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The Perfect Hot Bath Routine For Your Skincare

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I talk about the hot bath effects on your body and mind in my blogging, but I have been missing something to tell you!

How to take a bath to keep (even to enhance) your beautiful skin!

The hot bath can damage your skin if you don’t know these tips.

What You Should Know Taking A Hot Bath For Skin Care

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The hot bath brings lots of health benefits but it also can damage your skin when you bathe incorrectly. For example,too-hot water or too long bathing time whisks away moisturizing substances in the skin. Besides, too-hot water burdens the heart as I said, so please make sure the water temperature.

Important Keys Of The Hot Bath For Keep Beautiful Skin

  1. The water temperature should be 38-40 ℃.
  2. The best bathing time is for 15 to 20 minutes.
  3. Put bath salts to sften tap water
  4. Drink a glass of water (Barley tea or sports drink) before and after bathing.
  1. The best water temperature is 38-40 degrees Celsius, which warms the body slowly and sweats easily. As I said, hot water (over 40 ℃) makes your skin dry out.
  2. The best bathing time is for 15 to 20 minutes. You may think as longer is better, but as well as hot water, a long-period bath causes dry skin.
  3. Bath salts are not only for the scent but also can help soften tap water. The tap water may irritate your skin, so it is better to add bath salts.

The Best Ritual For The Hot Bath

You can enhance the beauty effect of the hot bath with just a little ritual before taking a bath. You can do all steps in a short time, so why not start using them today?

Drink A Glass Of Water Or Baley Tea

Bathing actually dehydrates you. Drink a glass of water before bathing, as dehydration can make your skin dry.

Barley tea is rich in minerals so you can intake fluid and minerals at the same time. It has effects such as improving blood flow and lowering blood pressure, so drinking a glass of barley tea is also recommended.


A hot bath can relax your muscles. Pre-stretching allows you to relax your muscles and warm your body easily and quickly.

Stretch your body for just 5-10 minutes before taking a bath.

Lymphatic Drainage Massage

After work, isn’t it shocking if the skin tone is uneven and puffy eyes to dark cycles or tired face overall?

To maintain a healthy skin tone, improve the flow of lymph and blood.
Facial massage can help to get rid of tiredness on your face and feel refreshed.

Let’s get rid of the daily tiredness before the dull and sagging skin will permanently stay on your face.

Facial Massaging

  • Use body lotion (cream) or body oil for massaging.
  • Use your favorite body lotion (cream) or body oil.
  • Please massage GENTLY to avoid damaging your skin.
  1. From behind the ears to the neck, stroke in the direction of the collarbone with the palm of your hand. (10 times on each side)
  2. Use four fingers (index finger to little finger) to stroke from the chin to the bottom of the ear along the face line. (6 times on the b at the both sides)
  3. Next, align your index fingers with a nasolabial fold and place your palms perpendicular to your face.
  4. First, use your thumb to stroke from the side of your mouth to your ears.
  5. Then use the your index finger to stroke from your nose to your temples.
  6. Clench fists and place second joints under the cheekbones. Gently roll the skin few times.
  7. Tap eye circles with finger tips several times.
  8. From behind the ears, stroke the neck 10 times in the direction of the collarbone with the palm of your hand.
  9. Finally, press the clavicle acupoints (the dented part on the clavicle) three times to flow waste products out.

Face Masks

The steam effect from the water in the tub enhances the penetration of ingredients. Even you don’t have to worry about dripping of the face mask, you know.

It can remove dead skin cells and sebum that have entered the pores of the skin. However, face packs should be used 2-3 times a week. Excessive use of face packs can damage the skin and pores.

Japanese Face Mask Beset Sellers

4 Steps AfterCare Of The Hot Bath

The bathing ritual is important, but the aftercare is even more important.

The skin becomes easier to damage after bathing, it will cause severe dry skin or skin irritation if you don’t apply proper aftercare.

Moisturize Your Skin

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First is the moisturizing of the body.

Use moisturizing oil or body milk and apply quickly to the whole body.

Ideally, apply a moisturizer that can be used on wet bodies. This is because wiping off the water makes it easier for the body to dry.

Apply Face Moisturizer

Like the body, the facial skin begins to dry once the water is wiped off.

Apply the facial moisturizer immediately.

Dry Yourself With Towel

Wipe off your whole body. Gently wipe off the water by pressing the towel without rubbing.

Finish The Facial Skin Care

Once the moisturizer has penetrated, apply serums, emulsions, and creams to complete skincare.


Be sure to rehydrate as you will become dehydrated while taking a bath.

Alcohol has a diuretic effect and is not suitable.

Ice-cold water can be a burden to your body, so it is better to drink room temperature water, barley tea, and herbal teas that are relaxing with aromas.

In Ayurveda, plain boiled water is really good for your health. Just avoid drinking water with ice after bathing.

The 10-minute Yoga After Bath

A stretch after the bath keeps your body warm and helps improve flexibility but also for better sleep.

Begin stretching from the central part of the body instead of the end muscles.
Focusing on “Breathing” and listening to your body.

After the bath, the parasympathetic nerve is active which means good for better sleep.

However, sympathetic nerves will dominate if you do energetic yoga, which wakes your body up and you will hardly sleep deeply.

Let’s do gentle yoga after taking a bath.

  1. Mountain Pose (Tadasana)
  2. Butterfly Pose (Badhakonasana)
  3. Cow / Cat (Bitilasana / Marjaryasana)
  4. Half Pigeon Pose (Ardha Kapotasana)
  5. Downward Facing Dog (Adho Mukha Svanasana)
  6. Child’s Pose (aka Balasana)
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