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Ladies! Eat Natto Every Day; The Japanese Super Food Can Bring Natural Health & Beauty

Eat Natto Every Day; The Japanese Super Food Can Bring Natural Health & Beauty Food & Recipes
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It is a famous theory about the Japanese healthy life due to fermented food such as soy sauce, miso paste, and koji.

Also, Natto is the famous Japanese traditional fermented food to bring us healthy life.

Natto is a super nutritious food, it is too bad if you are hesitant to eat it because of the looking and funky smell!

I like Natto and eat it almost every day even I live in the US ignoring my hubby’s dirty look. Today, I will tell you the health benefits of Natto and introduce toppings for delicious eating.

Please read it to the end and make use of it.

Ideally, you should eat one pack of natto every day.

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Natto Is Rich In Protein, Vitamin, Minerals

  • Natto (soybeans) may reduce the risk of several health problems
  • Natto (soybeans) rich in protein
  • Soy isoflavons can be expected to reduce the risk of osteoporosis and to relive the menopause.

The reason why Japan has become a longevity country is that soybeans possibly have been successfully incorporated into the diet such as Natto, miso, and soy sauce.

As you know, Natto, which is fermenting soybeans.

Soybean is well-known rich in protein including other rich plant minerals and vitamins that we called “the natural food supplement”.

Soybean can be expected to prevention from diabetes, dyslipidemia, cancer, osteoporosis, menopause.

Besides, among the proteins contained in natto, soy isoflavone can enough appealing points for ladies.

Soy isoflavones have a similar function as estrogen, a hormone that may be expected to prevent osteoporosis and relieve the menopause.


Natto Gets Attentions By Vitemin K2 MK-7

  • Vitamin K in Natto can be expected to activate bone formation and in preventing arteriosclerosis and heart disease.
  • Natto contains menaquinone-7 (MK-7)
  • MK-7 plays an important role in supporting anti-cancer effects and has the property of increasing athletic performance.

Vitamin K is an essential nutrient that helps to make protein for blood clotting.

More specifically, it activates in both ways-promotes and suppresses blood clotting.

More recent research shows vitamin K can be expected to activate *bone formation and in preventing arteriosclerosis and *heart disease.

Vitamin K can be roughly divided into vitamin K1 contained in plants and vitamin K2 produced by microorganisms.

Vitamin K2 contained in natto beans is menaquinone-7 (MK-7), and natto is the food containing the richest amount of vitamin K2 in the world.

Recent studies have revealed that vitamin K2 aka MK-7 has an important role to prevent from as well as cardiovascular & coronary disease, kidney disorders, diabetes, and cancer.



Vitamn B2 Contained In Natto Will Boost Metabolism

  • Natto may help lose weight
  • Vitamin B2 can boost metabolism
  • Vitamin B2 helps support collagen production in the skin, hair, and nails.

Natto is rich in vitamin B2, which helps to boost metabolism.

Vitamin B2 has the role of breaking down the three major nutrients (carbohydrates, fats, and proteins) and converting nutrition into energy for the vital body.

The most appealing function of Vitamin B2 is to boost metabolism.

Metabolism is the process the body uses to break down food and nutrients for energy and to support different functions, and Vitamin B2 is an essential role to keep metabolism efficiently.

Vitamin B2 also has the function of promoting protein synthesis that makes up the skin, hair, nails…etc.

So, eating natto constantly means making your beauty.

Dietary Fiber In Natto Improve Your Bowel Movements

  • Dietary fiber in Natto can support the prevention of constipation
  • o prevent constipation, natto may also help improve blood circulation and your mode.

Natto can be one of the essential daily food to improve your bowel movements.

As you know, dietary fiber has the effect of promoting bowel movements.

Natto contains 3-4 grum of dietary fiber per package (45g).

Constipation can’t help your beauty at all because it causes poor blood circulation, swelling, and even reduced metabolism function.

Natto contains not only dietary fiber but also magnesium, which has the effect of drawing water, so it can be an effective food for helping constipation.

The Best Natto For The Ladies; Hikiwari Natto

Natto can be divided into several types by the shape or the size of soybeans, and the manufacturing method.

Hikiwari natto is one of the popular natto beans in Japan.

Since Hikiwari Natto looks like crushed soybeans, some people think it is made from just chopping and crushing up regular natto.

But, it is not true.

Hikiwari natto is made by milling and drying soybeans while removing the skin, and then fermenting them.

Hikiwari natto has the same levels of nutrition facts- protein, fat, and carbohydrate that other types of natto (regular natto), but it is richer in vitamins and minerals.

The difference in nutritional value is 1.5 times between regular whole bean-natto and Hikiwari natto.

Additionally, it has richer in vitamin K and B2, select Hikiwari natto if you have an option.

Natto In Your Diet; How Much You Sould Eat Daily?

In conclusion, you don’t have to worry about getting fat even if you keep eating one pack daily.

Natto, which is rich in nutrients essential to the body, is a food that you want to eat every day.

Japanese natto, mituskan, kinnotusbu, nutrition fact

Side Effects Of Natto

Natto contains Purines.

Excessive intake of purines can lead to overproduction of uric acid in the body, leading to hyperuricemia, which can cause gout and kidney stones.

The general commercial Japanese natto product (45g) contains about 55 mg of purines.

It is not the amount that you have to worry about, yet, eat 1 or 2 packs max while considering the balance with other ingredients.

Many of the health benefits of soybeans are associated with isoflavones, a plant compound that has a similar function to estrogen.

These estrogen-like compounds may *reduce female births, lead to precocious puberty, and impede fetal and child development.


When Is The Bset Timing To Eat Natto

  • Eat Natto at night!

Although the traditional Japanese “washoku” breakfast serves natto in the morning,

From the point of view of nattokinase, which is the most active ingredient of natto, it is better to eat natto after dinner before sleep.

Besides, the vitamins and minerals contained in Natto can help to make a healthy & beautiful body as I explained in this post.

So, eating natto at night is good for ladies!

Where You Can Buy Natto

Go to any Asian grocery store.

Commonly, you can find 1 for 3 packs in the frozen food section. (which means they are in a freezer.)

You can see Japanese or Korean products.

In my experience, you can buy around $3 each in the US.

My favorite is “Kin no tusbu torro mame”, which is the Mituskan product.

Saving Money! How To Make Natto At Home

When considering incorporating Natto in daily healthy life, you should make homemade natto!

This recipe is super easy, no starter, and you need only organic soybeans, natto from an Asian grocery store, and instant pot.

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