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[INSTANT POT RECIPE] Easy-Cheesy Homemade Natto Beans

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If you want to try how to make homemade Natto beans just once how it works before purchasing natto starter on Amazon?

Or Do you want to increase natto beans from packages that you bought?

Today, I am going to share one of the ways how to make Natto beans at home, with an INSTANT POT while using store-bought Natto beans.

The Essentials For Homemade Natto

All the ingredients and tools you need to make homemade Natto in this recipe,

  1. An instant pot with cooking bean & Yogurt maker
  2. Organic soybeans
  3. Frozen Natto beans (you can buy them at an oriental grocery store)
  4. A spatula and a colander
  5. A thin cloth such as a dish towel, kitchen towel, cheesecloth, or flour sack towel
  6. Mini food storage containers for freezing

To make Natto beans, the soybeans mixed with natto bacteria are fermented at 40-45℃ for about 20-24 hours.

There are ways to ferment beans in an oven or use a styrofoam container, yet, using the Instant Pot, yogurt maker, or home bakery is much easier and less stresses.

The Instant Pot Can Save Us To Make Natto Without Stress

In this post, I use an INSTANT POT thought cooking beans to finish homemade Natto beans.

Using the “BEAN” function, you can skip soaking the beans overnight and instantly you can go ahead to make Natto beans on the “YURGURT” function.

The important key is the “YORGURT” function so that you don’t need to worry about keeping the temperature for fermentation.

If you are considering buying an INSTANT POT, make sure it has a YORGUT function.

The Instant Pot is simply convenient to cook quickly and slowly, a pretty safe to use.

Easy clean, yes, you can use a dishwasher!-and it’ll save up your pantry space since the instant pot has multi-functions such as “pressure cook”, “slow-cook”, “soup”, “bean” “YORGURT”.

I often use the Instant Pot to cook rice which has a lot of benefits like it provides so delicious and nice texture rice in pressure-cooking.

I highly recommend buying the Instant Pot rather than a rice cooker if you are considering getting a rice cooker.

Here is the post on how to cook rice in the Instant Pot.

Where To Buy Natto

Go to Asian grocery stores.

Commonly, you can find 1 for 3 packs in the frozen food section. (which means they are in a freezer.)

You can see Japanese or Korean products.

In my experience, you can buy around $3 each in the US.

My favorite is “Kin no tusbu torro mame”, which is the Mituskan product.

Holy Cow! You Can Skip Rehydrating Beans The Night Before

You can skip soaking soybeans in water the night before when using the “bean” function.

It means you can make homemade Natto beans without waiting for overnight and also avoid the risk of getting the mushy Natto beans.

Although you can skip rehydrating soybeans, you can do it if you like soft beans.

Indeed, softer beans are easy to digest so I recommend rehydrating beans if you have digestive disorders or if you make them for elders and kids.

Cook soybeans for 10-15 minutes on the “BEAN’ function if you choose to use rehydrated beans.


If you just like to try homemade natto beans as a new experience and you are not sure you like it out not, go get a frozen natto package at an oriental grocery store.

You can get Japanese or Korean products usually.

Generally, three packages are one bundle and cost around $2 -$3.

Store them in a freezer when you go back home if you don’t plan to make or eat them soon.

Surprisingly, bacteria in natto can live even in a freezer.

Moreover, you need only a quarter to half natto to make a batch of Natto beans.

