  • To sanitize kitchen tools & tables
  • To clean house
  • Deodorant for kitchen, bedrooms, fabrics
  • Deodorant For yourself and pets

DIY “Hinoki Aroma Spray”


You can add other scents if liked, 
It goes well with woody scents and oriental scents such as sage, rosemary, bergamot, Ylang-ylang, Jasmine, Rosewood.

Wood Flakes

wood flakes

The Japanese hate “wasting” as “Mottainai” spirits.

We use whole parts of a sacred tree, Hinoki, even wood flakes and chips produced from the cutting process.

To use Hinoki benefits effectively, Hinoki chips and flakes can be used in your daily life, such as deodorizing bathrooms, living rooms, pet toilets.

Adding Hinoki Scents In The Hot Bath

Throw the sachet of Hinoki flakes in the bathtub, it makes you feel relaxed like you are in the woods.

Not as strong scent like Hinoki Buro – Japanese traditional bathtub made of Hinoki cypress, but you can still have experience of Japanese loved wooden scent while soaking in a hot tub.

It can be reusable up to 3 times, after then, dry completely and hung up in the closet, or put it in the winter boots as a deodorant sachet.

it is the perfect gift for the natural life lovers!

Bath Items

hinoki bath items

Aroma wood, famous for its high quality, is also used in bath accessories, which are acclaimed for their beauty, strength, and easy-dry.

Not only its silky touch but also Hinoki bath accessories have excellent functions such as drain-well, easy-dry, antibacterial, and deodorant.

No matter what, its natural woody scent would beloved!

Also, you can have “Onsen”-Japanese hot spa, experiences and enjoy natural bathtime.

Kitchen Tools

sushi chef, japanese chef, Japanese food

Hinoki wood is also perfect for kitchen tools due to the rich components in antibacterial, deodorant, and easy-dry properties.

Especially professional Japanese-cuisine chefs prefer to use the Hinoki cutting board since a well-maintenance kitchen knife can make a difference in the texture and aroma of the food items.

Despite the longing for wood cutting boards, many people (includes me) think it is difficult to maintain. Woodcutting boards aren’t just more aesthetically, but also a great tool for everyday use.

A wooden cutting board will prevent damage to kitchen knives.

Especially when using hard plastic/marble cutting boards for steel knives, the cutting edge deteriorates quickly.

The wooden cutting board is not too hard, it is said you will not tired easily when cutting a hard object with a knife.

Besides, the food on the wooden cutting board hardly slips because the wood absorbs excess water from the food.

Sake Cup

japanese sake

I highly recommend having a pair of Hinoki Sake Cups to taste the special Japanese Sake.

The scent of Hinoki cypress dramatically makes the taste of Sake difference!!!

Being Surrounded By Natural Items

“Hinoki” benefits aka “Phytoncide” effects last even after becoming products like I introduced today.

It’s proven you can get the same effects of “Shinrin Yoku” aka “Forest bathing” just with being surrounded by natural wooden products.

Moreover, Hinoki products prevent insects and germs with their strong antibacterial effects, and you don’t have to worry about side effects because of natural products.

Get natural power and enjoy the healthy life.

being surrounded by hinoki wood products

If you haven’t known Hinoki benefits, read next here! I also talk about Forest bathing.

Do you want to find your favorite Japanese bath salts?

If you want to know hot to maintenance wood cutting boards read HERE!

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