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Why You Need To Seal The Wooden Cutting Board; These Oil Can Save Your Cutting Board Life

Do you know why you need to seal (season) your wooden cutting board before the first use? Coating with the oil can save the wood life longer while protecting being dry, discolored, odor, warping, and splitting. In this post, you can get tips for the best mineral oils for the oil finish and how to put the oil finish on the wooden cutting board.
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The Ultimate Guide Of Japanese Wooden Cutting Board; The Best Wood And How to Maintain

The wooden cutting board is worthing to buy? Many amateur chefs hesitate to use wooden cutting boards for their maintenance. If you are considering investing in upgrade kitchen tools such as Japanese knives, you need to consider buying the wooden cutting board. In this post, I will tell you all you need about Japanese wooden cutting boards; attractive points, the best Japanese wood, how to use and maintain.
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Basic A Japanese Wooden Cutting Board Care 101 For Beginners; Hinoki, Ginkgo, and Aomori Hiba

The wooden cutting board care instructions. The basic tips for cleaning and sterilizing. When you take care of the wooden cutting board with daily cleaning and also it is a good idea to maintenance deep occasionally. Your cutting board could last longer.
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These Care Tips Save Your Hinoki Wood Cutting Board Life Longer

How do you maintain the wooden cutting board? What do you do to last it long? A Hinoki cutting board is popular among cooking enthusiasts because of water resistance, anti-bacterial and deodorant effects, and knife-friendly and wrist-friendly. Besides, its relaxing scent leads you to enjoy cooking more. It's the best cutting board for beginners and professionals. Leaning clean and care tips are essential for saving a wooden cutting board life. Here is the ultimate guide with before&after use.
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Why You Should Get Japanese Cypress “Hinoki” Essential Oil Today

Hinoki Essential Oil is a wonderful oil for both mental and physical health benefits (moreover, repel insects!). It is also a great oil to use for meditation and find and connect your value. Even though it is a soft and gentle woody scent, it's enough strong to be calming, refreshing, relaxing, and energizing. Wanna share the Japanese soul tree, Hinoki cypress more in this post.
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Surrounded by Hinoki Wood Products; Natural Benefits From Japanese Cypress

Hinoki, Japan's most beloved tree -Hinoki cypress products has been deeply rooted in the Japanese lifestyle. Not only beautiful grain and relaxing aroma but also leads amazing benefits with Hinoki's natural power. Once you touch its silky-touch surface, smell its woody scent, you will not let them go!
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How To Use Hinoki Oil For Aromatherapy Bath

Do you want to enjoy Japanese "Onsen" with Hinoki scent without buying Hinoki wooden bath products? To add Hinoki essential oil in the hot bath, you can feel like bathing in the Japanese Onsen or bathing in the woods. However, DO NOT put Hinoki oil directly in the hot water. Read this post and enjoy Hinoki bath safely.
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How To Use Hinoki Essential Oil, What’re Benefits

Discover the benefits of Hinoki essential oil and the best ways to incorporate it into your life. Japanese cypress known as "hinoki" is gentle but energetic, calm but refreshing- the mysterious spiritual tree for the Japanese. It also is perfect to soothe your mind and find your value in meditation practice.
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Best Relaxing Wooden Bath Products Ideas; Japanese Hinoki Cypress

There are many ideas to make a relaxing bathroom, the wooden bath products are one of decoration style. Japanese "Hinoki" cypress is popular wood in Japan and frequently is used as bath products. The cypress has high effectiveness for water-resistance, anti-bacterias and insects, odor deodorant. Besides, its aroma is well known to reduce stress. Find the best Hinoki bath accessories in this post.
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5 Things You Should Know About Hinoki Cypress; Hinoki Benefits And The relationship With The Japanese Life

Japanese Hinoki cypress has been deeply rooted in Japanese culture and soul. Most Japanese feel unconsciously being relaxed when smelling its scent. There is the reason. Hinoki cypress has natural relaxation power. Moreover, it has antibacterial, insect repelling, and deodorant effects. In Japanese history, you can see old shrines and temples built with Hinoki wood in Japan. In this post, I will share the natural power of the Hinoki cypress and how it relates to the Japanese lifestyle.
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How To Clean Japanese Wooden Sake Ware

When picking up the traditional cool wooden sake set such as the Masu cup, a carafe, and cute little "Ochoko" cups, that you bought, you may get a little worried about how to use & clean them. This post tells you the important steps for using, cleaning, and storing.
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The Masu Sake Cup; The Unique Japanese Sake Serving Style, How To Enjoy It?

The masu sake cup is a square (made of wood or plastics) box used as a sake drinking culture. Even it is already unique to drink Japanese sake out of it, but also there are unique serving ways and drinking rituals. Yes, sounds like the Japanese, right? This guide tells you what's exactly the masu cup and how to drink Sake from it.
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