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Nagoya-Style Sweet Miso Sauce: You Can Make Savory Sweet Red Miso Sauce Without Mirin

The Nagoya-style sweet miso sauce. The most versatile sauce or glaze you can easily at home. It is everything you want when grilling, broiling stir-frying, stewing, for meat, seafood, veggies, mushrooms, tofu. This rich umami sauce brings savory flavor to Japanese food and many other cuisines.
Food & Recipes

Easy Japanese Inspired Beef Cheek Stew; Melt-In-Your-Mouth Slow-Cooked Beef Cheek Infused with Rich Miso Flavor

This easy slow cooker Japanese-style braised beef cheek stew combines rich red miso & red wine to make a tender and flavorful appetizer. You can serve it as a popular Japanese appetizer, or over rice for lunch/dinner. This recipe is inspired by famous Nagoya local food called Dote-it's originally Japanese beef tendon stew. Rich red miso flavor will definitely bring you an appetite.
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6 Foods You Should Try In Nagoya, Japan

Going to Nagoya, Japan? Want to try special local food in Nagoya? The unique cuisine there is called “Nagoya Meshi”, and there are six dishes that you should try during your stay. Nagoya people love "Miso" flavor, and salty and sweets taste. I also tell you famous restaurants and maps of each signature dish.
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The Best Japanese Green Tea Pot Guide; Tokoname Kyusu

If you want to brew Japanese green tea easily, must have a "Tokoname Kyusu teapot". Tokoname yaki (the pottery) is one of the famous pottery in Japan and Tokoname Kyusu can allow green tea a mellow and rich taste. On this site, I explain how Tokoname kyusu works, how to clean, which you should buy. All about Tokoname Kyusu.
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5 Things to do in TOYOTA city, Japan

Do you know TOYOTA CITY which is the suburb of NAGOYA CITY? The city is famous for the TOYOTA headquarters office and also the Toyota museum, Korankei valley, and art museum. Toyota city is full of the nature of the authentic countryside of Japan. If you have time to spend one day visiting Toyota city during visiting Nagoya, try 5 things you should do in the Toyota city area.
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1 Day In Nagoya Itinerary; The Perfect Trip Plan For The First Visit Nagoya, Japan

Check out my 1 day in Nagoya itinerary with the best things to do in Nagoya from the native guide who lived in Nagoya for 14 years. Click through what and where to eat.
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Why The Nagoya Photo Walking Made Me Happy And Peaceful in Japan 2020

Feel the nostalgic local side of Nagoya, Japan? Why not try my photo walking route, especially when you are interested in the nostalgic and local sights of Japan. Walking through Fushimi area to Shikenmichi historic district with taking photogenic pictures in Nagoya. Excellent to know about the old local small rice cracker shop, Hori riverside, solemn Shrine, historic street but stylish, and nostalgic old shopping street. I met the cute chubby cat in the local narrow alley! Take a peek my summary of Nagoya photo walking.
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How to get to TOYOTA KAIKAN MUSEUM by Nagoya subway

Planning to visit TOYOTA KAIKAN MUSEUM in Toyota city from Nagoya city, Japan? There are several ways to get the museum by public transportations, and you can't avoid changing trains. I visited there in February 2020 with the easiest and cheapest way from Nagoya city, so I can tell you how I get there by Nagoya subway and the bus.
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What To Do In Nagoya Port Area; The Hidden Spots From The Local Guide

From Nagoya Aquarium to Local hidden spots, to Kinjo Wharf area, and Nagoya Meshi. Best things to do in Nagoya Port area for your itinerary. Nagoya Aquarium is the top 3 of the aquarium in Japan. Read this guide, squeeze sightseeing Nagoya port area in the Nagoya trip plan.
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The Reason Matcha Sweets Lovers Should Visit Nishio City, Aichi; The Next Matcha Capital In Japan

Do you know the hidden Matcha capital after Uji, Kyoto? Nishio (西尾市, Nishio-shi) is located in Aichi Prefecture, The country's leading producer of Matcha green tea. Visit Nishio city, interspersed with Matcha green tea farms, traditional Japanese tea rooms, beautiful Japanese gardens, lots of Matcha sweets.
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Nagoya Japan Highlights; Nagoya Travel Information And Tips

Nagoya, the 4th largest city of Japan, is often overlooked by travelers in favor of other cities such as Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka. Kinda understand. But I put all my effort into how I can tell you Nagoya's charm points with my 14-year experience of living in Nagoya. As the secret weapon to catch your attention, Toyota is getting old! Now, Nagoya Meshi is the most appealing of Nagoya! A unique & creative local cuisine that you can eat only in Nagoya. Also, Nagoya is the perfect compact city for 1-day sightseeing. Read this site, and just hopping off Shinkansen at Nagoya station.
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The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide On What To Do In Nagoya

Nagoya, Japan is the biggest city in the central region. This large but compact city is full of things to do such as enjoying iconic local cuisines, seeing around museums, and shopping spots from classic to stylish. Due to the location, Nagoya is very easy to access from Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka, east and west. Here is the ultimate beginner's guide on what to do in Nagoya, Japan.
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What is the Sightseeing Route Bus in Nagoya city?

Spending time in Nagoya? No clue what to do in Nagoya? There is the sightseeing route bus that stops at 11 attractive sightseeing spots in Nagoya, you just hop on and off without checking the map. On this site, I am going to tell you what the sightseeing bus in Nagoya, how to get a ticket, where you can visit, and it worth to pay or not.
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11 sightseeing places you can go; the sightseeing route bus “Me~guru” in Nagoya [2020 guide]

If you are planning to visit Nagoya, Japan, there is a sightseeing route bus to help you see around effectively and easily. The bus starts from Nagoya station bus terminal and stops 11 attraction spots such as Nagoya Castle, Tokugawa garden and downtown Sakae. However, it will not be worth it if the sightseeing places are not interesting for you. So I will tell the summary of 11 sightseeing spots in this site, and consider how you want to visit around Nagoya.
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[Japan Rail Pass] How to get to Osaka from Narita Airport

Planing to going to Osaka from Narita Airport? Want to know how to transfer to the bullet train from Narita Express? I am going to tell you how to get to Osaka by Shinkansen with Japan Rail Pass from Narita Airport step by step in this site.
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Nagoya Japan Travel Guide; Chubu Centrair International Airport

The 5-star regional airport, the gateway to the central region of Japan, Nagoya, Gifu, Mie, Nagano...Here is the informative guide about Nagoya Int'l Airport. Airport shuttle, how to get to Nagoya, activities in the airport & Tokoname city, and hotels.
Food & Recipes

Easy Steps: Japanese “Nagoya”-style Chicken Wings

Japanese-style chicken wings are the staple Izakaya menu- crispy and peppery, non-teriyaki sauce. Nagoya-style chicken wings are popular local food in Japan, which is coated with Teriyaki sauce after double-fried. Addictive sticky and crispy chicken wings! Easy steps with tips.
Food & Recipes

6 + 1 Noodles You Should Eat In Nagoya, Japan (Updated)

Nagoya Japan Travel Tips & Nagoya Meshi Guide. Here is the ultimate native guide for Nagoya visitors & Foodie Travelers to tell you 6+1 Noodle Dishes must-eat. Misonikomi Udon, Taiwan Ramen, Kishimen, Teppan Spaghetti, Sugakiya.
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