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Best Relaxing Wooden Bath Products Ideas; Japanese Hinoki Cypress

Relaxing Bath products ideas Japanese Wellness

Speaking of Japanese wooden bath goods, Japanese cypress and cedar are popular.
Especially, the Japanese cypress which is also called “Hinoki” cypress bath products such as bathtubs, stools, and buckets are often used in Japan, recently, those products have been attracting overseas.

But do you know why Japanese cypresses are used for bath products?

The most appealing point of the Hinoki cypress is its scent like when you are taking a walk in a forest. Hinoki cypress aroma has powerful relaxation power, which I mention in this post.

Another reason to use Hinoki bath products, they can enhance the relaxation power of taking a bath that I mention in this post.

Bath products made of Hinoki cypress are perfect for luxury bath time. There is a natural wood scent in the bathroom, and you feel like you can spend a blissful time as if you were in a Japanese traditional bathtub. Why don’t you incorporate them as a reward for yourself?

Hinoki Cypress Is The Perfect For The Bathroom

Doesn’t wooden products can be used in the bathroom?

Among the trees, the Hinoki cypress has excellent durability and water resistance and can be used for a long time under proper maintenance.

Also, the finish is beautiful– the grain is straight and soft with a nice rich aroma.
You hardly can find wood like Hinoki cypress has these many benefits.

As I said, the most attractive point of wooden bath products made of Hinoki cypress is THE AROMA.

Research has shown that natural wood scents, not just cypress, reduce stress and provide better sleep.
Especially, the Japanese cypress aka Hinoki cypress is rich in its scent component.

The Hinoki cypress scent contains powerful effective ingredients such as α-pinene and cadinene that are expected to have sedative, refreshing, and antibacterial effects.

The scent of Hinoki cypress has a high antibacterial and antioxidant effect that suppresses the growth of mold and bacteria so that it can be used for the cutting board as I explain in this post.

Besides, the aroma is an unpleasant scent for insects such as ants and mites, so it can keep those insects away.

Hinoki cypress has the deodorant effect, so it can also eliminate body odor when taking a wooden bathtub made of it.

More in detail? Read this post next if you have time.

 How To Make Your Bathtub Like Hinoki Buro

Japanese phrase 15

When you imagine a cypress bath, you can see Japanese traditional wooden bathtubs in Ryokan-style hotels in Japan, which are popular among international visitors who like the experience of Japanese aesthetics.

However, if you are going to introduce a Hinoki bathtub in your bathroom, it is hard to change due to the cost and building design, isn’t it???

Even if you don’t change the bathtub to a Hinoki buro- a bathtub made of Hinoki woods,
you can expect the same effects applying Hinoki essential oil, changing bath goods such as soap dishes, stools.

Hinoki Bath Products List

If you want to incorporate Hinoki bath products into your bathroom, I recommend these traditional but stylish Hinoki bath goods.

Shower Stool

This product is a 3 piece set-the Hiba shower stool, the Hinoki bucket, an organic cotton towel. Hiba is in the family of Japanese cypress, which is also known as a highly therapeutic wood such as relieves skin irritations and reduces stress.

Creates a traditional Japanese bathroom at home with the traditional style shower Stool and a Bucket.

The organic towels are made in Imabari city, Japan, where is known for high-quality cotton towel production.

The Hinoki Shower Stool is Made of Hinoki cypress wood- lightweight and can fit shower and bathroom corner spaces.
Hinoki cypress has natural power with resistance to stains and grooves. Lovely natural scent!

Hinoki Wood Bath Room Accessories

Hinoki wood bath table is ideal for your relaxation bathtime!
Hinoki wood is resistant to stains and discoloration.
The beautiful natural wood will add a natural warm touch to your cold enamel bathtub. Lovely relaxing scent!

Hold up to 250lb.
Dimensions: 27.25 x 7.50 x 2″

A luxurious bath mat made of Hinoki cypress. When it gets wet, it has a natural cypress aroma. (some customers say it slightly smells. )

Hinoki bath mat is easy clean-no wash machine required.

The unique beautiful Hinoki wood as it is.
Quick-drying wood mat.

Stands up better to water, staining and bacteria.
Hinoki has an anti-odor effect and is resistant to discoloration.

This mat’s surface is slightly round giving your feet smooth touch. Made in Japan.

Dimensions; 23.6 x 13.6 x 1.0″

The authentic Hinoki wood bath mat.

Not interested in the traditional round bath bucket? This product has a handle which is “Handy”!
It is naturally anti-odor and has a lovely scent.
This natural handmade Hinoki bucket doesn’t take much space and gives you a natural warm touch.

Even you can use it as an amenity basket with natural warmth touch in your bathroom.


Despite many benefits, there are cons to using Hinoki bath products. It is softer and more easily scratched than ordinary hardwood.

As with all wood products, unpainted ones will change their color as they are used. If left in a place humid, mold may grow, so proper care is required.

 How To Maintain Hinoki Bath Products To Keep Them Last Longer

Hinoki wood bath products give you warm touch and a Japanese traditional Onsen atmosphere, which alone makes you feel cozy. Hinoki cypress has durability and is water-resident.
But when giving them good maintenance, they will be last longer.
Especially, Hinoki products are not so cheap, you know, let’s learn how to maintain them.

Of course, since it is made of wood, we can’t say, “it will never mold like plastic and acrylic products.” Unfortunately, it may become moldy as you use it.

However, as mentioned above, the Hinoki cypress naturally has bactericidal and antifungal effects, so it can be last longer under good maintenance without being molded.

Rinse thoroughly so that no soap scum remains, wipe off moisture with a dry towel. Dry in a well-ventilated place after use. Also, vent the bathroom well. Dry in the shade once in a while.

Basically, “Gently wash and dry well.”

Final Thought

Leave from blunt ordinal bath goods made of acrylic or plastic, introduce natural wood style to your bathroom which brings a cozy atmosphere with cool in the summer, warm in the winter.

The beauty of the Hinoki wood grain gives you peace of mind.

The natural cypress aroma gives you relaxation and better sleep.

Bathing is one of effective self-care management to reduce stress and relieve pain and tensions.

I give you Japanese bathing tips to enhance your bathing benefits.

Visiting natural hot springs-Onsen in Japanese is an annual event for mental and physical therapy among the Japanese from ancient years. Bathing in hot springs, even a hot bath at home, brings many health benefits.

Japanese bath salt products are made for the purpose to bring the same effects as natural hot springs, and the Japanese use them daily to expect them.

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