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Japan Rail Pass and Narita Express Guide [JAN, 2020 updated]

Going to Japan? Considering to buy Japan Rail Pass? Are you arriving at Narita airport? Japan Rail Pass can save lots of money and your hassle if you are an active traveler. If you still wonder whether to purchase the Japan rail pass or not, I can help you make up your mind on this site with showing costs.
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Reserve the seat for luggage on Shinkansen beginning May 2020 in Japan

Going to Japan? Know the new luggage rule of Shinkansen coming up in May of 2020 that you must know? Many foreign tourists don't know there is no baggage storage on Shinkansen on Goldenroute, and they really don't know what to do and cause troubles between tourists and other passengers. This site tells you what is the new rule and what to do for the Japan trip.
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[Japan Rail Pass] How to get to Osaka from Narita Airport

Planing to going to Osaka from Narita Airport? Want to know how to transfer to the bullet train from Narita Express? I am going to tell you how to get to Osaka by Shinkansen with Japan Rail Pass from Narita Airport step by step in this site.
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How to get the cutest prepaid transportation card in Tokyo

Do you want the cutest prepaid transportation card in Tokyo, Japan? "Pasmo Passport" is produced for short-term foreign travelers who want to bring back the prepaid card as a Japanese gift. Three Sanrio characters, Hello Kitty, Pompom purin, and Cinnamon roll on the card cheers you every time you take out your pocket. On this site, I will explain what "Pasmo Passport" is, how it works, where you can buy. I give you information about how I got it at Narita Airport too.
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How to buy Narita Express ticket at Narita Airport

Don't you want to get confused after arriving at Narita airport in Japan? Are you planning to take Narita Express to Tokyo from the airport? To make your trip easy, I will tell you steps and tips to buy the ticket for Narita Express and also Shinkansen ticket at Narita Airport.
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