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The Danshari Method; How To Declutter Items Without Regrets

First of all, you need to think about the purpose; decluttering or putting things away neatly. When you lose the purpose of decluttering, it will be easy to regret after getting rid of things. The Danshari method is not equal to minimalism so it is not just removing things from your space. Before starting decluttering, read those tips to avoid regrets.
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The Danshari Method; One Of Popular Decluttering Techniques In Japan

As one of the popular "Japanese minimalism" principles, the "Danshari" method has been the most popular decluttering philosophy for a long in Japan. The basis of "Danshari" and Konmari is the same but they are different ideas. No needed to explain konmari method today, so I will guide you to the Danshari method which I prefer. The concept of Danshari is focusing on the present and keep what you really need. (This post isn't the exact tidying-up hacks. ) #tidyup #changeyourlife #productivity
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The Effect Of Decluttering; Why You Want To Do The Danshari Method

"Danshari" has been used as the decluttering method and philosophy advocated by Hideko Yamashita in Japan, the term "Danshari" was originally used in the Yoga book. The basic of the Danshari method is also based on the idea of Zen Buddhism, Ayurveda. The Danshari method is not only telling you about tidying up piled stuff in your house and also can help you to get a better life based on oriental philosophy. In this post, I will tell you 8 benefits that you can get from the Danshari method.
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Common Decluttering Mistakes I Made In The Danshari Method

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