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The basics of Japanese culture are politeness and consideration. The reputation of high-hospitality in Japan, because Japanese people try not to bother other people. To respect Japanese hospitality, let’s learn about Japanese culture and etiquette.

for foodies, japanese food and restaurant

As you are planning your dream trip to Japan, one of the things you are most excited about doing is eating as much Japanese food as you can, RIGHT? Do You want to know about Japanese staple foods, unique foods, and how to eat, and where to go? Let’s start here!

the ultimate guide, travel tips

Get in the know before traveling with my ultimate guide of Japan travel tips. I am an expert in Japan because I am Japanese and travel to my country frequently. Also, I have learned from my mistakes. Give you useful tips with the real, latest information.

Things to do

 It’s time to start planning—and brainstorming where you want to or should visit, what you want to or should do in Japan. Need inspirations? Check out here! And shopping ideas are also here!

japan rail pass

What is “Japan Rail Pass”? Is it worth it? When you visit Japan, especially the main island and major sightseeing cities, Japan Rail Pass can be handy, the money & time-saver, but it depends on your traveling type. Tips about Japan Rail Pass, Here.

Japanese Phrases

Do you want to learn the Japanese language for your trip to Japan? My Japanese terms and phrases are different from the textbook to the guidebook you have already. I pick up Japanese phrases in very unique and specific situations. Start Here.

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