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The Informative Guide To Japan Shrine Manners & Omikuji Things To Do

Visiting Japan? The top attraction of things to do in Japan is "visiting Shrines and Temples". Shrines are the place where God lives, we are happy for you to pay respects following official steps. This site tells you the most common manners for the shrine visit and also guides about after-attraction such as drawing Omikuji.
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6 things bother Japanese people by tourists

Going to Japan? Japan has been known as the "Hospitality" country for visitors, but there is a little controversy between Japanese people and overseas tourists in recent years. The basic of the Japanese spirit is "Consider other people" first, and might be you feel different in some situations. You are the guest to visit Japan, yet you should understand etiquette and manners to keep a comfortable relationship with each other in Japan.
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11 Facts Other Websites Never Tell You About Japanese Dos and Don’ts

Be scared about Japanese picky manners and etiquettes? You are the tourists and the Japanese want you to enjoy traveling in Japan more than anything! I am going to tell you today that things GENERALLY the Japanese don't do in public, but these things don't mean that you should do. Grab a cup of coffee, and read relax!
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Japanese Temple Etiquette; 4 Things I Want To Tell You Before Visiting

Visiting Shrines and Temples is definitely one of the things to do on your bucket list for the Japan trip. To visit the holy places for local people, learn proper manners to enjoy the experience while respecting the Japanese customs and religion.
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Tanigumisan Kegonji – The Last Saigoku Kannon Pilgrimage Destination; My Secret Temple In Gifu, Japan

This temple is well-known as the last destination of the pilgrimage for local people, maybe not for international visitors much. Gifu prefecture is already recognized as a hidden sightseeing spot, moreover, this temple is also a hidden gem in the hidden prefecture. It is not suitable for the first Japan trip, but just reading my post is fun to know about the temple.
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The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide On What To Do In Nagoya [2020, updated]

Nagoya, Japan is the biggest city in the central region. This large but compact city is full of things to do such as enjoying iconic local cuisines, seeing around museums, and shopping spots from classic to stylish. Due to the location, Nagoya is very easy to access from Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka, east and west. Here is the ultimate beginner's guide on what to do in Nagoya, Japan.
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1 Day In Nagoya Itinerary; The Perfect Trip Plan For The First Visit Nagoya, Japan

Check out my 1 day in Nagoya itinerary with the best things to do in Nagoya from the native guide who lived in Nagoya for 14 years. Click through what and where to eat.
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5 Things You Should Know About Hinoki Cypress; Relationship with Japanese Life And Awesome Benefits

If you are interested in Japanese culture, you can't ignore the relationship with Hinoki cypress and Japanese life. Hinoki cypress has been loved by the Japanese for thousands of years, besides, it has awesome benefits in many situations. Not only as high-quality building materials but also it has health benefits. Especially, its woody scents give you relaxation and stimulate brain activity effectively with natural organic power. On this site, I am going to tell you Hinoki cypress awesome benefits and how Japanese people use it.
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Warning; You Will Miss Japanese Traditional & Cultural Experiences By NOT TRAVELLING In 4 High Seasons In Japan

Traveling to Japan? Do you know the Japanese high seasons? Cherry blossoms, sure. There are several high reasons that you have a hard time traveling around due to the crowd, and not so friendly for your budget. However, it will still worth seeing Japanese tradition, beauty and uniqueness in Japan. If you want to have authentic Japanese experiences, you should read this why you should travel to Japan even in high seasons.
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The Ultimate Guide; Learn Japanese New Year’s Traditions in 11 Easy Steps

If you are interested in Japanese culture, you can't miss how Japanese people celebrate New Year's Day. From ancient years, the event of welcoming to the coming year has been very important for Japanese people, each thing is related to Japanese Buddhism and Shintoism. Even though the real meanings of each thing has been loosing for modern people, yet they still enjoy New Year's Day. In this site, I will explain traditional things how the Japanese welcome the New Year.
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Where and When you can see KIMONO girls most

Are you interested in Kimono, the signature traditional Japanese costume? Do you know the truth that not so many people don't wear kimono outside of special occasions in Japan? But if you know the special day that many women get dressed Kimono, you can have the opportunity to see colorful Kimono girls. You don't have to chase around Geiko. (by the way, don't chase Geiko! It really bothers them.) On this page, you can know where and when you can see Kimono girls, and I also explain the difference between Kimono & Yukata.
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