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The Danshari Method And Minimalism

Danshari method and minimalism, Japanese decluttering method, Japanese Wellness

A minimalist is a person who lives simply and having only what you need to go about daily life.

The Danshari method is the idea to declutter unnecessary things and live with things that you need for the present life.

In other words, minimalism is the lifestyle to make possession minimal as much as you can.

Contrary, the Danshari method advocated by Hideko Yamashita is “optimization” of your life.

So, there is confusion like the Danashari method is introduced to become a minimalist.

The Review; The Paradigm Of The Danshari Method

The Danshari Decluttering method is the most popular decluttering philosophy in Japan and the term “Danshari” is the combination of the three Chinese characters;

refuse (unnecessary things and obsession)”, “discarding (unnecessary things and obsession”, and “stay away from obsession”.

The goal of the Danshari decluttering is “making a better life.”

If your stress and negative emotions come from too much stuff in spaces for living, working, and even relationships, find yourself looking back on who you are and what you really need in the present time through reducing unnecessary things and obsession with things.

Danshari Is Minimalism?

When hearing decluttering all unnecessary things and keep only things that you really need, it sounds like minimalism which removing most of the things and lives minimally.

As I mentioned, the goal of minimalism is living with minimal things and the Danshari decluttering is the optimization to make your life better by decluttering.

Both philosophies are the same concept to live better by decluttering, so it is not which one is good or bad.

When people go hiking, everyone chooses different routes depends on their mood or thoughts. To make a better life, everyone can choose how to make life comfortable. Maybe someone chooses to declutter, maybe others choose to organize, or maybe start DIY.

Even if you choose to declutter, there are many ways to do it, and just go ahead to find which is suitable for you and members of your family (don’t forget them!).

As mastering the Danshari decluttering method, people often go to live like a minimalist which makes confusion between minimalism and the Danshari decluttering method.

Minimalism is “getting rid of things” so you often see extreme minimalists like people who live with only a table in a tiny space.

But, in the Danshari method, creating a comfy space with carefully selected items that you need includes things that bring you motivation and other positive emotions. So, you can live happily and positively, can love your stuff more which leads to self-love. Making a good relationship with things.

Minimalism is only “subtraction”, and the Danshari method is “subtraction as removing unnecessary things” but also “addition as positive feelings to your stuff.”

Anyway, long story to short, (hoping you can get what I am trying to say,) I don’t mean that we are talking about minimalism is “out” and the Danshari is “in”.

What’s Your Purpose?

Since each person has different values and believes, it is not sure whether decluttering is suitable for everyone.
If your stresses are caused by “too much stuff”,

  • Lack of concentration
  • Spend lots of time searching for items
  • Losing items easily
  • Waste money to buy the same items
  • No space left in the closet and storage

It’s not a bad idea to think about decluttering.
Clarify the purpose of why you do declutter and how you want to be.

“Living comfortably” is not just about “reducing things.”

When focusing on removing stuff while forgetting the true purpose of decluttering, often cause you to get lost in what you are doing. As is often the case. (see common mistakes of decluttering)

Many people who don’t have many belongings by the way of the Danshari decluttering, and minimalism, simple life lovers… because they realize that they can’t be happy with “too much” stuff.

Any method that you fascinate, it’s all right.

You choose to be comfortable and happy. It is the most important purpose for decluttering.

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