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The Danshari Method; One Of Popular Decluttering Techniques In Japan

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I recently moved into my new house and have been struggling to put things away.

We thought that we reduced our items enough for our new life (we downsized the house), but I feel it wasn’t actually.

When I was going to buy new storage organizers, I thought that it wasn’t right to organize our excess stuff just to put them in drawers and hide them!

“More spaces make more junk. I have to get rid of things away rather than making space to put them away.”

Among the Japanese, there is the Danshari method as one of the decluttering theories, and we are crazy about cleaning up our life by using it as well as the Konmari method.

“Danshari” decluttering method is the theory advocated by Hideko Yamashita, which is based on three concepts in Yoga,

  • Refuse bad (unnecessary) habits
  • Get rid out of what you don’t need
  • Stay away from obsession

In other words, I think that the idea of the Danshari method is to aim to make your life comfortable with finding your values in your life by going through the process of refusing unnecessary things for the present me, removing those things, and re-considering what you really need.

Also, less stuff can help to keep spaces neat and clean. In her book, Hideko Yamashita says that the Danshari method is the organize idea without putting things away.

So, I start to learn about the Danshari method for myself again and hoping it will help you too.

*I have been looking for her book in the English version but it has not been translated yet, unfortunately.

How The Danshari Method Can Work For Your Better Life

The Dansyari decluttering method does not only the room become clean but can also be expected to have the effect of sharpening your senses about money, time, and your life.

It Can Help To Make Better Decision For Yourself

Let’s look back at items you own that you may think it is not needed or want anymore.

Didn’t you buy it because everyone has it?

Because it was a hot topic on SNS?

Because you couldn’t say No when the clerk recommended you at the store?

You may already notice that you don’t regularly use the items that you bought for this reason unless it is comfortable to use.

You can find your own true favorite things by decluttering things you don’t need so much.

The accumulation of small right decisions for yourself to decluttering can make you better choices in your life.

It’s Saving Money

  • You can avoid to repeat buying same stuff
  • Not buying extra stuff can save spending money
  • It’s possible to make pocke money

The term “Dan/断” in Danshari means to cut off unnecessary things around you.

When you keep the concept in your mind all the time, you can stop and consider whether it is really needed or not before purchase.

Moreover, it can be avoided to buy the same thing that you already own since you know exactly what you possess after decluttering.

Not only you can save money by not buying extra stuff, but you can also earn pocket money by selling them that you don’t need.

It’s Saving Time

If there are much fewer things after you can declutter, it’ll be easy to grasp where the thing is. You don’t need to walk around to find the things and it’s saving time.

In her book, Hideko Yamashita recommends using up to 70% space to hold items and leaving 30% space.

It is because you can catch all items instantly and also don’t need time to put them in and out.

No longer burning food on the stove while looking for a cooking tool.
No longer to be late for the date while contemplating what to dress.

Easy to find, take out, put away, and clean is the key to saving time in the hustle-bustle life.

It Can Reduce Stress

It’s frustrating to be late for an important appointment or date because you spend unnecessary time finding what you’re looking for.
Moreover, you may have an unnecessary argument with your family and friends because you are frustrated to find the thing.

When you have only the necessary things, it will reduce your stress as well.

If the room is messy with full of things, that gives too much information visually and causes stress even you don’t know.

Not only the messy room gives you overwhelmed feeling but also leads you to feel guilty not to clean and organize.

Isn’t it satisfaction for you if you live neat, clean, and surrounded by only your favorite things?

Overall of acting in the Danshari method, saving money and time and the right decision for your necessary items help reducing frustration and your life will be better without stress.

Actually, there are more benefits of the Danshari decluttering physically and mentally.

Tips For The Danshari Decluttering

As you know, no matter what kinds of decluttering ways are not easy and you can’t suddenly become perfect. Take it easy, start easy-small space to start constantly.

