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The Masu Sake Cup; The Unique Japanese Sake Serving Style, How To Enjoy It?

The masu sake cup is a square (made of wood or plastics) box used as a sake drinking culture. Even it is already unique to drink Japanese sake out of it, but also there are unique serving ways and drinking rituals. Yes, sounds like the Japanese, right? This guide tells you what's exactly the masu cup and how to drink Sake from it.
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Japanese Temple Etiquette; 4 Things I Want To Tell You Before Visiting

Visiting Shrines and Temples is definitely one of the things to do on your bucket list for the Japan trip. To visit the holy places for local people, learn proper manners to enjoy the experience while respecting the Japanese customs and religion.
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11 Facts Other Websites Never Tell You About Japanese Dos and Don’ts

Be scared about Japanese picky manners and etiquettes? You are the tourists and the Japanese want you to enjoy traveling in Japan more than anything! I am going to tell you today that things GENERALLY the Japanese don't do in public, but these things don't mean that you should do. Grab a cup of coffee, and read relax!
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6 Things Bother Japanese People By International Tourists

Going to Japan? Japan has been known as the "Hospitality" country for visitors, but there is a little controversy between Japanese people and overseas tourists in recent years. The basic of the Japanese spirit is "Consider other people" first, and might be you feel different in some situations. You are the guest to visit Japan, yet you should understand etiquette and manners to keep a comfortable relationship with each other in Japan.
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The Informative Guide To Japan Shrine Manners & Omikuji Things To Do

Visiting Japan? The top attraction of things to do in Japan is "visiting Shrines and Temples". Shrines are the place where God lives, we are happy for you to pay respects following official steps. This site tells you the most common manners for the shrine visit and also guides about after-attraction such as drawing Omikuji.
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13 Japanese Etiquettes and Manners On Trains, Subways, and Shinkansen

Here are 13 Japanese etiquettes and manners you need to know when you use public transportations in Japan such as trains, subways, and Shinkansens. If you don't read this, your behavior may bother local Japanese people.
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Japanese Shopping Etiquette Tips; The Native Guide Tells You Basics

Japan is one of the countries that people care about manners and etiquette in their lifestyle. If you plan to visit Japan, you may concern about the Japanese complex manners and etiquette in each situation. But, don't worry too much! Read this and be calm. Today, I am going to tell you about shopping etiquette tips for you.
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Ryokan Etiquette Guide; How to behave in Ryokan

Staying in the traditional Japanese style hotel called Ryokan is going to highlight the Japan trip for sure, but better know the etiquettes and manners. Staying in Ryokan is much different from staying in western hotels and other accommodations, there are original Japanese rules. If you don't understand the Ryokan concept, it will cause misunderstandings between Ryokan and you. To avoid bother other guests and Ryokan staff, you need to learn the basic etiquette for staying in Ryokan.
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You may GET FINED if you don’t know this in KYOTO

Going to Kyoto? Kyoto is one of the iconic sightseeing spots in Japan, where it has been protecting ancient landscapes, important national treasures and traditional proud. However, misunderstanding common senses between tourists and locals have been making "tourism pollution". The one association in Kyoto sentenced the ban for taking pictures in the prohibited area. In this site, explain about the ban and troubles bothered local people by tourists.
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Things need to know before stepping in “Golden Gai”, Shinjuku, Tokyo.

Want to enjoy the nightlife in Golden Gai, Shinjuku? The district has been loved because of the nostalgic atmosphere and good relationships between owners and patrons. Recently tourism pollution is one of problem and locals worry about its atmosphere going to be destroyed. Not only foreigners but also Japanese new visitors don't know there are undocumented rules among locals, I am going to tell you tips about how you can be a smart customer in Golden Gai.
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If You Read The Article About Don’t Blow Your Nose In Public In Japan, Read This.

I am from Japan. Every time I see "Don't blow your nose in public in Japan" on the website, I am not happy about it. Because! you can blow your nose in public even in Japan. In fact, most Japanese people think it is ridiculous if someone says blowing your nose in public is a bad manner. I really want to explain why the rumor has been based on the wrong facts.
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