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I am a petit Japanese wife (about 5 ft tall) who currently live in the US.

I am so excited many tourists are interested in visiting Japan, moreover, big events are coming soon such as Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics 2020, 2021, WorldEexpo Osaka 2025.

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Japan is the far east country as you know, and some of you feel a little scary to travel because of a totally different language, different culture, and atmosphere.

So! I am here to blow your fear away!!!

I tell you in this blog,

  • How to get around in Japan (by public transportations, airport shuttles, taxies…)
  • Things to do, eat and drink
  • How to communicate with local people
  • To introduce a unique deep culture from my view

Besides, I have an American husband and we lived in Japan for a while before moving to the US so I understand what makes overseas visitors “happy and unhappy” during traveling by helping his fams and coworkers many times when they visited Japan.


Also, I want to write unique things that no one have written before as a native Japanese.

I see a lot of travel blogs to write about Japan trip with wrong or old information,

I just want to tell you the latest and right information in my blog.

So, my profile little bit.

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I was born in a small town, Gifu prefecture, Japan. I grow up in the same town, lived in Canada for 1 year to learn English in 1999 – 2000, lived by myself in Nagoya after graduating the college until I met my husband.

My life has changed a lot after I met him in 2011.

Our story started from a bar in Nagoya, when we were sitting next to each other at the counter in December 2011.

We lived together while he was an ex-pat, relocated to the UK from 2014 to 2017, got married in Japan in 2015, and currently live on the east side of the US.

My typical single life turned the unique traveling life!

About the trouble of an international couple,

me, husband, Japanese, American, in UK

well, but it does not matter the same nationality or not, about marriage, right?

Actually, we enjoy the cultural difference and the language barrier between us.

We laugh a lot about my pronunciation.

I don’t have enough vocabulary to defeat him when we have an argument, so we don’t argue much. 😁❤

About my English education history,

If you are interested in it.

I learned English from junior high school to high school for 6 years and went to ESL school in Saskatchewan, Canada for 1 year. Then, I majored in English at a 2-year college in Nagoya, Japan.

I did not use English for about 10 years until I met my husband. I learned writing essays in ESL school, but not perfect. ( I didn’t like writing essays at all. )

In this blog, I try to write properly, but I want to enjoy writing / sharing my experiences but if you hardly understand what I say, PLEASE tell me, it will help me too.

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