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Ryokan Etiquette Guide; How to behave in Ryokan

Staying in the traditional Japanese style hotel called Ryokan is going to highlight the Japan trip for sure, but better know the etiquettes and manners. Staying in Ryokan is much different from staying in western hotels and other accommodations, there are original Japanese rules. If you don't understand the Ryokan concept, it will cause misunderstandings between Ryokan and you. To avoid bother other guests and Ryokan staff, you need to learn the basic etiquette for staying in Ryokan.
Culture, Etiquettes

Surrounded by Hinoki Wood Products; Natural Benefits From Japanese Cypress

Hinoki, Japan's most beloved elegant tree and its products have been the part of Japanese lifestyle. Not only aesthetically but also these products have amazing benefits with Hinoki's natural power. Once you touch its silky-touch surface, smell its woody scent, you will not let them go!
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5 Things You Should Know About Hinoki Cypress; Relationship with Japanese Life And Awesome Benefits

If you are interested in Japanese culture, you can't ignore the relationship with Hinoki cypress and Japanese life. Hinoki cypress has been loved by the Japanese for thousands of years, besides, it has awesome benefits in many situations. Not only as high-quality building materials but also it has health benefits. Especially, its woody scents give you relaxation and stimulate brain activity effectively with natural organic power. On this site, I am going to tell you Hinoki cypress awesome benefits and how Japanese people use it.
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Best Japanese Bath Salts You Should Buy For Your Luxury Time

When you take a bath, do you want to make it luxury for your special relaxing day? Japanese bath salts have varieties of types and kinds not only color and scents but also healing effects for your health concerns. Even you can experience Japanese famous hot springs at home! In this site, I will tell you the types of bath salts and how you can choose to show Japanese popular bath salts you can buy.
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Japanese Hot Springs 101; What You Need To Know About Onsen In Japan

Looking forward to bathing Hot Springs in Japan? Before going to have an experience, do you know that the Japanese hot springs culture is different from other countries? The hot springs aka Onsen in Japanese, have a long history and very special for Japanese people. Thus, you must follow local rules and try not to bother other peoples. To avoid making you disappointed, I am going to tell you about Japanese Hot Springs 101 today.
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Japanese Hot Springs Health Benefits And Risks; The Informative Onsen Guide

To enjoy Japanese natural hot springs, you must know these health benefits and risks before soaking hot springs. Hot springs bring you several health benefits as a natural treatment that Europeans and the Japanese have been researching since ancient eras. However, it also will be risky if you don't the right ways of bathing. Especially you are a natural hot spring beginner, you need to learn health benefits and risks.
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The Best Native Guide of Hot Springs In Japan; 10 Different Types Of Hot Spring Water

Excited to visit hot springs, Onsen, in Japan? Wait a minute! If you don't know the types of hot spring water, you may have negative effects from natural minerals. Especially, if you have sensitive skin and chronic disease, you need to know pH levels of hot springs water. To enjoy the best hot spring for you, read here and learn about 10 different types of Onsen in Japan.
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