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How 5 Insider secrets of “Japanese HighBall” Brings You To Know Japanese Culture

The Japanese Highball is a little far away from the classic highball cocktail at a stylish bar. "Highball" in Japan mainly often refers to "whiskey and soda" or sometimes "Shochu and soda". Highball is really popular Izakaya drink as well as ice-cold draft beer, Chu-Hi, and lemon sour! RELAX, I want to introduce a "Japanese-style" whiskey highball but that doesn't mean it is made of JAPANESE WHISKEY. So refreshing, dry, simple, fizzy, and fresh lemon, that's all need!
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How Do I Pressure Cook Pork Neckbones In Instant Pot: Japanese Style Tender Neck Bones

LEARN HOW TO COOK JAPANESE-STYLE PORK NECK BONES IN AN INSTANT POT/PRESSURE COOKER! Juicy & Tender, Easy pork neck bones recipe. This recipe is inspired by Japanese braised pork belly called "Buta No Kakuni", pressure cook neckbones in sweet, savory soy sauce-based soup. I am going to tell you how to clean neckbones! You can make the Japanese-style pork neck bones for 20 minutes using the pressure cook function in an Instant pot. You can use a pressure cooker you already have.
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Authentic Japanese MISOZUKE TOFU: Easy Appetizer For Japanese Sake

Tofu misozuke is a traditional Japanese delicacy that requires a fermentaion period in miso paste for 1 week to years. To enjoy misozuke tofu safely at home, let's make the soft, creamy, cream cheese-like with the hint of fermented soy (miso) flavored tofu. For the salad, rice, toast, and dipping & crackers. The important key is to remove water from tofu thoughtfully. Otherwise, it may cause the tofu to rotten. Marinate the tofu for up to 3 days, and consume it within a week.
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Izakaya At Home! Japanese Staple Chicken Gizzards “SUNAGIMO” Nibbles Recipes

My top 3 chicken gizzards finger food recipes for Home Izakaya. Whether you’re throwing a party or planning ahead for an Izakaya date at home, these nibbles will win by authentic Japanese SUNAGIMO recipes that you can’t get anywhere else. We love its texture, so we even don’t try to tenderize it. Chicken gizzards are so reasonable and have addictive textures. These recipes are also super-easy to make.
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Sneaky! Both Refreshing AND Bitter Infused Vodka Lemon Sour

The supreme lemon sour is ridiculously refreshing and delicious AND bitter. This Japanese lemon sour made with the whole lemon is perfect for the coming hot season! It’s an easier version of the recipe of my infused vodka that will surely make your home time fun. Just cut whole lemons and throw in your choice of distilled liquor. It's both refreshing and bitter, add also my homemade lemon syrup.
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Shio Lemon Sour: Lemon Sour Recipe With Moroccan Preserved Lemons

Looking for a new lemon sour? Citrusy Salty Bitter Preserved (Pickled) Lemon. Traditional Morrocan lemon and Traditional Japanese lemon sour meet together. When lemons are ripe and ready for making a preserved lemon, it’s the time! Easy to make preserved lemon-only two ingredients, lemons and salt.
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Home Izakaya! How To Make Japanese Style Lemon Sour

What's Japanese-style sour? It's a classic Izakaya cocktail as popular as cold beer and whiskey highball. Generally, Japanese sour is not sweet or less sweet and is made of the mix with Japanese shochu/vodka, fizzy water, and lemon juice/lemon-flavored syrup. In my recipe, we'll make lemon-infused vodka and frozen lemon ice. So, you can enjoy the ultimate lemony Japanese lemon sour without watering it down.
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It is stir-fried SOMEN noodles with canned tuna/ Spam, vegetables seasoned with Bonito dashi, and soy sauce in Okinawa prefecture's local cuisine. Chanpuru is an Okinawan dialect that means "mixed up"/ "mixed together" and refers to stir-fried dishes. It's a simple, easy to cook, light, mild noodle dish for quick lunch and dinner.
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The Best Japanese Shochu To Make Lemon Sour (Lemon Chu-Hi) At Home

