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Houjicha 101; Japan’s Popular Refreshing Roasted Green Tea

Japanese green tea is well-known as its health benefits and high-relaxation effect, how about if green tea is roasted? Because of the chemical of the roasting process, roasted green tea aka Hojicha has less caffeine, less astringency flavor, even gain rich toasty flavor and naturally sweet flavor. Read this site to know about Hojicha, health benefits, and how to make.

Japanese Tomato Ketchup “Napolitan” Spaghetti Recipe For People Who Got Disappointed Once

If you have ever get disappointed homemade Napolitan spaghetti, I tell you why. This is the ultimate recipe for Japanese food geeks to make NOT plain, soggy, and watery Napoitan spaghetti.
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3 Sauce Recipes For Japanese Pork Cutlet; Tonkatsu Sauce, Miso Sauce, Easy Aurora Sauce

Looking for Japanese authentic sauces for dipping? Here are 3 easy recipes from the native Japanese. The Japanese are obsessed with Japanese-style Worcestershire sauce aka Worcester sauce (ウスターソース) and there are many types of sauces for especially deep-fried food such as Japanese pork cutlets. Also, Nagoyan, people who live in Nagoya city, love Miso sauce! (I am from Nagoya). Lastly, super-easy Japanese Aurora sauce.
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The Japanese Cooking Guide; Koji Rice

Koji is the Japanese fermented condiments as well as Miso paste, soy sauce, Mirin, Japanese sake. You will be impressed with "The power of Koji", "The Koji magic", once you start using "Shio Koji" in your cooking. Especially, to marinate meat and fish, it does not only tenderize them but also brings its umami, the savory flavor. In this site, I will explain what the koji rice is, how to make it, use it, and keep it!
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How To Make Japanese Style Lemon Sour At Home

Do you know Japanese style sour cocktails? "sour" is a very popular cocktail in Japan, a lot of flavors. Especially, Lemon sour has been trending in recent Japan and you can make it own at home! It's lemony and clear taste and the perfect refreshment in the afternoon on the patio! The color of yellow makes you feel happy and spontaneous and get also vitamin C with low carb distilled spirit! In this recipe, you will infuse lemon peels and distilled spirits for a few days, how? Read this and enjoy the Japanese style lemon sour!
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Napa (Chinese) Cabbage 101 In Japanese Cooking; Nutrition, Shopping and Storage Tips, Recipes

Napa cabbage has been loved as the winter vegetable in Japan. This page introduces the health benefits of Napa cabbage and great Japanese cooking recipes using Hakusai (Napa cabbage) includes Japanese pickles and goma-ae.
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Japanese Cooking Culture; How to Sun Dry Veggies At Home

Dehydrated food is much handy, economical, and environmentally friendly. I just notice that I haven't seen anyone sun-dry veggies around me in the US. Isn't it common??? In Japan, sun drying food is very common and we often sundry veggies at home. The sun-dried veggies have concentrated natural Umami flavor, sweetness, nutrition.
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Black And White Sesame seeds; Health benefits, How to use in Japanese Cooking

Here are the health benefits of sesame seeds such as boosting immunity and lower cholesterol levels, improving bowel movements and digestive health, and anti-aging! Besides, its rich aroma and flavor make you hungry. In Japanese cuisine, sesame seeds have been loved as healthy food to intake daily diet. Read this site, let's get to know about charming sesame seed.
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Homemade Authentic Japanese Teriyaki (Yakitori) Sauce For Yakitori, Grilled Meat and Vegetables

The best "authentic Japanese TERIYAKI sauce" recipe. Soy sauce, Sugar, Japanese Sake, and Dashi kelp. Also, another recipe using ingredients you already have. The substance recipe of Mirin-sweet rice wine included.
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Sesame Crusted Seared Ahi Tuna With Authentic Teriyaki Sauce

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Tender, Juicy, Crispy Karaage Chicken Recipe; Japanese fried chicken

If you are a Japanese food geek, you can't miss "Japanese fried chicken" called 'Kara age" to eat, to cook. 'Kara age (chicken)" is the staple comfort food and also popular obento items. Everybody loves "Karaage" in Japan. Use boneless chicken thigh or breast, double coating, and double fried! If you want to make tender, juicy crispy Japanese fried chicken, check out my recipe.
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Summer Grilling! Home Izakaya! Yakitori Chicken With Savory Sweet Authentic Sauce

Open Your Izakayas At Home! The most popular Izakaya menu, Yakitori Chicken. The perfect summer grilling. Please make the savory-sweet authentic Japanese teriyaki sauce the night before! Don't have a charcoal grill??? Indoor Cooking recipes are also on this page.
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How Do The Japanese Make Tough Meat Tender At Home

No one wants to eat tough and chewy, or dried meat for dinner. No wants to make yourself and fams disappointed. I have been trying many ways to tenderize meat without losing juice, and want to share only my successful methods to make any cut of meat tender, juicy, and never dried. Besides, the Japanese BBQ sauce recipe is available here!
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Easy steps to make Japanese ( Nagoya) style chicken wings

Are you getting tired of eating buffalo wings all the time? Why not try "Japanese style chicken wings" as your new recipe? Japanese style chicken wings have a crisp outside and delicious juicy meat inside. Easy steps to make Japanese style chicken wings here, click!
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Japanese BBQ Beef Salad Bowl With The Extra Asian Breeze

A big salad bowl with the savory, tender sliced beefsteak. Marinate the meat with Japanese traditional BBQ sauce (Yakiniku no Tare) which is also used for the dressing. Sweet chili sauce and chopped cilantro add the extra Asian breeze. Goes well with a cold beer!
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Japanese Pork Cutlet Recipe; Make The Authentic Crispy Tonkatsu

Wanna make different-style pork cutlets for dinner tonight? How about Japanese-style port cutlets called "Tonkatsu" (豚かつ)??? It's very easy to make, but there are some tips to better Japanese pork cutlets, juicy pork, and crispy coating!
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