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How To Make Cold Brew Hojicha Tea At Home

Food & Recipes

5 Japanese Tips How To Brew Hojicha Tea At Home Could Change You Into The Tea Master

To brew Hojicha at home is actually not hard. No picky ritual (like whisking) is required. Unlike green tea, use high-temperature boiled water and steep a little aggressively to bring toasty nutty flavor and aroma out. Read this post, I can tell you the water temperature, steeping time, how to serve. You can be a Hojicha tea master from today.
Food & Recipes

My Home Izakaya! How To Make Japanese Style Lemon Sour

What's Japanese-style sour? It's an Izakaya drink as popular as icy cold beer. Especially Lemon sour is trending in recent Japan, the Japanese enjoy it at home. Generally, Japanese sour is not sweet and just mixed with Japanese shochu or vodka and lemon juice (or lemon-flavored syrup), and carbonated water (or club soda.) In my recipe, you will never be bothered by watery lemon sour as drinking. The keys are homemade infused vodka and frozen flesh of lemons. Only you need is a little patient to peel lemon skins and waiting overnight.
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Quick & Easy, Only 13 Minute You Need; How To Use TWINBIRD Sake Warmer Set

Best selling electric sake warmer set, TWINBIRD Portable Atsukan Machine is a cool item for those who need the easiest way to make delicious hot sake at home. You just need an outlet and 13 minutes. You can choose 4 levels of temperature, piping hot/hot/warm/lukewarm. The only negative point of this product is no English translation! (oh my.) So, I am here to help you with the perfect instruction free.
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How To Make Kanzake (Hot Sake) At Home; 4 Methods To Heat Up Sake And The Ultimate Guide Of A Sake Decanter

Do you know how to heat up Japanese sake at home? Are you just microwave it in a mug? Read these tips to heat up sake without losing the taste and aroma. This is the ultimate guide of 4 ways to heat up sake and proper decanters to use for Kanzake (hot sake).
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6 Authentic Japanese Gifts Ideas For Him Who Loves Japanese Sake, Shochu, Whiskey; Traditional Sake Ware Selected By The Native Japanese

Are you searching for holiday gifts for him who loves drinking Japanese sake, Shochu, or whiskey? Here is the cool guide that introduced all genuine Japanese sake ware. made in Japan. Beer glass, cold sake ochoko glass, Tetsu Kyusu for warm/hot sake, Minoyaki ochoko sake cups, Edo kiriko shochu rock glass.
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Things To Do In Mino City, Gifu, Japan; The Memorable, Peaceful, Historical Town

Things to do in Gifu? Visit Mino city located in the center of Gifu surrounded by great nature. The city is famous for Mino Washi Paper selected in UNESCO intangible cultural heritage. Stroll around "Udatsu no Agaru" historical district, get relaxation from soft warm lantern lights made of Mino washi paper. Stylish cafe, Kawaii Mino washi shopping, and great views from the hill.
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Japanese Cast Iron Teapot; How To Use And Care

Green tea connoisseur? Looking for something Zen-life? "Tetsu-Kyusu"-the Japanese cast iron teapot is ideal for upgrade your tea life and kitchen or office decor. There is often confusion between Tetsubin and Tetsu Kyusu and you can't use Tetsu-Kyusu on the stovetop. Read this guide that tells you about how to use, clean, store, and also how to deal with iron rust.
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Why You Need To Seal The Wooden Cutting Board; These Oil Can Save Your Cutting Board Life

Do you know why you need to seal (season) your wooden cutting board before the first use? Coating with the oil can save the wood life longer while protecting being dry, discolored, odor, warping, and splitting. In this post, you can get tips for the best mineral oils for the oil finish and how to put the oil finish on the wooden cutting board.
Food & Recipes

Homemade Japanese BBQ Sauce For Marinating, Dressing; Ingredients & Recipe

Homemade Japanese barbeque sauce recipe. No mirin required. It can be used as a dipping sauce, marinade sauce, seasoning sauce, and salad dressing.
Food & Recipes

Japanese Home Cooking Recipe; Japanese-style BBQ Beef Salad Bowl With The Extra Asian Breeze

A big salad bowl with the savory, tender sliced beefsteak. Marinate the meat with Japanese traditional BBQ sauce (Yakiniku no Tare) which is also used for the dressing. Sweet chili sauce and chopped cilantro add the extra Asian breeze. Goes well with a cold beer!
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Homemade Authentic Japanese Teriyaki (Yakitori) Sauce; For Yakitori, Grilled Meat and Vegetables

You can make authentic Japanese teriyaki sauce at home! Learn about how to make professional-taste Teriyaki sauce without Mirin. All you need is dried dashi kelp, sugar, soy sauce, Sake, and patience. Read this easiest Teriyaki sauce recipe!
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The Ultimate Guide Of Japanese Wooden Cutting Board; The Best Wood And How to Maintain

The wooden cutting board is worthing to buy? Many amateur chefs hesitate to use wooden cutting boards for their maintenance. If you are considering investing in upgrade kitchen tools such as Japanese knives, you need to consider buying the wooden cutting board. In this post, I will tell you all you need about Japanese wooden cutting boards; attractive points, the best Japanese wood, how to use and maintain.
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Basic A Japanese Wooden Cutting Board Care 101 For Beginners; Hinoki, Ginkgo, and Aomori Hiba

The wooden cutting board care instructions. The basic tips for cleaning and sterilizing. When you take care of the wooden cutting board with daily cleaning and also it is a good idea to maintenance deep occasionally. Your cutting board could last longer.
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These Care Tips Save Your Hinoki Wood Cutting Board Life Longer

How do you maintain the wooden cutting board? What do you do to last it long? A Hinoki cutting board is popular among cooking enthusiasts because of water resistance, anti-bacterial and deodorant effects, and knife-friendly and wrist-friendly. Besides, its relaxing scent leads you to enjoy cooking more. It's the best cutting board for beginners and professionals. Leaning clean and care tips are essential for saving a wooden cutting board life. Here is the ultimate guide with before&after use.
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Only 3 Step Healthy Snack! Quick, Easy, Super Healthy Yamitsuki Cabbage With Sesame Oil

"Yamitsuki" means "addictive" in Japanese, "Yamitsuki Cabbage" is one of the popular nibbles at Izakayas and Japanese BBQ restaurants. You can bring Asian breeze of the table by making this easy, quick, and healthy snack. As the name, you can't stop eating once you have the first bite. "Sesame Oil" is the essential ingredient for "Yamitsuki Cabbage". If you want to get your fams impressed, read this. Only 3 step recipe.
Food & Recipes

My Home Izakaya; Make Lemon Sour With Homemade Lemon Syrup

Japanese-style lemon sour is a popular Izakaya cocktail. Some are non-sweet (sometimes it's called Chu-Hi") and others are added lemon (or sugar) syrup. I made homemade lemon syrup (accidentally). It's simple, easy, only 2 ingredients (lemons & sugar), no cooking and no adding water.
Japanese Wellness

Why You Should Get Japanese Cypress “Hinoki” Essential Oil Today

Hinoki Essential Oil is a wonderful oil for both mental and physical health benefits (moreover, repel insects!). It is also a great oil to use for meditation and find and connect your value. Even though it is a soft and gentle woody scent, it's enough strong to be calming, refreshing, relaxing, and energizing. Wanna share the Japanese soul tree, Hinoki cypress more in this post.
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