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6 Authentic Japanese Gifts Ideas For Him Who Loves Japanese Sake, Shochu, Whiskey; Traditional Sake Ware Selected By The Native Japanese

6 Authentic Japanese Gifts Ideas For Him Who Loves Japanese Sake, Shochu, Whiskey Culture, Etiquette

What you should do to get authentic Japanese sake ware for HIM who loves drinking Japanese sake, shochu, or whiskey?

And, are you searching for many products on Amazon for the last few days?

I am with you, I can see many items are not authentic, not full-craftmanship, and even not made in Japan.

Even if you are not familiar with the difference between Japanese, Korean and Chinese, I can help you today!

These gift ideas are all made in Japan, traditional style, and they will be the unique gift that he will like.

Shotoku Usuhari Glass


“Usuhari glass” is a luxury handcraft thin glass made in Japan, and it is the registered trademark of Matsutoku Glass Co. in Tokyo.

This craftsman-grade (very) thin glass by Japanese craftsmanship which named “Usuhari” because of its thin glass, Japanese culture, and delicate image.

“Usu(i)” literally means thin, and ‘Hari” means glass.

Since it is super thin glass, “Usuhari” has been getting attention from Beer and sake connoisseurs.

The thin glass enhances the delicacy of the flavor of alcohol, with the touch feeling of the glass on the lips being extremely friendly.

It’s super delicate, highly recommend to hand wash thoughtfully.

Usuhari beer glass (Pilsner)

Why drinking beer in a “Usuhari glass” makes it more refreshing and delicate. It has a thin mouthpiece of about 0.9 mm, and you can enjoy the feeling of drinking beer directly without feeling the presence of glass.

This thin sake glass, named Daiginjo, has a horn in the bottom.

This unique design is for keeping Sake flavor (aroma) even when tilting and rolling around the glass.

You can enjoy the mellow taste and aroma of sake forever.
It has been highly recommended by sake professionals.

Usuhari Glass (Daiginjo Sake Glass)

Nanbu Tekki; Traditional Japanese Cast-iron Tea Pot

If he is a Japanophile and warm or hot Sake connoisseur, this Japanese-look teapot is a luxury gift that he should have at home.

The taste of sake really depends on the temperature and the server and cups.

Japanese traditional cast iron, especially “Nanbutekki” is not only suitable for the best teapot but also a great server for Japanese sake in hot, warm, and cold with its temperature retention.

This Nanbutekki teapot has an enamel finish inside so it doesn’t bother the original Sake flavor.

Please read or copy how to take care of a Japanese cast iron teapot.

Cast Iron Teapot, Nanbu Tekki Teapot, Made in Japan

How to care Tetsu-Kyusu


You may be wondering how to warm Japanese Sake with Tetsu teapot since it never can be able to be used on the stovetop.

There are two ways that you can do it. One is just transferring warm/hot sake into the Tetsu teapot, and another is putting a tokkuri (ceramic sake decanter) in the tetsu teapot. The cast iron has great temperature retention, so these are general ways to keep Japanese Sake warm.

How about using a Japanese cast-iron kettle to heat sake?

When sake is put into it, iron will elute and color sake yellowish, and the taste will be slightly twisted. If you don’t mind it or even some people like it that way, it’s definitely not a problem.

Do You Know How To Heat Up Sake?

Mino Ware Traditional Japanese Ochoko Sake Cup

Well, he might need to upgrade Sake ware!

Mino ware aka Minoyaki is popular pottery in Japan that has a long history.

Mino ware is a general term for ceramics made in Kani, Tajimi, Toki, and Mizunami in Gifu, and was certified as a traditional Japanese craft in 1978. Those cities are called the Tono region where is one of the largest production of ceramics in Japan.

This traditional classic design reminds the Japanese calm but strong soul, in fact, Mino ware had loved by historical Samurai generals and tea masters.

Less is the best, the simple design will calm his mind at the end of the hustle-bustle day.

Mino Ware Traditional Japanese Ochoko Sake Cup, 2 inches Green CHASUISHO HANGETURYOKU Design Small SAKE Cup

Authentic Hinoki Masu Sake Cup

Serving Japanese sake with a wooden Masu cup gives him one of Japanese authenticity.

Masu itself has been considered to be auspicious in Japan. So it’s gonna be a great gift if he starts his own business or is just promoted.

However, the most appealing point of drinking Sake with a wooden masu cup is its scent from the wood.

Especially, Hinoki cypress has refreshing and relaxing scents and surprisingly it makes Sake much better!

Shuchu & Wiskey Rock Glass


If he wants to enjoy shochu on the rock, you definitely want to give him a Japanese special rock glass. As a gift, shochu glass is popular and has a wide variety of types.

The most popular is rock glass made of crystal glass. You can feel the sharp taste by drinking the crisply chilled shochu in a glass.

Edo Kiriko glassware is luxury glassware from Tokyo packed with Japanese craftsmanship.

It is almost art, its delicate cut design, and color.

Each time he carries the glass to sip Shochu or whiskey, he can’t stop gazing at the beautiful glass.

Japanese Edo-Kiriko (Cut Glass) Rock Style Old Fashioned Whiskey Glass 

Culture, Etiquette
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