Japanese cocktail, Izakaya cocktail at home. Japanese lemon sour also called Lemon Chu-Hi is simply made of distilled spirits such as Shochu/ vodka. For the authentic and lowe alcohol content sour/Chu-Hi, let's use Japanese Shochu. Shochu offers several flavors, and choose mugi/rice or Kosui Shochu to make a Japanese sour cocktail.
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Only 3 Step Healthy Snack! Quick, Easy, Super Healthy Yamitsuki Cabbage With Sesame Oil

"Yamitsuki" means "addictive" in Japanese, "Yamitsuki Cabbage" is one of the popular nibbles at Izakayas and Japanese BBQ restaurants. You can bring Asian breeze of the table by making this easy, quick, and healthy snack. As the name, you can't stop eating once you have the first bite. "Sesame Oil" is the essential ingredient for "Yamitsuki Cabbage". If you want to get your fams impressed, read this. Only 3 step recipe.
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5 Things You Want To Know About Japanese Sour Cocktail

Japanese "Sour" cocktail is not a classy stylish cocktail that you order at a fancy bar, wearing a cocktail dress. Japanese sour drink is absolutely casual Izakaya drink made of (reasonable) distilled spirits and fizzy water with flavors, sometimes fresh-squeezed fruit juice, tea, and artificial syrup. Basically, it is a reasonable drink at Izakayas chains or Karaoke rooms. The sour drink is often called Chu-hi, so what's the difference between Sour and Chu-Hi? If you dive into the Japanese sour drink definition deeper, it's so chaotic.
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Japanese Drinks At Home Izakaya; Fresh-Squeezed Grapefruit & Spicy Tomato Jam Sour

Here is the new unique afternoon cocktail recipe from the Izakaya menu in Japan. Fresh-squeezed grapefruits and homemade spicy (jalapeno peppers) tomato jam, are you curious about this mysterious taste? Actually, really refreshing, sweet, but, spicy... easy to make, easy to be addicted to this Japanese sour drink.
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Easy Japanese Inspired Beef Cheek Stew; Melt-In-Your-Mouth Slow-Cooked Beef Cheek Infused with Rich Miso Flavor

This easy slow cooker Japanese-style braised beef cheek stew combines rich red miso & red wine to make a tender and flavorful appetizer. You can serve it as a popular Japanese appetizer, or over rice for lunch/dinner. This recipe is inspired by famous Nagoya local food called Dote-it's originally Japanese beef tendon stew. Rich red miso flavor will definitely bring you an appetite.
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What’s Gyusuji Nikomi; Japanese Beef Tendon Stew Is The Popular Izakaya Appetizer To Eat

Everyone loves to know weird Japanese food, and beef tendon stew is one of delicacy to eat in Japan. It's a popular Izakaya appetizer called "Otsumami", and this unique dish is called "Gyusuji Nikomi" which literally means stewed beef tendon. Slow-cooked beef tendon is melt-in-your-mouth. Today, I am telling you what's exactly Gyusuji nikomi is and also introducing the Nagoya style Gyusuji nikomi in this post.
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How To Make Kanzake (Hot Sake) At Home; 4 Methods To Heat Up Sake And The Ultimate Guide Of A Sake Decanter

Do you know how to heat up Japanese sake at home? Are you just microwave it in a mug? Read these tips to heat up sake without losing the taste and aroma. This is the ultimate guide of 4 ways to heat up sake and proper decanters to use for Kanzake (hot sake).
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My Home Izakaya; Make Lemon Sour With Homemade Lemon Syrup

Japanese-style lemon sour is a popular Izakaya cocktail. Some are non-sweet (sometimes it's called Chu-Hi") and others are added lemon (or sugar) syrup. I made homemade lemon syrup (accidentally). It's simple, easy, only 2 ingredients (lemons & sugar), no cooking and no adding water.
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Best Low-Carb Beers You Can Drink On The Keto Diet During Traveling In Japan

There are many theories about low-carb, sugar-free products, but you want to care about calories especially booze. In Japan, you don't have to worry about calculating calories, sugar contains, carbs, you will be impressed by how many beer-taste beverages with low-carb, low-sugar, non-alcohol in the row.
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2 days Deep OSAKA Itinerary “Day 1” [Updated]

Discover Osaka with my 2 days itinerary. Things To Do, Getting around, where to eat, what to eat. Packing all popular & deep Osaka spots. Lots of trivia from the Japanese native guide.
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