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What Your Japan Trip Would Be Like When You Use My Experience Of The Local Yakitori Izakaya In Nagoya

Do you want to use my experience of Japanese local small Yakitori Izakaya for your future travel to Japan? The nicest thing to go to the local small Izakaya is "social distance" is very close. It is really fun to make friends with great food and drinks. I like local small izakayas and today want to share my experience at the local yakitori izakaya in Nagoya, 2020. Read this and get some hints about Japanese Izakaya.
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The Japanese Alcohol; 5 Basics Divas Want to Know About Shochu

How many Japanese alcohols do you know? Don't tell me only "Sake" in Japan. "Whiskey"? Yes. However, have you ever heard "shochu" in your drinking life? (Not a Korean soju.) Get to know about Japanese Shochu and have experiences of new drinks. Moreover, authentic Shochu is sugar-free! To find out more, read this site. I will 5 basics of Shochu for you.
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Best Low-Carb Beers You Can Drink On The Keto Diet During Traveling In Japan

There are many theories about low-carb, sugar-free products, but you want to care about calories especially booze. In Japan, you don't have to worry about calculating calories, sugar contains, carbs, you will be impressed by how many beer-taste beverages with low-carb, low-sugar, non-alcohol in the row.
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The Simple But New Taste “Ocha Wari”: Discover Japanese Green Tea Cocktails

Green tea is the part of lifestyle for Japanese people. They have Japanese green tea in any situation to relax, to show hospitality, to refresh, to sleep, of course, to drink alcohol. The simple way is mixing Japanese Shochu and Sencha, a daily green tea. But do you know there are more kinds of green tea in Japan and each taste is different? Today, I am going to explain what "green tea" for Japanese, and how you can use green tea for your cocktails.
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5 Things You Want To Know About Japanese Sour Cocktail

A Lemon Sour is one of the most common Japanese alcoholic drinks, but do you know what it is? The cocktail called "Sour" is much different you think IN JAPAN. Japanese sour is a very popular drink in Japanese drinking culture that you can't miss. It's very easy to make at home even you don't have to visit Japan. Especially to use a distilled sprite, it is lower calories and sugar compared with beer, also to make "Japanese sour", you can take Vitamin C too. In this site, I will tell you 5 things you want to know about "Japanese Sour".
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How To Make Japanese Style Lemon Sour At Home

Do you know Japanese style sour cocktails? "sour" is a very popular cocktail in Japan, a lot of flavors. Especially, Lemon sour has been trending in recent Japan and you can make it own at home! It's lemony and clear taste and the perfect refreshment in the afternoon on the patio! The color of yellow makes you feel happy and spontaneous and get also vitamin C with low carb distilled spirit! In this recipe, you will infuse lemon peels and distilled spirits for a few days, how? Read this and enjoy the Japanese style lemon sour!
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All about “Izakaya” in Japan [Vol.1]; The Basic Type Of Izakayas And Little Trivia

Going to Japan? love drinking? Izakayas are one of the unordinary experiences during your Japan trip. There are many types and concepts of Izakayas, you must know them to get more of your self-attention for the unique experience. Read this and get information for Kanpai beer in Japan!
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Things need to know before stepping in “Golden Gai”, Shinjuku, Tokyo.

Want to enjoy the nightlife in Golden Gai, Shinjuku? The district has been loved because of the nostalgic atmosphere and good relationships between owners and patrons. Recently tourism pollution is one of problem and locals worry about its atmosphere going to be destroyed. Not only foreigners but also Japanese new visitors don't know there are undocumented rules among locals, I am going to tell you tips about how you can be a smart customer in Golden Gai.
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How 5 Insider secrets of “Japanese HighBall” Brings You To Know Japanese Culture

If you want to experience authentic Japanese drinking culture, why not learn about "whiskey highball" which is part of the Japanese Izakaya lifestyle. "Whiskey highball" had been in the dark period after the peak in 1980 - 1990 due to the price of whiskey and also the stereotype of drink for "middle-aged men", but today it became the staple drink as well as draught beer in drinking culture. There are the dramatic efforts of the famous company to get the whiskey trend back in Japan. One of the fans of "Japanese whiskey highball" is going to tell you about 5 secrets of highball in Japan.
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The Japanese Canned Chu-Hi Guide; Chu-Hi Kudasai!

Simply, the Japanese canned Chu-Hi guide. Three major brands from Takara, Kirin, and Suntory. Canned Chu-Hi is almost more common daily drinks rather than canned beers in Japan! The flavors are countless, easy--drink, must-try alcoholic drinks when you visit Japan.
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The Ultimate Guide Of Japanese Canned Beers; What You Need To Know About Types and Brands Of Canned Beer

Japan is the hidden beer consume country, there are many kinds of canned beer products. Top 4 brands are Asahi, Kirin, Suntory, and Sapporo. These companies sell not only full-fledged beers but also Happousyu (law-malt beer) and the third beer (beer-taste beverages) and non-alcoholic beer-taste beverages. Today, I am going to introduce 19! Nineteen brands of canned beer include happoushu, the third beers, and non-alcoholic beers.
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The Native Ultimate Guide; How To Enjoy Shochu Like A Japanese

As with other national alcoholic beverages, Japanese like drinking "Shochu" in a variety of ways. How should you have a "Shochu" as a beginner? What kinds of "Shochu" should you choose? Here's the native ultimate guide for the first step for sipping Japanese Shochu at home.
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Ultimate Guide; All about “Izakaya” in Japan. Vol.2 (Edited 2020)

Want to experience Japanese drinking culture? Go to "Izakayas" during traveling in Japan. You can enjoy a variety of Japanese foods, drinks, and meet local happy campers! Izakayas in Japan is different from one in tourist cities in other countries, you may need tips on how to choose the right one to enjoy. In this article, I am going to tell you how to find Izakaya and also how to order foods and drinks.
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