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Holy Cow! Easy-Cheesy How To Make Homemade Natto Beans Without Starter Spores

Natto beans are the Japanese traditional super healthy food to eat daily! Generally, you can get natto at any Asian grocery store, but you can save money and eat homemade fresh Natto every day using my easy homemade natto recipe; without a starter, use the instant pot for the whole process.
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Ladies! Eat Natto Every Day; The Japanese Super Food Can Bring Natural Health & Beauty

Why Japanese traditional superfood can bring you many health benefits? Especially for ladies, natto can improve your health & beauty. What are nutritions? What are good for you? When & how much should you eat Natto? All about Natto health benefits you should know is in this post!
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Japanese Hojicha Latte; How To Make Hojicha (Japanese Roasted Green Tea) Latte At Home

Hojicha latte is the staple cafe menu in Japan. Hojicha is a toasty, nutty, and refreshing taste than Matcha, so there are many Hojicha latte fans around! Since the Hojicha latte is less caffeine and easy to drink for those who don't like coffee or Matcha green tea, it'll be the next healthy Japanese drink! In this post, you can get a Hot/Iced hojicha latte recipes in authentic and easy methods.
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Hojicha 101; Japan’s Popular Refreshing Roasted Green Tea

Hojicha is roasted green tea, yes, it is the same leaves of green tea. So, it can be expected the same health benefits as drinking green tea. Moreover, Hojicha is in low caffeine and bitter flavor. Easy to drink, even for bedtime tea. Its toasty nutty aroma and flavor can relax you. Actually, Hojicha can be the next healthy Japanese tea!
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How To Make Cold Brew Hojicha Tea At Home

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5 Japanese Tips How To Brew Hojicha Tea At Home Could Change You Into The Tea Master

To brew Hojicha at home is actually not hard. No picky ritual (like whisking) is required. Unlike green tea, use high-temperature boiled water and steep a little aggressively to bring toasty nutty flavor and aroma out. Read this post, I can tell you the water temperature, steeping time, how to serve. You can be a Hojicha tea master from today.
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Japanese Cast Iron Teapot; How To Use And Care

Green tea connoisseur? Looking for something Zen-life? "Tetsu-Kyusu"-the Japanese cast iron teapot is ideal for upgrade your tea life and kitchen or office decor. There is often confusion between Tetsubin and Tetsu Kyusu and you can't use Tetsu-Kyusu on the stovetop. Read this guide that tells you about how to use, clean, store, and also how to deal with iron rust.
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Only 3 Step Healthy Snack! Quick, Easy, Super Healthy Yamitsuki Cabbage With Sesame Oil

"Yamitsuki" means "addictive" in Japanese, "Yamitsuki Cabbage" is one of the popular nibbles at Izakayas and Japanese BBQ restaurants. You can bring Asian breeze of the table by making this easy, quick, and healthy snack. As the name, you can't stop eating once you have the first bite. "Sesame Oil" is the essential ingredient for "Yamitsuki Cabbage". If you want to get your fams impressed, read this. Only 3 step recipe.
Japanese Wellness

Why You Should Get Japanese Cypress “Hinoki” Essential Oil Today

Hinoki Essential Oil is a wonderful oil for both mental and physical health benefits (moreover, repel insects!). It is also a great oil to use for meditation and find and connect your value. Even though it is a soft and gentle woody scent, it's enough strong to be calming, refreshing, relaxing, and energizing. Wanna share the Japanese soul tree, Hinoki cypress more in this post.
Japanese Wellness

The Perfect Hot Bath Routine For Your Skincare

Why not take care of your skin to glow more beautiful and healthy during the relaxing hot bath? The hot water can damage your skin, however, you don't worry about it anymore if you read this perfect bath guide. You need to begin this before taking a hot bath today! Here is the step-by-step guide to enhancing your beauty.
Japanese Wellness

The Japanese Way To Wellness; Drinking “Sayu” Plain Hot Water

Japanese wellness rituals and practices are often unique and attractive, almost always they are easy and reasonable. As one of J wellness trends, drinking plain hot (warm) water boiled Tetsubin (Japanese cast-iron kettle) is for you. Of course, it brings you several health benefits and relaxation. Here is the ultimate guide on drinking hot water; how to boil water, when is the best time to drink, and ideas to add flavor.
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The Japanese Secret; The Benefits Of Sesame Oil In Cooking And Wellness

Sesame oil has been incorporated into the Japanese lifestyle for a long time like in other Asian countries. Sesame oil is known as one healthy oil that we should take daily and the Japanese often use it in cooking. Besides, we are addicted to the rich toasty nutty aroma of toasted sesame oil. Or, the elegant light white sesame oil, is used for cooking, dressing, even massage, and skincare. This post will tell you the types of sesame oil, its health benefits, and how to incorporate it into your lifestyle.
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The Japanese Cooking Guide; Koji Rice

Koji is the Japanese fermented condiments as well as Miso paste, soy sauce, Mirin, Japanese sake. You will be impressed with "The power of Koji", "The Koji magic", once you start using "Shio Koji" in your cooking. Especially, to marinate meat and fish, it does not only tenderize them but also brings its umami, the savory flavor. In this site, I will explain what the koji rice is, how to make it, use it, and keep it!
Japanese Wellness

The Hot Bath Guide For You; Water Temperature, Bathing Time, And Healing Tips For Your Body

The hot bath health benefits have been well-known today. In this post, I am focusing on the healing power of bathing. If you feel tired, exhausted, stressed, muscle tension in the neck and shoulders, back pain, swelling, here is the hot bath guide-the water temperature, the bathing time, and more tips!
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The Effect Of Decluttering; Why You Want To Do The Danshari Method

"Danshari" has been used as the decluttering method and philosophy advocated by Hideko Yamashita in Japan, the term "Danshari" was originally used in the Yoga book. The basic of the Danshari method is also based on the idea of Zen Buddhism, Ayurveda. The Danshari method is not only telling you about tidying up piled stuff in your house and also can help you to get a better life based on oriental philosophy. In this post, I will tell you 8 benefits that you can get from the Danshari method.
Japanese Wellness

The Danshari Method And Minimalism

Let's talk about the Danshari method and minimalism! Roughly speaking, minimalism is living with the fewest essential things to simplify lifestyle and the Danshari method is optimization" of your life by refusing, disposing, and staying away from obsession.
Japanese Wellness

The Correct Way Bathing Practices; Do And Don’ts

The basics of the correct way to taking a bath at home for your relaxation and health. Bathing is well-known for self-care practices, but do you know you can lead to negative effects if you do wrong bathing. This is the ultimate guide to take a bath properly.
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The Common Japanese Side Dish; Kinpira Guide (Recipe & Tips)

What's Kinpira? Kinpira is a popular Japanese side dish or nibble, commonly root vegetables sautéed with soy sauce, sugar, and Japanese sake. Kinpira is one easy cooking without technique and tools. However, you may need to learn tips to make the perfect crisp Kinpira dish. I will give you the basic recipe with carrots.
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