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Easy steps to make Japanese ( Nagoya) style chicken wings

Are you getting tired of eating buffalo wings all the time? Why not try "Japanese style chicken wings" as your new recipe? Japanese style chicken wings have a crisp outside and delicious juicy meat inside. Easy steps to make Japanese style chicken wings here, click!
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3 Sauce Recipes For Japanese Pork Cutlet; Tonkatsu Sauce, Miso Sauce, Easy Aurora Sauce

Looking for Japanese authentic sauces for dipping? Here are 3 easy recipes from the native Japanese. The Japanese are obsessed with Japanese-style Worcestershire sauce aka Worcester sauce (ウスターソース) and there are many types of sauces for especially deep-fried food such as Japanese pork cutlets. Also, Nagoyan, people who live in Nagoya city, love Miso sauce! (I am from Nagoya). Lastly, super-easy Japanese Aurora sauce.
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6 Foods you should try in Nagoya, Japan

Going to Nagoya, Japan? Want to try special local food in Nagoya? The unique cuisine there is called “Nagoya Meshi”, and there are six dishes that you should try during your stay. Nagoya people love "Miso" flavor, and salty and sweets taste. I also tell you famous restaurants and maps of each signature dish.
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Japan Rail Pass and Narita Express Guide [JAN, 2020 updated]

Going to Japan? Considering to buy Japan Rail Pass? Are you arriving at Narita airport? Japan Rail Pass can save lots of money and your hassle if you are an active traveler. If you still wonder whether to purchase the Japan rail pass or not, I can help you make up your mind on this site with showing costs.
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No google map required; The easiest way to taste Nagoya Foods just in the Nagoya station!

Nagoya area is full of local unique cuisine called "Nagoya Meshi", and it is very popular among Japanese people. They visit Nagoya for just tasting "Nagoya Meshi". There is the wonderland where many specialty restaurants gathered in one place, and moreover, it's just right there from Nagoya station. On this site, I am introducing where you can eat almost all kinds of Nagoya meshi.
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The Quick Guide of Japanese nostalgic culture; Kissaten and Napolitan Spaghetti, not a misspelling

First of all, "Napolitan" is not my mis-spelling because I am not talking about Neapolitan food. In this article, I am using "Napolitan" on purpose which is close to Japanese pronunciation. "Napolitan Spaghetti" is the Japanese style stir-fried spaghetti with Tomato ketchup-based sauce, which has been loved as comfort "Kissaten" food for many years in Japan. Due to the "retro boom" in Japan, this nostalgic food came back as well as "retro Kissaten" in recent years. In this site, I am going to explain the history of "Napolitan spaghetti" and Kissa-ten.
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What Your Japan Trip Would Be Like When You Use My Experience Of The Local Yakitori Izakaya In Nagoya

Do you want to use my experience of Japanese local small Yakitori Izakaya for your future travel to Japan? The nicest thing to go to the local small Izakaya is "social distance" is very close. It is really fun to make friends with great food and drinks. I like local small izakayas and today want to share my experience at the local yakitori izakaya in Nagoya, 2020. Read this and get some hints about Japanese Izakaya.
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Why The Nagoya Photo Walking Made Me Happy And Peaceful in Japan 2020

Feel the nostalgic local side of Nagoya, Japan? Why not try my photo walking route, especially when you are interested in the nostalgic and local sights of Japan. Walking through Fushimi area to Shikenmichi historic district with taking photogenic pictures in Nagoya. Excellent to know about the old local small rice cracker shop, Hori riverside, solemn Shrine, historic street but stylish, and nostalgic old shopping street. I met the cute chubby cat in the local narrow alley! Take a peek my summary of Nagoya photo walking.
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6 Noodles you should eat in Nagoya, Japan

Do you know there are many unique local foods in Nagoya, Japan? People in Nagoya like producing new tastes and the dishes always get attention from people in other regions. In this site today I focus on introducing noodle dishes that everyone loves in Nagoya, Japan. Nagoya is located between Tokyo and Osaka, consider stopping in Nagoya shortly to taste unique foods.
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How to get to TOYOTA KAIKAN MUSEUM by Nagoya subway

Planning to visit TOYOTA KAIKAN MUSEUM in Toyota city from Nagoya city, Japan? There are several ways to get the museum by public transportations, and you can't avoid changing trains. I visited there in February 2020 with the easiest and cheapest way from Nagoya city, so I can tell you how I get there by Nagoya subway and the bus.
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5 Things to do in TOYOTA city, Japan

Do you know TOYOTA CITY which is the suburb of NAGOYA CITY? The city is famous for the TOYOTA headquarters office and also the Toyota museum, Korankei valley, and art museum. Toyota city is full of the nature of the authentic countryside of Japan. If you have time to spend one day visiting Toyota city during visiting Nagoya, try 5 things you should do in the Toyota city area.
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11 sightseeing places you can go; the sightseeing route bus “Me~guru” in Nagoya [2020 guide]

If you are planning to visit Nagoya, Japan, there is a sightseeing route bus to help you see around effectively and easily. The bus starts from Nagoya station bus terminal and stops 11 attraction spots such as Nagoya Castle, Tokugawa garden and downtown Sakae. However, it will not be worth it if the sightseeing places are not interesting for you. So I will tell the summary of 11 sightseeing spots in this site, and consider how you want to visit around Nagoya.
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The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide On What To Do In Nagoya [2020, updated]

Nagoya, Japan is the biggest city in the central region. This large but compact city is full of things to do such as enjoying iconic local cuisines, seeing around museums, and shopping spots from classic to stylish. Due to the location, Nagoya is very easy to access from Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka, east and west. Here is the ultimate beginner's guide on what to do in Nagoya, Japan.
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The fish market was closed on Wednesday but the super-delicious sushi place in Nagoya, Japan.

Yanagibashi fish market in Nagoya is the kitchen for the central regions in Japan. The market is not as big as one in Tokyo, but still, you can see fresh seafood, vegetables and kitchen tools in the local lively market. There are many places to eat inside and outside of the market, you can taste very fresh seafood. However, make sure the market is opened before leaving the hotel, it's not fun that you can't see anything early in the morning. (we did it!) We went there on Wednesday and the market closed. But at the end of the tour, we were happy because we found a nice sushi restaurant near the market.
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Why My 5 Tips To Find Flight Ticket To Japan Could Make Better Price & Better Trip

Plan for Japan Trip? Do you want to know the hacks for booking the flight ticket? I can tell 5 tips to find the ticket to make your trip cut-budget and also comfortable.
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[Japan Rail Pass] How to get to Osaka from Narita Airport

Planing to going to Osaka from Narita Airport? Want to know how to transfer to the bullet train from Narita Express? I am going to tell you how to get to Osaka by Shinkansen with Japan Rail Pass from Narita Airport step by step in this site.
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