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The Danshari Method; How To Declutter Items Without Regrets

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Since the purpose of decluttering is to organize personal items, each person has different means.

The Danshari decluttering is the philosophy that recommends abandoning obsession with unnecessary things, time, and ways of thinking by letting go.

Though decluttering and purging, the room and the mind are calm, clear, comfortable, but many people regret having getting rid of things by mistakes.

Still, the key to not regret is to set a goal and start working on “what is the reason for decluttering?” “Why do I need to declutter?”

If you don’t know how to proceed with decluttering, please refer to it.

How To Identify Your Items

Clarify the criteria of the Danshari decluttering and how to decide to get rid of things.

Criteria For Decluttering In The Danshari Method

The criteria of the Danshari decluttering is “the present me”.
In other words, the subject should be “You” not “It”.

Also, the timeline for things must be “present” not past nor future.

Don’t ask yourself like, “It will be useful in the future, so I will keep it!” but do this “Do I use this? Do I need this now? ”

  • Do you use it frequently?
  • Is it currently necessary for the present me?
  • Can it be digitized?

If you hesitate to get rid of it just because “I spent much money on this (but you don’t currently use it)” or “I don’t like this much but I use it anyway), think deeply. “Do I really need this?”

You can also make your own criteria for decluttering.

For example, setting criteria such as “dispose of clothes that you haven’t worn for 3 years” and “determine that you don’t need clothes that don’t make you happy. “

It’s important to think carefully when you let go of a sentimental item. If they take up a lot of space, it’s a good idea to consider digitizing them.

Even if it is not practical like bulky books and stuffed animals, you can keep items that bring you positive emotions.

The Danshari method is not telling you “remove everything.”

Think about why you want to remove it to see if it’s really unnecessary.

If you can easily answer the reasons you want to throw away, such as “I don’t like the color or design,” “obsolete,” or “I don’t need it anymore because there are similar things,”, you are ready to move on.

Make A “Keep” Box

Sometimes it’s challenging to decide what to keep or toss.

Don’t forget that you have another option; “Keep”.

In this case, keep items under consideration in a “Keep” box without putting them back in the same place.

You need to set the period to keep the “Keep” box since it is not just for keeping your eyes away but it gives you time to determine.

After a certain time, pick it up again and decide if you need it.

Take Time For Sentimental Items

Carefully decide on your sentimental items. You should bring the decluttering those items last if possible.

When you have a hard time deciding whether to keep or not, think about if it can bring you positive emotions.

Sentimental items should be part of the role to make you positive and happy not sobby.

Even if you get rid out of the items that give you negative emotions, it shouldn’t give you regrets.

It is recommended to scan or take a picture and digitize them if possible.
If it is difficult to convert all items into data, take a picture with a smartphone and save it as one of the options.

Tips For Successful Danshari Decluttering

Make Declutter Schedule

Just because you want to get things done quickly cause mistakes a big time.

Decluttering is an opportunity to look back on what you have and consider if you really need them and remove negative emotions. Don’t rush, let’s work on it carefully.
Besides, when you start decluttering, it becomes a pleasure to throw it away, and you may want to dispose of all of it, so be sure to make a calm judgment when decluttering.

Take Out All Items In The Space

When you begin the decluttering ritual while checking items one by one, which takes time longer than expected. Once you’ve decided on a place to organize, start by putting out everything in that space.

Recognizing what you have is that at least you should do at the first before starting to declutter.

Sort By Categories

Prepare three boxes to divide items into “Need”, “Keep” and “Discard”.

Dispose of unnecessary items in several ways: throw them away, sell them, and give them away.

The Bottom Line

Everyone has experienced having regret after decluttering. Change the way of thinking when you can’t forget obsession with things; You can buy the same or similar one again if it’s available.

Then, you will never make the same mistake again.

Also, think about what is important in your life. If you are a bookworm, you can keep books. If you like fashion, keep clothes and accessories. For items that bring you motivation, try decluttering last.

I really like stickers, washi tapes, and note pads that I have collected from 100 yen shops in Japan, and I have been staring at them on the floor for few days because I couldn’t determine to get rid of them from my life!

Hideko Yamashita says “things become worth when you use them, not storing them for special occasions.”

So, I decide to use them on my BUJO rather than keeping them like my treasure.

Masters of decluttering often become comfortable being minimalists, but it doesn’t mean you can be comfortable too.

Begin decluttering at a small space where you can finish in 10-30 minutes, and think about what you feel.

If you get self-confident, go forward.

Read this post about what you can exactly get benefits from the Danshari decluttering.

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