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Best Japanese Bath Salts You Should Buy For Your Luxury Time

best Japanese bath salt you should buy Japanese Wellness
Japanese Wellness
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Japanese Bath Ritual; Most Japanese people take a bath at night, before going to bed, and taking a bath is a daily routine. Bathing before bed is a way to clean the body and relieve tension to relax for better sleep.

Also, “bath salts” is essential to take a bath every night, it is very common in Japan.

“Bath Bombs” is common in western countries, but in Japan, there are powder-type, tablets, liquid-types…you can find many kinds and types of bath salts in Japan.

I was a country girl, so I was impressed with Lush’s big colorful cute bath bombs at the first glance in my life. On the other hand, the Japanese are more likely therapeutic than enjoying color and aroma.

Today, I am going to introduce Japanese popular bath salts you should buy.

Types Of Japanese Bath Salts

Generally speaking, bath salts bring two major benefits: healing your health concerns and relaxation. Since there are many differences in effects, it is better to understand the characteristics of the product to use it properly.

Mainly, Japanese bath salts can be categorized into these types.

Inorganic saltsPowderA cold sensitivity
Carbonated (Fizzy)TabletsRelieve fatigue, swelling
Boost blood circulation
HerbalPowderStiff Neck & Shoulders,
Low Back Pain,
Skin irritation,
Skin CareLiquid
Dry skin

The Tip For Choosing The Best Bath Salt Type

Tips for choosing the best bath salts for you are to first choose the type according to your health concerns, then choose your favorite scent and color according to the mood of the day.

Next, let’s find out each property.

Inorganic Salt Type

Mainly composed of sodium sulfate, magnesium sulfate, sodium carbonate, sodium hydrogen carbonate, calcium carbonate, sodium chloride. Powder type.

Inorganic salt type bath salts are composed of inorganic salt and added pigments and scents. Most of the common Japanese bath salts contain inorganic salts such as sodium sulfate, sodium hydrogen carbonate, which helps water texture soft and mild. If your skin is irritated by chlorine in the tap water, it is recommended to use this type of bath salt.

Roughly speaking, Inorganic salts are minerals. Japanese hot spring “Onsen” is rich in minerals, so you can feel like a hot spring at home because of inorganic salt bath salts.

Combining inorganic salts (minerals) and proteins on the skin form a veil on the skin, which enhances the thermal effect to the body so the body can keep the warmth even after bathing.

It will be perfect especially in the wintertime!

Inorganic salt is one that does not contain C-H bonds. One of the most known is sodium chloride, which is a chemical compound composed of sodium and chloride ions.
It dissociates in solutions into ions, which are essential in different metabolic activities of the cell.

Besides, inorganic salt bath salts have the effect of activating and repairing the tissues such as relieving heat rash, cracking, fissures ( especially the sodium sulfate effect.)

Moreover, sodium hydrogen carbonate in the salt emulsifies and cleans the skin like soap.

Popular Items

BATH ROMAN is a very popular bath salt in Japan, and there are many series of BATH ROMAN. BATH ROMAN is a powder type, so it is reasonable for a daily bath compared with tablet types.

The effective ingredients active the thermal effect- promotes blood circulation and warms the body from inside, and the vail composed salts and protein keep warmth after bathing.

Luxury relaxation from floral Jasmine scents.

TABI NO YADO series is also very popular in Japan, which you can enjoy the famous Japanese hot spring “Onsen” at home!

TABI NO YADO refers to “Ryokans” in this case. The product is an assorted bath saltbox that contains 4-5 different bath salts based on each famous hot spring in Japan.

This product has milky-colored hot spring series- Towada Onsen, Okuhida Onsen, Shirahone Onsen, and Kirishima Onsen.

Efficacy includes relieving fatigue and boost blood circulation.

It is perfect to experience authentic Japanese hot springs at home without money! All you need to select the Onsen place on your mood of the day and add a hot tub.

The box contains 13 bags of 4 different milky Japanese hot spring spa experiences.

Carbonated “Fizzy” Bath Salts

Mainly composed of sodium carbonate, sodium hydrogen carbonate, succinic acid, fumaric acid, malic acid. Tablets or Granules.

Carbonated “Fizzy” bath salts create a fizzy sensation in the water, which the name suggests.

This type of bath salt uses the vasodilatory effect of carbon dioxide. Carbon dioxide dissolved in the water is absorbed through the skin, working to expand the blood vessels, which improve blood flow and decrease blood pressure.

As a result, the metabolism is prompted, and fatigue and pain are relieved. At the same time, the body is warmed by the improved blood circulation.

It sounds a little scary to hear that the skin absorbs the gas, but the substance is released by breathing, so it does not accumulate in the body.

Popular Items


Woo, it is exciting to me. It is not too much to say that I was grown up with BABU!

These are the most famous bath bombs (tablets) in Japan!

Fill the bathtub with hot water and just throw it in. It also makes the water texture soft and mild.


Each tablet individually packed, there is no concern getting wet accidentally.

Once throw it in, it fills the sweet fragrance in the bathrooms and it’s kind of fun to watch getting it smaller with fizzy bubbles.

This product can help to relieve,

  • Relieving fatigue, muscle and joints tensions, and pain, back pain, skin troubles such as heat rash, cracking, pimples.
  • Heal cold sensitivity

This is the Japanese cypress “Hinoki” scent, which is woody and a hint of citrus.

I recommend “Yuzu” if you like citrus scent.

The yuzu fruit is a popular citrus fruit in the Asian country has lots of health benefits.

