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Best Japanese Bath Salts You Should Buy For Your Luxury Time

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Most Japanese people take a bath at night, before going to bed, and taking a bath is a daily routine. Bathing at night is a way to clean the body and release bodily tension to relax for a good night’s sleep.

I took a bath without a doubt until moving out of my parent’s house and moved to a tiny apartment in Nagoya.

Also, “bath salts” is essential to take a bath every night, it is very common in Japan.

“Bath Bombs” is common in western countries, but in Japan, there are powder-type, bath-bombs, liquid-types…you can find many kinds and types of bath salts in Japan.

Not only to enjoy colors and scents, but each bath salts also has therapeutic effects.

Today, I am going to introduce Japanese common bath salts you should buy.

Major Types

Generally speaking, bath salts bring the benefits of two parts: healing your health and relaxing with its color and scent. However, since there are too many differences in effects, it is better to understand the characteristics of the product to use it properly.

Mainly, Japanese bath salts can be classified into these types.

Inorganic saltsPowderA cold sensitivity
Carbonated (Fizzy)TabletsTo beat fatigue
HerbalPowderStiff Shoulders,
Low Back Pain,
Irritated Skin
Skin CareLiquid
Dry skin

The tip for choosing the best bath salt for you, first select the type according to your health concerns and then choose your favorite aroma and color depending on the mood of the day.

Inorganic Salt Type

“Inorganic salt type” is mainly composed of inorganic salt, and added pigments and scents.

It forms a veil on the skin by combining proteins with inorganic salts (minerals).

This veil works to remain to the thermal effect, and the warmth will last a long time.

It will be perfect especially in the wintertime!

This type is also designed to remove dirt from the skin by emulsifying like soap, moreover, it helps to soften the water sensation. (you will feel smoother and less irritating to your skin.)

Popular Items

BATH ROMAN is a very popular bath salt in Japan, and you can find several kinds of BATH ROMAN. This type is a loose powder, so it is reasonable for a daily bath.

The inorganic salts active the hot bath effect promotes blood circulation and warms the core of the body with ionic vail on your body.

While soaking in the hot tub, you will get luxury relaxation from floral Jasmine scents.

TABI NO YADO series is also very popular in Japan especially for the special day because you can enjoy the famous “Onsen” at home!

TABI NO YADO means “Ryokans” in this case. Each series is assorted bath salt bags, each bath salt is made based on famous Japanese hot springs.

In this series, milky colored assortment pack of Towada Onsen, Okuhida Onsen, Shirahone Onsen, and Kirishima Onsen.

It is perfect to feel Japanese authentic Onsen at home inexpensively! All you need to select the Onsen place on your mood of the day and add a hot tub.

The box contains 13 bags of 4 different milky Japanese hot spring spa experiences.

Carbonated Bath Salts

You can imagine common bath bombs that you know.

“Carbonated bath salt”creates a fizzy sensation in the water, which bath bombs are well-known for. Carbonated water has the effect of expanding blood vessels, improving blood circulation and activating metabolism.

This prompts detoxification, which discharges toxic and fatigue substances in the body.

Popular Items


Woo, it sounds excited for me. It is not too much to say that I was grown up with BABU!

This is most famous bath bombs in Japan!

Fill the bathtub up and just throw in.

Each tablet individually packed, there is no concern getting wet accidentally.

Once throw-in, it fills the sweet fragrance in the bathrooms and it’s kind of fun to watch getting it smaller with fizzy bubbles.

This is Japanese cypress “Hinoki” scent, which is woody and a hint of citrus.

I recommend “Yuzu” scent if you like citrus scent.

The yuzu fruit is a popular citrus fruit in the Asian country has lots of health benefits.

“Limonene” and “Hesperidin” contained in Yuzu works to promote blood circulation and moisturize the skin.

In wintertime, Japanese people enjoy “Yuzu bath” which is taking bath floating Yuzu.
It is also said that the scent contained in the peel of yuzu has a relaxing effect.

