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How 5 Insider secrets of “Japanese HighBall” Brings You To Know Japanese Culture

The Japanese Highball is a little far away from the classic highball cocktail at a stylish bar. "Highball" in Japan mainly often refers to "whiskey and soda" or sometimes "Shochu and soda". Highball is really popular Izakaya drink as well as ice-cold draft beer, Chu-Hi, and lemon sour! RELAX, I want to introduce a "Japanese-style" whiskey highball but that doesn't mean it is made of JAPANESE WHISKEY. So refreshing, dry, simple, fizzy, and fresh lemon, that's all need!
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6 Authentic Japanese Gifts Ideas For Him Who Loves Japanese Sake, Shochu, Whiskey; Traditional Sake Ware Selected By The Native Japanese

Are you searching for holiday gifts for him who loves drinking Japanese sake, Shochu, or whiskey? Here is the cool guide that introduced all genuine Japanese sake ware. made in Japan. Beer glass, cold sake ochoko glass, Tetsu Kyusu for warm/hot sake, Minoyaki ochoko sake cups, Edo kiriko shochu rock glass.
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Catch Up With New Trends In Japan: Homemade Cola Recipe

Homemade cola aka "Craft cola" is carefully made from raw materials. Moreover, you can make an organic cola drink that you know all ingredients in this refreshing sweet cola drink that everyone loves worldwide. With its exotic spice and hints of citrus, this "Craft Cola" is so refreshing and addictive. Add this aromatic delicate McCola to milk, coffee, tea, beer, gin, vodka, whiskey, and of course, rum to entertain your guests!
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Sneaky! Both Refreshing AND Bitter Infused Vodka Lemon Sour

The supreme lemon sour is ridiculously refreshing and delicious AND bitter. This Japanese lemon sour made with the whole lemon is perfect for the coming hot season! It’s an easier version of the recipe of my infused vodka that will surely make your home time fun. Just cut whole lemons and throw in your choice of distilled liquor. It's both refreshing and bitter, add also my homemade lemon syrup.
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Shio Lemon Sour: Lemon Sour Recipe With Moroccan Preserved Lemons

Looking for a new lemon sour? Citrusy Salty Bitter Preserved (Pickled) Lemon. Traditional Morrocan lemon and Traditional Japanese lemon sour meet together. When lemons are ripe and ready for making a preserved lemon, it’s the time! Easy to make preserved lemon-only two ingredients, lemons and salt.
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Home Izakaya! How To Make Japanese Style Lemon Sour

What's Japanese-style sour? It's a classic Izakaya cocktail as popular as cold beer and whiskey highball. Generally, Japanese sour is not sweet or less sweet and is made of the mix with Japanese shochu/vodka, fizzy water, and lemon juice/lemon-flavored syrup. In my recipe, we'll make lemon-infused vodka and frozen lemon ice. So, you can enjoy the ultimate lemony Japanese lemon sour without watering it down.
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The Best Japanese Shochu To Make Lemon Sour (Lemon Chu-Hi) At Home

Japanese cocktail, Izakaya cocktail at home. Japanese lemon sour also called Lemon Chu-Hi is simply made of distilled spirits such as Shochu/ vodka. For the authentic and lowe alcohol content sour/Chu-Hi, let's use Japanese Shochu. Shochu offers several flavors, and choose mugi/rice or Kosui Shochu to make a Japanese sour cocktail.
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5 Things You Want To Know About Japanese Sour Cocktail

Japanese "Sour" cocktail is not a classy stylish cocktail that you order at a fancy bar, wearing a cocktail dress. Japanese sour drink is absolutely casual Izakaya drink made of (reasonable) distilled spirits and fizzy water with flavors, sometimes fresh-squeezed fruit juice, tea, and artificial syrup. Basically, it is a reasonable drink at Izakayas chains or Karaoke rooms. The sour drink is often called Chu-hi, so what's the difference between Sour and Chu-Hi? If you dive into the Japanese sour drink definition deeper, it's so chaotic.
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Japanese Drinks At Home Izakaya; Fresh-Squeezed Grapefruit & Spicy Tomato Jam Sour

Here is the new unique afternoon cocktail recipe from the Izakaya menu in Japan. Fresh-squeezed grapefruits and homemade spicy (jalapeno peppers) tomato jam, are you curious about this mysterious taste? Actually, really refreshing, sweet, but, spicy... easy to make, easy to be addicted to this Japanese sour drink.
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How To Choose The Carbonated Water For Making The Best Japanese Highball At Home

