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No More Dry Thanksgiving Turkey! Tender-Moist Turkey Dinner With My Baking Powder Brine [No Salty]

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Does baking powder tenderize turkey for thanksgiving?


My husband and I love turkey and we cook it an all-around year and we have never gotten a dry turkey dinner so far.

My husband’s tip is simply to use an oven bag.

My tip is simply to brain a turkey with a baking powder brine.

The detail about my Japanese tips for brining meat is in this post.

Now, I will tell you a quick guide.

The Ratio Of The Baking Powder, Salt To Water

The basic baking powder solution

Water : Baking Powder : Salt = 1 Litter (4.2 us cup) : 2 tbsp : 1 tbsp

I recommend using boiled water to dissolve the salt completely or you can boil water and salt until dissolved completely, then put ice to get it chilled.

Use double basic baking powder solution to brine a half turkey.

8 tbsp of baking powder (1/2 cup) + 4 tbsp of salt + water

Use a double of this ratio for a whole turkey.

16 tbsp of baking powder (1 cup) + 4 tbsp of salt + water

Don’t Be So Meticulous

You don’t have to be so meticulous to measure ingredients, but only watch out for the amount of salt.

For example, I put 9 tbsp of baking powder + 4 tbsp of Himalayan pink salt and water.

You can add water until the turkey is fully covered if there is not enough water in the solution.

Why did I add 1 tbsp of baking powder? I just felt that it looked like a big half turkey.

You can add baking powder, but don’t add any spoons of salt than the ratio to avoid the turkey becoming salty.

Pierce A Turkey Before Brining

Let’s poke holes in the meat with forks as much as you can before marinating meat to the solution permeate it better and quicker.

Use two forks and hold them on each hand.

Pierce especially the skin side, underwings, and drum stick thoughtfully.

When you visualize people or things that you feel stressed under them when poking piercing the meat, watch out for splashing juice (water from the turkey) to your face and body. (I did.)

So, I recommend piercing the meat gently.

How Long You Should To Brine A Turkey

Highly recommend letting the turkey brine with the baking powder solution overnight (at least) in the fridge.

You know, the turkey is bigger than chicken.

Baking powder helps to keep moist the meat so don’t be hesitated to brine the turkey for 24 hours.

If you cook a whole turkey, you can bring it for up to 48 hours.

Do You Need To Rinse A Turkey After Brining?

Nop. You don’t need to rinse the turkey after brining.

The reason I use baking powder rather than baking soda is that the baking powder will not change the meat flavor so no-rinsing doesn’t affect the flavor of the turkey.

Simply, place the brined turkey on kitchen paper towels and pat dry inside and outside to remove excess liquid.

Learn How To Make A Baking Powder Brine In 5 MIN

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