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The Unique Cafe Latte Drink Mix In Japan; Blendy Stick and Cafe Latory Series

the unique cafe latte drink mix in japanFood & Drinks
Food & Drinks
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I had lived in Canada, The United Kingdom, and The United States. Have traveled Several Countries in Europe.

I didn’t pay attention to “Instant Coffee” much.

I just noticed there are so many kinds of instant drink mixes in Japan.

I think the coffee shops, cafe culture in western countries had been developed much more than them in Japan, so people didn’t have to think about making “instant coffee” or “instant cafe latte” at home.

Recently, we can enjoy cafe drinks easily at western-style coffee shops but they are quite expensive, and especially older people don’t know how to order stylish cafe drinks.

The instant drink mix helps to enjoy cafe drinks casually at home and its taste and flavor have been improving as the market developing.

The popular drink mix even for you is “Matcha Latte” but today I am going to tell you more kinds of drink mix products in Japan.

Blendy Stick

Blendy”(ブレンディ) is the staple coffee brand in Japan, it has all kinds of coffee products of “Blendy”.

Ajinomoto AGF, which has a 60% market share in the drink mix market, has been improving the quality of the drink mix products for 15 years.

One of the features is the easy-to-dissolve powder, which melts well in cold water without lumps.

Besides, they keep producing new flavors with not only coffee drinks, and now there are 11 types of “Blendy sticks” and 15 types of “Cafe Latry” series offering a total of 26 flavors.

Blendy Cafe Au Lail Half-calorie

blendy, cafe au lait, half calorie, Japanese drink mix

Well, you need to try “Blendy stick Cafe Au Lait” first, and this is the half-calorie version.

The regular Cafe Au Lait stick is 60 kcal and this one is 33 kcal remains the original taste.

The rich milk taste and clear after-taste.

Blendy Stick Matcha Au Lait

blendy stick matcha, drink mix, japan

Matcha, Matcha, matcha.

I am sure that you will try to find something “Matcha” when traveling in Japan.

Matcha Latte mix is no longer unique in your country, but it is none of the authentic flavors that you will have in Japan.

This is not a luxury “Matcha” latte mix, but you can casually have a “Matcha” latte as a daily drink.

By the way, this is a “Matcha au Lait” mix.

In Japan, it seems the cafe drink used brewed coffee is “Cafe au lait” and the drink used espresso is “cafe latte”.

The price is affordable even on Amazon.

Japanese Roasted Tea Au Lait

Blendy stick Houjicya, drink mix, Japan

Japanese Roasted Tea…It is called “Houji-Cha”(ほうじ茶) in Japan, which is a type of Japanese tea. It is used the same kind of green tea leaves as Japanese green tea, Matcha, but the stems and leaves harvested later in the season are roasted. The color is clear brown and the taste is mild nutty flavor.

Maybe you can buy “Houji-Cha” au Lait at coffee shops in Japan only.

Actually, I really like “Houji-Cha” au Lait myself. When you get to try something different after “Matcha” A Lait, you may want to try this.

It is not a strong tea flavor but has a nice touch of roasted tea flavor.

Blendy Stick Cafe Au Lait Slightly Bitter Taste

Blendy stick, cafe latte, extra bitter, drink mix, Japan

This one has a slightly coffee-bitter and not sugary taste compared with the regular Belendy Cafe Au Lait drink mix, this one will be perfect for you.

The Japanese product name is “Otona No Hornoniga”, literally means “The grown-up slight bitter taste”.

Japanese Phrase 17

Cafe Latory Series

relax tea time, sitting couch,

The “Cafe Latory series” is a richer-flavor version than Blendy drink mix stick.

The concept of “The Cafe Latory” drink mix series is that you can enjoy a high-quality taste at home as same as the coffee shops, simply adding hot water into your favorite mug.

According to AGF, the barista has a passion to produce the “Cafe Latory” series, the features are its rich aroma and making naturally formed milk top just mixing well with a teaspoon.

The Rich Caramel Macchiato

cafe latory, blendy stick, caramel latte makiart, drink mix, Japan

“The rich caramel macchiato”drink mix has the best harmony with a savory-sweet caramel and rich formy milk top.

It is especially sweet and milky among cafe Latory series, the scent of caramel and vanilla to make you relax and reduce your stress.

Do you know the scent of Vanilla is one of “soothing scent” to help to boost your mood, reducing stresses, and relieve anxiety?

Grab the cup of “Blendy rich caramel macchiato”, sit on the couch, close your eyes, and enjoy the aroma.

The Rich Strawberry Milk Tea

milk tea

Before talking about this, do you know the milk tea???

(I am not talking about “Bubble tea”.)

“Milk tea” is a very popular drink in Japan, but

We need to make sure what “milk tea” is referred to in Japan.

I am not a specialist for black tea, so just talking about the Japanese concept of “milk tea”.

OK, in Japan, when you call “Milk tea”, it means “black tea” adding milk (coffee creamer).

If you order a cup of milk tea at normal coffee shops (non-specialty shops), they will give you a cup of black tea and creamer.

On the other hand, black tea brewed in milk on the stove is called “Royal milk tea”.

strawberry latte, blendy stick, cafe latory

Anyway, Blendy Rich Strawberry Milk tea is the milk tea with strawberry flavor aroma.

It is like Japanese hot strawberry chocolate, sweet and milky.

The Rich Houji-cha Latte

cafe latory, rich houjicha latte, drink mix, Japan

It is a rich Houji-cha flavor version than regular “Blendy”, that is captive to Houji-cha latte lovers like me.
When you want to relax or change your mood, take out a stick, and pour in hot water.

When pouring boiled water, it further enhances the aroma of Houji-cha and sweet milk, it is almost like essential oil itself.

the rich aroma of tea

The very rich scent of Hojicha is great, and It’s sweet, but the after-taste is smooth and clear.


There are more and more kinds of drink mix but I picked up something unique to introduce Japanese drink mix culture.

One of the reasons the “Drink Mix” market has been developed in Japan is because the Japanese modern lifestyle has been changing before such as decreasing children’s rate, increasing single young adults, getting picky about taste…

A decades ago, a big instant coffee jar was very common, and there were a few kinds of drink mix for kids but today they don’t need big jars at home anymore.

Drink mix with individual packaging has grown mainly with the support of women. It is “space-saving”, “saving-time” “easy-make” because it is not necessary to prepare coffee, creamer, and sugar separately. Due to the individual package and the perfect balance of flavors, you can enjoy the fresh taste just like the one from the coffee shop at any time. Also, family members can choose their tastes.


These AGF products on this site contains “Aspartame” and “l-phenylalanine compound”.

Aspartame is one of the controversial sweeteners worldwide. It is claimed to cause health problems ranging from headaches to cancer. On the other hand, food safety authorities and other mainstream sources consider it to be safe. (Ecowatch)

the unique cafe latte drink mix in japan

Next you need to know about Japanese drinks.

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