"Highball" in Japan; the popular casual Izakaya drink which is the same as whiskey and soda. As the common recipe, daily casual whiskey, carbonated water, and a lemon wedge. You can use any kind of carbonated water (or natural sparkling water) for making the best Japanese highball? Nope. Today, I am going to tell you how to choose the best-carbonated water for making Japanese highball at home and the health benefits of carbonated water as a bonus.
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The Japanese Shochu Guide; How To Enjoy Shochu Like The Japanese

Shochu-the Japanese favorite distilled liquor has been behind Sake, but Shochu is also has been rooted deeply in Japanese drink culture. Not like a Sake, Shochu can be enjoyed with straight, on the rock, with hot/ice water, and more unique ways. The famous "Chu-Hi" is one of them. Today, I am going to introduce you to the classic cocktails for your Sohchu 'cheers.'
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Japanese Shochu 101; How To Drink Mizuwari Shochu

I can solve your worries about how to drink Japanese Shochu at home. One of the popular ways to enjoy Shochu is Mizuwari, mixing the shochu with pure water. Yeah, there are some principles to make the best Mizuwari shochu since it is so simple cocktail. the golden ratio, the best water&ice, and the best glass, all about making the best Mizuwari shochu in this post. If you are looking for a Japanese gift, you should also check out this post.
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Japanese Shochu 101: You Can Be Kagoshiman (Locals) When You Become A Oyuwari Master

How to drink Japanese Shochu? How to enjoy Japanese Shochu like you're a local in Kagoshima, Japan? Oyuwari is the simple but supreme way to enjoy the authentic aroma & flavor, especially for Imo, Mugi, Kome Shochu. Simply, mixing the shochu with boiled water? Non, non. As well as Mizuwari shochu, there are specific rules to know!
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The Unique Cafe Latte Instant Mix In Japan; Blendy Stick and Cafe Latory Shopping Guide

Japanese unique instant coffee stick. AGF Blendy stick is popular instant coffee and cafe drink instant mix to give you relaxing coffee time INSTANTLY. On this site, you can know unique Blendy stick flavors-Matcha, hojicha, and Japanese milk tea, and additionally the summary of the Cafe Latroy series.
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Milk Tea In Japan: I Can Tell What Royal Milk Tea Is But The Native Japanese Has No Clue About Hokkaido Milk Tea

The tea guide can bring tea lovers different tea ideas from Japan. The Japanese drink not only green tea but we love drinking tea, especially "milk tea". "Tea latte", "Royal milk tea", or "Nidashi milk tea". Royal milk tea is the Japanese version of "Chai", but no spice. In this post, I will tell you milk tea products in Japan, how to order royal milk tea in Starbucks in Japan, how to make royal milk tea at home. It's a really interesting post to read to get tea ideas!
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Blendy Stick Cafe Latory 101; Instruction, Flavor Chart, Caffeine Content…All You Want to Know About

Cafe Latry is the Japanese luxury instant coffee (cafe drinks) stick series produced by AGF. It can bring rich aroma, flavor, and frothy milk instantly with just adding boiled water. Since each item is packaged individually, you can enjoy fresh coffee drinks anywhere, anytime. If you want to know lineups, flavor chart (sweet/bitter), and caffeine levels, here is the ultimate guide from the Native Japanese.
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[The Complete Guide] 7 Basic AGF Blendy Stick Cafe Au Lait; Instruction & Caffeine Content & Ingredients

What's Blendy stick? AGF Blendy Stick Cafe Au Lait series is a popular and unique instant coffee. You can make cafe drinks from typical to unique at the home, office, school, and picnics&camps. This sweet&creamy cozy drink is handy & yummy, but some customers get in trouble with instructions and nutrition&ingredient facts. On this site, you can learn about how to make Blendy stick, caffeine content, and ingredient, including my flavor chart in 7 basic Blendy stick Cafe Au Lait.
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Japanese Hojicha Latte; How To Make Hojicha (Japanese Roasted Green Tea) Latte At Home

Hojicha latte is the staple cafe menu in Japan. Hojicha is a toasty, nutty, and refreshing taste than Matcha, so there are many Hojicha latte fans around! Since the Hojicha latte is less caffeine and easy to drink for those who don't like coffee or Matcha green tea, it'll be the next healthy Japanese drink! In this post, you can get a Hot/Iced hojicha latte recipes in authentic and easy methods.
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