I normally use 800 g of soybean to make natto at one time and I can get approximately 24 packs (90 g X 14) of natto beans in my case.

how to make natto at home, without the starter, instanpot, homemade natto, Japanese food

[INSTANT POT RECIPE] Easy-Cheesy Homemade Natto Beans

Rico McConnellRico McConnell
Make Natto beans throughout the processes from cooking soybeans to finishing making homemade Natto beans with the instant pot. In this recipe, we don't use a Natto sprout starter, instead, we use a frozen Natto package. We'll get Natto beans about 12 -14 packs (90 g each) from 400 grams of uncooked soybeans.
Prep Time 5 minutes
Cook Time 1 day 30 minutes
Total Time 1 day 35 minutes
Course Side Dish
Cuisine Japanese
Servings 14 packs


  • 1 Instant pot with "bean" and "yogurt" functions
  • A thin cotton towel or cheesecloth
  • A colander


  • 400 g Dried Soybeans 14.1 Ounce
  • ¼ pack Frozen Natto beans
  • Water


  • Thaw frozen Natto beans at room temperature.
  • Rinse and drain soybeans and place them in an inner bowl.
  • Cover the beans with 2-3 times the amount of water. Please make sure the beans are completely covered and the water is more than 1-inch above beans.
    *Be sure the water line must be below the limit line on the inner pot.
  • Turn on the instant pot and turn off the "KEEP WARM" function.
    Cook the soybeans for 45 minutes on the 'BEAN" function.
    Release the pressure naturally.
    *You can choose to release the pressure quickly while opening the nozzle, be careful of hot splashes, and sometimes bean skins will be stuck to the nozzle.
  • [Use rehydrated soybeans]
    If you prefer to use rehydrated soybeans, cook them for 10-15 minutes on the "BEAN" function without the "KEEP WARM" function.
    Release the pressure naturally.
    *You can choose to release the pressure quickly while opening the nozzle, be careful of hot splashes, and sometimes bean skins will be stuck to the nozzle.
  • Meanwhile, sanitize the tools that you are going to use such as a spatula and a colander using 40% alcohol content liquor or boiled water.
  • After the pressure is released and allowed to open the lid, drain the soybeans into the colander in a sink.
    Put them back in the inner pot then mix 1/4 natto beans and combine well immediately while the beans are still hot.
  • Cover the inside bowl with a thin kitchen towel or cheesecloth to prevent from the water dripping and then place the lid.
  • Ferment the soybeans for 24 hours on the"YOGURT" function.
  • After 24 hours, if there is a white film on the surface, it's done.
  • It should be OK for the soybeans to become Natto beans for 24 hour-fermentation, but, there is a chance to need more time to process. Continue ferment the beans up to 36 hours if you don't feel they are done.
  • Homemade Natto Bans will be stored for 7-10 days in a ridge. Consume them within 10 days.
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A spatula and a colander should be cleaned and disinfected with over 40% alcohol content liquor or boiled water before use to avoid germs being mixed into the soybeans.

Germs and other kinds of bacteria bother fermentation moreover cause contamination.

Natural-dry hem rather than towel-dry.

Also, wash your hands thoughtfully when you mix natto beans and cooked soybeans, or wear disposal gloves.

Use A Thin Cloth

Water drippings cause failed fermentation.

Place a thin cloth such as a dish towel, cheesecloth, or flour sack towel.

These thin clothes will allow the instant pot lid to close and the functions will work without the beeping.

Keep adjusting the lid when the instant pot beeps.

You can check out the towel during the fermentation process. Change it to a new one if it is wet badly.


Mix cooked soybeans and Natto beans well the soybeans are still hot since the heat activates the Natto bacteria and also avoids germs in the natto beans.


Mixing 1/4 natto beans with lukewarm water or the warm water from cooking beans in advance before adding to the soybeans will reduce the risk of failing the fermentation.

I stopped doing it since I normally succeed in making natto beans, but, I recommend this additional tip.

Rest Homemade Natto Overnight

Allowing homemade Natto beans to rest overnight in a fridge brings a more sticky, flavorful, and less-funky smell Natto beans.

Freeze Them

Homemade Natto beans can be stored in the freezer, so it is recommended to make a large amount at a time and freeze them. Just thaw it at room temperature.

Frozen natto can be stored for 3 months to 6 months.


Why Japanese traditional superfoods can bring you many health benefits?

Especially for ladies, natto can improve your health & beauty. What is nutrition?

What is good for you? When & how much should you eat Natto?

All about Natto health benefits you should know is in this post!

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