“Limonene” and “Hesperidin” contained in Yuzu works to promote blood circulation and moisturize the skin.

taking bath, yuzu

In wintertime, Japanese people enjoy the “Yuzu bath” which is taking bath floating Yuzu.
It is also said that the scent contained in the peel of yuzu has a relaxing effect.

This product can help to relieve,

  • Relieving fatigue, muscle and joints tensions, and pain, back pain, skin troubles such as heat rash, cracking, pimples.
  • Heal cold sensitivity

This product is popular among women because of its aroma and the thermal effect.

By the way, Yuzu fruit honey and ginger tea here is a cozy winter drink too.

Herbal (Crude Drugs) Bath Salts

The bath salts contain “crude drugs” such as senkyu, angelica acutiloba, siler, chinpi, chamomile, and mint. There are various types such as chopped leaves, using extracts, combining them with other ingredients.

The herbal (Crude drugs) bath salt is a bath salt combined with crude drug extracted mainly from medicinal plants and inorganic salts.

The effect of herbal bath salts depends on herbs- the bath salt consists of the health benefits and its unique scent. Crude drugs and herbal drugs have relied on for a long history, and their effect is highly evaluated. Besides, joint research between Ochanomizu University and the Japan Bathing Agent Industry Association has shown that angelica acutiloba, fennel, fennel, senkyu, chinpi, and chenpi have a blood circulation promoting effect.

As aromatherapy is known for, herbs and crude drugs have a relaxation effect.

• What’s Crude drugs?

crude drugs, herbs, old books

The medicinal plants contain crude drugs and the mechanism of crude drugs has been under study for many years in several countries includes Japan.

For example, bath salts containing crude drugs such as Angelica acutiloba and Cnidium officinale Makino have blood circulation promoting effects and heal for stiff shoulders and low back pain. Bath salts containing Chempi (Citrus reticulata peel) is said to relieve skin irritations.

Each product has different properties, read the product package thoughtfully and select the one that suits you.

Popular Items

BATH ROMAN, Herbal bath salt. (powder)

90% of the ingredients in this product are active crude drugs and minerals.

“Hot spring minerals” -sodium sulfate and sodium hydrogen carbonate, and crude drugs (Touki-Angelica acutiloba) enhance the thermal effect and keep the warmth in the body.

The active ingredients combine with skin proteins to form a protector at keeps you warm even after a bath.

Toki extract improves blood circulation, warms the body, and relieves stiff shoulders, back pain, and neuralgia. Relive fatigue is also expected due to the promoting blood circulation.

  • Milky blue color
  • Baby-safe
  • Make friendly water
  • Mild herbal scent

When you especially concern about a cold sensitivity or fatigue,

this product work for these symptoms.

The main crude drug is “Cnidium officinale MAKINO”, it is said to boost blood circulation throughout the body, even the legs!

Specialized For Skincare

Mainly contains moisturizing ingredients such as ceramide, rice germ oil, ester oil, squalane, jojoba oil, mineral oil, plant extract, and fermented rice extract. Liquid, powder, and tablets.

The skincare bath salts are specialized for dry skin, which contain extra moisturizing ingredients.

As the skin becomes soft after soaking in the hot tub, the moisturizing ingredients penetrate not only to the surface of the skin but also to the inside of the stratum corneum to supplement the moisturizing ingredients.

Applying “Skincare” bath salts are perfect because it will moisturize your body parts usually hard to reach just soaking in the hot bath, highly recommended for people who have dry skin.

Popular Items

BATH ROMAN, For Sensitive skin (Milky aroma, milky white, powder)

Bath Romance Bath Sensitive Skin Care Shea Butter, Hyaluronic Acid  (Sweet floral aroma, creamy white, powder)

These products contains milk proteins as moisturizing ingredients.

It penetrates the stratum corneum and moisturizes the skin even from inside, and smooth the surface of the skin.

Squalane oil helps Keeping the skin beautiful and healthy.

The active ingredients boost the “hot spring effects” such as relief fatigue, muscle and joints pain and tension, cold sensitivity, and skin problems.

  • Baby (over 3 months)-safe
  • Make friendly-water

This item is very unique made from Japanese Sake.

Hakutsuru SAKE Bath salt is produced by HAKUTSURU, the famous Japanese SAKE company.

A bath salt that contains glycyrrhizic acid, rice germ oil, and several plant extracts.

*Glycyrrhizic acid is a natural sweetener. As a therapeutic property, it has been used in a vast variety of formulations as it is reported to the ability to help calm skin and minimize signs of sensitization.

Condition your skin and lead to moisturized skin.

Slightly fragrant Yuzu fruit scent.

In Japan, rice and sake (of course, sake is made from rice!) have been used for natural skincare for a long history.

It’s a little expensive, but it worth it for your special day or the special gift.
A pleasant scent feels heavenly while taking a bath, and you can feel your skin is rich and smooth even after taking a bath.

Final Thoughts

Do you feel like taking the unique bath salt as your bath ritual item?

If you purchase these authentic Japanese bath salts outside of Japan, it may not a cheap day.

However! As I said, Japanese bath salts can be expected therapeutic effects not only relaxation aroma.

Unwinding at the end of a long day or starting a busy week with a luxurious bath instead of a rushed shower is always a great idea. Hoping I can be a concierge to lead the Japanese bathing culture, to your bathing experience.

Lastly, note that it may become slippery using bath salts so be aware when you get out of the tub.

best Japanese bath salt you should buy

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