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Common Decluttering Mistakes I Made In The Danshari Method

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I am not a hard person to declutter things usually. When I was a teenager, I read the autobiography of my favorite former siccer player “Hidetoshi Nakata” and he said he was not trying to find his favorite neckless on the soccer field after his game because he believed that it already had the fate to be apart from him. ( it was a long time ago, so I don’t know what he believes now.)

Anyway, his word changed my life and I can proceed with things without obsession not only lost stuff and also unnecessary things that I didn’t have sparkling anymore.

So, it is easy to do the Dansyari method to me. However, I sometimes do too much and have regrets later.
In fact, items that are likely regretted by decluttering are divided into eight, and each has a common reason for regret.

In many cases, I regret throwing away the things I never get or I still need.

If you check in advance what you can easily regret by decluttering, you will not regret it later.

In this article, find out what I made mistakes and what you should consider whether to remove or not carefully.


When you see many decluttering methods, one of the things that you should declutter is “clothes”.

But, if you get rid out of them just because you don’t wear them anymore or your size has been changed, you may have regrets.

You may want to get rid out outdated fashion clothes from your closet, but they may be the focus again in a cycle of fashion trends. The fashion trends likely repeat in a 20-year cycle so it may be considered to keep while you really like design and colors.

Skinny clothes may be great motivation for weight loss. You can keep at least one of them if you are planning to weight loss.

Even if you think you won’t wear it anymore, keep it for another season. Also, it is better not to declutter clothes out of season just in case you will not have any clothes to wear in the season.

Also, it is not a bad idea to keep basic colors that go well with other colors all the time.

In summary, consider not only the criteria of “I’m not wearing it now” but also its background and the future possibility.


Books that occupy your bookshelf and pages turn yellow are subject to declutter when you want to be refreshed. With the spread of e-books, you may think that old-fashioned thick books are not cool anymore.
However, although there are many old books that have been published online, there are still books that you can’t get on the e-market.

Some books are out of print and will never be available again, so think carefully before throwing them away.

Make sure the books that you are dumping are hard to be out of print.

Even if a book is out of print, you can buy it second-hand, but the selling price often jumps tens of times depends on the popularity. Also, you may better check whether it is available as an e-reader.

Although you don’t read it anymore, it is likely to happen you want to read it again and then you can find new thoughts as you are mature.

After all, you shouldn’t let go of your favorite author or favorite books.


By looking back on old journal entries, you can learn past events, memories, notes, ideas, thoughts, and all yourself.

Yet, those journal books are stealing spaces year by year.

Take the time to determine whether to get rid out of it from your life. It is a good idea to take a picture of favorite pages and convert it into data.

Since it is the only thing in the world that recorded your life by yourself, it is likely to regret your emotional decision.

In addition, the journal entry may contain a message from the past self to the future self.

Be sure to read it back before considering disposal, copy the necessary content, or take a picture and convert it into data to reduce regret.

Seasonal Items

When you look at seasonal items such as portable fans, heaters, and holiday decorations, you likely feel they are unnecessary during the off-season. In the worst case, you will have to buy it again, and you may feel stress due to wasteful effort and expense.

If you don’t use the item for two seasons, you probably won’t use them for the rest of your life.

Moreover, the design and performance will improve after two years or more, so it may be better to change to a new one.

Also, if you have two or more of the same thing and you don’t use it, you can substitute them so you can reduce them without regrets.

What Makes You Regretting To Getting Rid Out Things After

There are some reasons why you regret getting rid of something later.

You Begin It Without Planning

It’s easy to make mistakes if you don’t clarify the criteria for decluttering or leaving it to the pleasure of getting things out, or being rush to declutter just because you want to purge your rooms.

Focus On Only Tossing Away Stuff

As I said, there will be regret when you don’t have the criteria for what necessary items for you and toss them away without being conscious. Besides, mistakes often happen when you feel comfortable in a clean and neat room with less stuff.

The concept of the Danshari method is not sticking “throwing stuff away anyway”, it is “selecting and leaving only what you really need.”

How You Can Avoid Regretting With Decluttering In The Danshari Method

Once you start the Danshari decluttering, you will feel more motivated to getting rid out of things at the same time you feel refreshed. Yet, many people regret getting rid of things they later wish they should have kept. How can you make a decluttering without regret?

  • Approach the space where you can easily begin such as small spaces and the room that store stuff in the same category
  • Setting a timer and decluttering in a certain amount of time
  • Take time to determine whether to get rid out of or not (especially for sentimental items)
  • There is a choice that you can keep it

I am talking about more details in this post. Read next if you would like to know more.

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