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The Japanese Cooking Guide; Koji Rice

Koji is the Japanese fermented condiments as well as Miso paste, soy sauce, Mirin, Japanese sake. You will be impressed with "The power of Koji", "The Koji magic", once you start using "Shio Koji" in your cooking. Especially, to marinate meat and fish, it does not only tenderize them but also brings its umami, the savory flavor. In this site, I will explain what the koji rice is, how to make it, use it, and keep it!
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Rice Flour 101; Health And Cooking Benefits

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Japanese Persimmons 101

Diospyros kaki, Japanese persimmon is a traditional and popular fall fruit in Japan. Today, not only in Asia but also in Europe and the US, "Kaki" has been getting popular. However, you may have a terrible memory for its astringency taste. Actually, persimmons have two types, which are sweet ones and astringent ones. Read this, you can know all about Japanese persimmons!
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Homemade Japanese Dried Persimmons; Drying Steps, Health Benefits, Storage Tips

The informative guide about Japanese traditional dried persimmons. In this site, you can learn how to make with ultimate tips and its health benefits.
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Sencha Green Tea Aesthetic; How To Brew, Store, Roast In Japanese Authentic Way

Sencha is the type of green tea, which is the daily green tea for Japanese tea time. Like other tea, sencha green tea has several health benefits. Not like Matcha, the taste is refreshing. There is no picky manner to make sencha, but there are several tips to make 10 times better sencha green tea if you read this guide.
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Houjicha 101; Japan’s Popular Refreshing Roasted Green Tea

Japanese green tea is well-known as its health benefits and high-relaxation effect, how about if green tea is roasted? Because of the chemical of the roasting process, roasted green tea aka Hojicha has less caffeine, less astringency flavor, even gain rich toasty flavor and naturally sweet flavor. Read this site to know about Hojicha, health benefits, and how to make.
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Black And White Sesame seeds; Health benefits, How to use in Japanese Cooking

Here are the health benefits of sesame seeds such as boosting immunity and lower cholesterol levels, improving bowel movements and digestive health, and anti-aging! Besides, its rich aroma and flavor make you hungry. In Japanese cuisine, sesame seeds have been loved as healthy food to intake daily diet. Read this site, let's get to know about charming sesame seed.
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Napa (Chinese) Cabbage 101 In Japanese Cooking; Nutrition, Shopping and Storage Tips, Recipes

Napa cabbage has been loved as the winter vegetable in Japan. This page introduces the health benefits of Napa cabbage and great Japanese cooking recipes using Hakusai (Napa cabbage) includes Japanese pickles and goma-ae.
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