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You might think it’s just hot water, but hot water, SAYU in Japanese, can be the best healthy hot drink to keep you healthy.

Drinking SAYU hot water warms your stomach and intestines, increasing your body’s digestive power, metabolic power, and immunity.

Contrary, your heart, nervous system, and other organs can’t work properly when your body temperature is constantly low.

For example, poor body temperature causes poor blood flow and your organs and tissues can’t get good nutrition which brings poor gut health and damage The balance of autonomic nerves and hormones is disrupted, eventually causing chronic illness.

The simplest drink, hot water, brings several health benefits.

Besides, unlike coffee and tea, (which contain caffeine,) hot water can bring benefits gently.

In Ayurveda, plain hot water is recognized as a drink that enhances your health while cleansing and hydrating your body.

In Chinese medical practice, drinking hot water is well-established, and when you are not feeling well, you are told to “drink plenty of hot water for the time being”, so hot water is treated as if it were a home remedy.

Therefore, switching to drinking boiled water or room temperature water from cold icy water has been trending in Japan.

Plain hot water on this page is called “Sayu” or “Shirayu” in Japanese, and SAYU refers to lukewarm boiled water at 50 C (122 F) – 80C (176F).

The reason to bring water to a boil is to remove the chlorine smell and taste in tap water.


SAYU hot water improves blood flow since it warms the body inside such as vessels and organs.

Basal metabolism is the energy consumed to maintain life even when the body rest.

Reports say, when your internal organ temperature increases by 1 C degree, your basal metabolism increases by about 10 to 13 percent.

SAYU hot water warms your stomach and intestines, which increases the heat in your body and increases your basal metabolism.

What are the benefits of basal metabolism by drinking hot water?


When drinking SAYU hot water, it boosts blood circulation and increases your body temperature.

Keeping your warm body temperature helps the healthy immunity system.

Improve Digestive System And Relieve Constipation

Drinking SAYU hot water improves the digestive system.

Since your guts warm up by drinking SAYU hot water, it boosts the bowel movement.

When your digestive power improves, the food you eat will be properly digested and used as nutrients in your body (as energy), resulting in a healthier body.

On the other hand, a poor digestive system allows waste products to accumulate in your guts which causes constipation and unhealthy skin.

Besides, boosting the bowel movement helps relieve constipation.

Relieve Muscle Tension

Improving blood circulation when drinking SAYU hot water is expected to relieve muscle tension.

Since your blood circulation is smooth and delivers plenty of oxygen and nutrition to your tissues and muscles, so your muscles can function.

Meanwhile, your blood carries waste products that cause muscle tension in your body.

A hot bath has the same benefit (to boost blood circulation) which relieves your muscle tension and pain.


Drinking plain hot water warms up organs and it is expected to boost the metabolism.

Improved blood circulation promotes skin metabolism which can be expected to achieve good skin health such as free-winkle, glowy skin.

When the body warms up, blood flow improves and smooths, prompting metabolism. This can be expected to relieve swelling.

Since boosting the metabolism and burning your body energy, it can be expected weight loss.


Bottled mineral water or purified water is ready to go and the taste is better, but you can make SAYU hot water with top water.

Heat water on stovetop, microwave, electric kettle whatever it is suitable for you.

When you choose tap water for SAYU hot water, continue boiling the tap water for 10-15 minutes to remove the chlorine contained in the water.

The best SAYU hot water temperature is around 50-80 C so you can drink enough slowly and drink 3-4 cups per day.

The best time to drink SAYU hot water is the morning after you wake up.

Your body temperature is lower in the morning right after you wake up, and SAYU hot water wakes your body and organs up to start a day.

In addition, drinking SAYU water before a meal improves the digestive system and calms your nervous system down when drinking before sleep.

Avoid SAYU hot water after meals for 30 minutes since it may work negatively for your digestion system.


It’s OK to add a little flavor to SAYU hot water to maintain this healthy habit without getting tired of the simple non-flavored hot water.

Indeed, adding natural flavor brings more health benefits.

Like adding fresh lemon slices or lemon juice, sliced ginger, cinnamon stick or powder, a teaspoon of organic honey, and fresh mint…

These natural boosters can be expected,

  • boost the immune system
  • provide allergy relief
  • boost focus
  • relieve digestive problems
  • relieve bad breath

Besides, using a cast iron kettle or an iron booster such as LUCK IRON FISH can help the iron intake in your diet.


Homemade ginger syrup is perfect for those who want to have several benefits at once. Hehe.

My homemade spiced ginger warms the organs, the spice can be expected to boost the digestive system and the movement of the bowel.

Ginger is known for its potent health benefits.

Super easy to make and it’s a versatile condiment for home cooking!

For the recipe, click the image or here!


To boost your motivation and happiness to drink SAYU hot water, why not upgrade your surroundings?

Let’s change using your stainless steel kettle, electric kettle, and water server to the classic elegant Japanese cast iron kettle.

Try using a beautiful KYUSU teapot to serve SAYU hot water and use your favorite cup or mug.

Wake up 15 minutes earlier to boil the water with the cast iron kettle, and cool the SAYU hot water in the KYUSU teapot.

Go to your favorite place to sit, maybe in the living room looking at your favorite art, on the patio looking at your garden or birds and trees, and start your day with healthy SAYU hot water.


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