Once you have self-confidence that you can get rid out of unnecessary things and can live comfortably, and you will surely be easy to do Danshari.

The concept of the Dansyari method is “I” and “Current”.

If you are not sure whether to declutter the stuff or not, ask yourself that “Do I use this recently?”

It is not in the line of the method when you ask yourself; “It’ll be handy in the future.” “If I do this in the future, it’ll be needed.”

Begin From The Belongings

According to the concept of Danshari, it is not to make time to declutter but to find the place that you can do in your free time.

If you have 10 minutes, how can you declutter junk?

Besides, let’s begin a small part as keening the sense of decluttering.

Flip your wallet, purse, and cosmetic/make-up bag over. Are there receipts, trash, and small things left for a long time?

Is there anything you have no longer used such as cosmetics out of date?

For example, mascara generally lasts in a good condition for three to six months. If you have one over 6 months, you should change to the new one.

Cleaning Out Drawers

Congratulations on what you’ve accomplished to clean out the belongings.

Once you’ve organized the belongings and get self-confident that you feel better when you can declutter in the small area, it’s ready to proceed to purge areas that are related to your lifestyle closer.

Take a quick walk around the house and pick up the drawer that you can complete Dansyari in 30minutes. Let’s open drawers in the office, closet, kitchen…

  • Look at the expiration dates and throw away all junk past the expiration date such as documents, prescriptions, and other medications and food should be thrown away.
  • Get rid of office supplies that you don’t use anymore. Also, you don’t need junks like an eraser that’s the size of a quarter, dried out pens.
  • Underwear and socks can be used forever if you don’t mind them. Pick up each and check it out carefully. Throw away those have small holes, loosen elastics and worn out.
  • It’s also time to say goodbye when you don’t feel sparkling.

Finally, Clean Out A Entire Room

Make a day to declutter the entire room after training in those steps above.
In the Danshari method, removing unnecessary things is the priority.

Approach A Easy Room For A Entire Room Decluttering

Start with a room where you can easily find things in the same category, such as kitchens, bathrooms, and offices so that you can easily decide whether to remove them.

Also, it helps to keep the motivation to choose a room that you use every day. Isn’t it makes you happy if the room is always neat?

Contrary, leave places where various categories of items are stored in one place such as a garage, attic, or a storage room (the closet in guest rooms,) later. Because it is difficult to judge whether to dispose of them.

Do Sentimental Items Last

Getting rid of sentimental items will be the hardest part of decluttering even in the Danshari method. Many of those have sentimental value and are connected to your precious memory.
It will take more time and be tougher than others.

When you’re decluttering your sentimental items, keep these tips to make letting go of sentimental clutter easier.

Think about the thing whether you need it or not for yourself today.

Instead of looking back and forcibly throwing away things that enrich your mind, it’s a good idea to make a “memory box” until you’re ready to let go.

What You Can Get From The Danshari Decluttering

Unlike “stuff” blocked sunlight and airflow, you will be refreshed and motivated when you complete done the Dansyari decluttering and living in clean and neat spaces with a fresh and comfy flow.

It can help you to have a good opportunity to reconsider “what you really need in the present”. Start decluttering little by little, step by step, let go of what you don’t need if you have been thinking you need to change.

Before beginning to decluttering your house, read common mistakes that bring regret later.

Last Thoughts

The “Danshari” decluttering method advocated by Hideko Yamashita is more than just tidying up.

It’s mentally declutter
It maintains cleanness
It’s the energy flow

However, it is one of the ideas to find yourself and a better life for you but not the thing is “You have to do this!”.

Even Konmari says that it is important to have various ways of considering in tiding up. You can be happy to tidy up your belongings because you choose the method of decluttering that suits you best.

Moreover, you have already stepped forward to think about decluttering to change your life! (because you are reading this!)

Personally, I like the Danshari decluttering idea because Hideko Yamashita’s idea is more like spirits of Buddhism and Ayurveda.

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