Not only for the hot bath, it is also great to take as ‘Korean honey and Yuzu tea”.

I recommend Yuzu fruit honey and ginger tea here if you want to read later.

Herbal (Crude Drugs) Bath Salts

“The herbal (Crude drugs) bath salt” is a bath salt combined with crude drug extracted mainly from medicinal plants and inorganic salts.

• What’s Crude drugs?

The medicinal plants contain crude drugs and the mechanism of crude drugs has been under study for many years in several countries includes Japan.

For example, bath salts containing crude drugs such as Angelica acutiloba and Cnidium officinale Makino have blood circulation promoting effects and heal for stiff shoulders and low back pain. Bath salts containing Chempi (Citrus reticulata peel) is said to relieve skin irritations.

Each product has different characteristics depend on the medical plants, so be sure to look at the product package and select the one that suits you. It is also said that the unique scent of crude drugs has a relaxing effect.

Popular Items

BATH ROMAN, Herbal bath salt.

It is made of 90% active crude drugs and minerals.

• Crude drug extracted from Touki-Angelica acutiloba, works the thermal effects to boost the blood circulation.

• Sodium sulfate and baking soda increases the thermal effect, boost blood circulation, relieves muscle tension.

It is supposed to heal stiff shoulder, lower back pain, neuralgia, and also remove fatigue.

When you concern about a cold sensitivity or fatigue,

this one work for these symptoms.

The main crude drug is “Cnidium officinale MAKINO”, it is said to boost blood circulation throughout the body, even the legs!


The “skincare” bath saltscontain extra moisturizing ingredients.

As the skin becomes soft after soaking in the hot tub, the moisturizing ingredients penetrate not only to the surface of the skin but also to the inside of the stratum corneum to supplement the moisturizing ingredients.

Applying “Skincare” bath salts is perfect because it will moisturize your body parts usually hard to reach just soaking in the hot bath, highly recommended for people who have dry skin.

Popular Items

BATH ROMAN, For Sensitive skin

It contains TWO types of milk proteins as moisturizing ingredients.

It penetrates the stratum corneum and moisturizes the skin even from inside, and smooth surface of the skin.

To provide enough moisture to keep the skin clear and healthy, Squalane oil also is contained in this item.

The active ingredient boosts the general health effects of hot spas such as recovering from fatigue, cold sensitivity, and peeling skin.

It can be used for babies over 3 months. 

This item is very unique made from Japanese Sake.

Hakutsuru SAKE Bath salt is produced by HAKUTSURU, the famous Japanese SAKE company.

A bath salt that contains glycyrrhizic acid, rice germ oil, and several plant extracts.

*Glycyrrhizic acid is a natural sweetener. As a therapeutic property, is has been used in a vast variety of formulations as it is reported to the ability to help calm skin and minimize signs of sensitization.

Condition your skin and lead to moisturized skin.

Slightly fragrant Yuzu fruit scent.

In Japan, rice and sake (of course, sake is made from rice!) have been used for natural skincare in a long history.

It’s a little expensive, but it worth for your special day or the special gift.
A pleasant scent feels heavenly while taking a bath, and you can feel your skin is rich and smooth even after taking a bath.

At Last…

Why not try unique bath salt from Hot spring county, Japan?

If you purchase these authentic Japanese bath salts outseide of Japan,

it is not a cheap day.


Like Japanese people, you can make special luxury relaxation time just for you !

Unwinding at the end of a long day or starting a busy week with a luxurious bath instead of a rushed shower is always a great idea. Hoping I can be a concierge to lead Japanese bathing culture, to your bathing experience.

best Japanese bath salt you should buy

You understand soaking in hot water bring you many health benefits as well as hot springs. Do you want to learn Japanese hot springs health benefits?

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Hinoki Bath accessories add more relaxed and natural atmosphere to your luxury bath time!

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