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The Effect Of Decluttering; Why You Want To Do The Danshari Method

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Decluttering, especially, yes “Konmari” method has become a big boom in recent years worldwide, but do you really know what you can expect from decluttering?

The Konmari method has been brought a big impact on “devotees” in Japan and worldwide, but also we have another popular decluttering method in Japan; “the Danshari method” advocated by Hideko Yamashita.

The summary of the idea of Danshari wroten here;

Today’s topic here is focused on the effect that you can expect from the Danshari method.

  1. Reduce stress
  2. Save time and get more free time
  3. Clean spaces effectively
  4. Reduce home dust
  5. Save money
  6. Productivity
  7. Make pocket money
  8. Leads positive thinking

Reduce Stress

You can have a calming space at home to relax and unwind with unbothered stuff.

The first effect of decluttering is that you can get a refreshing feeling by tidy up unnecessary things.

Get rid out of the junk that bothers you visually and since it makes cleaning easier, so it will give calming space to reduce stress.

With the idea of ​​reducing new coming things and leaving from the obsession for owning things, you’ll never clutter a room once it’s been tidied up.

You don’t have to underestimate yourself just because you can’t declutter stuff right away.

Start the “Danshari” life from a small space that you can declutter easily in 30 minutes.

You can read here and check out how to begin the Danshari decluttering.

Save Time And Get More Free Time

One of the advantages of the Danshari method is that you can know exactly where the item is. In the process, we start taking out everything from the space where we decide to declutter.

Then, determine to keep or not each item and puts it back in the same space.

Therefore, you can know exactly what is in there and you don’t need to spend time.

  • Save time to find stuff
  • Reduce cleaning time
  • Increase productivity without bothering visually

Cleaning Effectively

When the Danshari method is introduced into your lifestyle, you expect to have a new habit; avoiding adding things and putting only what you need around your home.

You can keep enough space and no more extra stuff, so it can improve the efficiency of cleaning.

When we get lazy to clean up, isn’t it when we have to move over stuff around or have to put away stuff at the same time?

According to one of the keys to how to organize spaces, she recommends the 7/3 method. Leave 30% space, therefore, it can be easily cleaned without taking things in and out.

Reduce Home Dust

Since reducing stuff around and create unstressful cleaning space, it’s also easy to controlling home dust, dust mites, and other allergens in your home.

By thoroughly cleaning and tidying up the tidy space, you can expect the effect of significantly reducing dust such as house dust mites.

Save Money

If you proceed to declutter and sorting things necessary or not, you realize that you may have to get rid out of much unnecessary stuff or excessively the stocks and the same stuff.

It’s a good practice to change your shopping habit. When you take time think about what you really need even if you have to fight with sweet temptation such as the discount prices, trending outfits that you check on SNS.

Eventually, you can reduce to buy extra stuff or unnecessary stuff that is going to be unnecessary stuff, it’s saving future money!


Trying to improve the three concepts of self-esteem from the Danshari decluttering method.

By practicing to determine what you really need and getting rid of them, you can get quick decision-making in any situation in your life.

When you feel better and comfortable in your space around only necessary things, your motivation will be grown for your activity.

Working in an environment with good airflow brings great productivity.

Feng Shui is one of the “environmental studies” with a history of about 4000 years in China.

In Feng Shui, “airflow” is one of the basic ideas that “good airflow brings good luck.” Feng Shui is also popular in Japan and prefers to follow this idea in personal and business life.

Make Pocket Money

When you decide to sell your unnecessary stuff, it’s possible to get pocket money rather than using extra space to keep those things.

Leads Positive Thinking

Repeatedly, the Danshari method is decluttering unnecessary stuff and also going away from an obsession with owning things.

You are going to keep only necessary things to you, that those things are also your favorite things.
Surrounded by your favorite stuff will lead to positive thinking and can help to change your life.

As making the good environment in this way, you will have confidence and think positively, it can be also expected to bring healthy relationships.

Danshari Does Not Mean Not Exactly Getting Rid Of Things

The Danshari decluttering method does not mean just getting rid of everything to make spaces.

It is the “decluttering” philosophy that helps your life better including changing yourself.

Surprisingly, by reducing unnecessary things to the present, you can let frustration, depression, indecision and low self-esteem go. Not only you can remove negative emotions, but also you can get making-decision skills and self-confidence.

Naturally, you get a smile back and will be able to build healthy relationships with your family, partner, and friends.

Do you know what and how much is in your present home in the first place?
If you are not sure how to declutter too much stuff but want to change your life… Me too.

So I remember the Danshari method and learned it from Hideko Yamashita books.
I can throw my negative feelings away and I like my place more.

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