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Why My 5 Tips To Find Flight Ticket To Japan Could Make Better Price & Better Trip

why my 5 tips to find flight ticket to japan could make better price and better trip Travel Guide

There are many experts tell you how to find the CHEAPEST FLIGHT for your trip,

So I am not going to tell you about it.

Honestly, I am not an expert to find the cheapest ticket.

However, I travel to Japan frequently, and it is true that

I have been often checking airfare to Japan for 5 years since I relocated abroad.

I can tell you tips about how you can find a flight ticket to Japan with BETTER PRICE and BETTER TRIP.

If you want to know how to find the cheapest flight ticket to Japan, this is not for you.

I am going to tell you “how to find a better price & travel smoothly to Japan“.

Avoid High Season for Japan Trip

  • Cherry blossom season (mid-March – the bigging April)
  • Japanese long holidays especially “Golden Week”, “Obon” and “New Year’s”
  • Vacation season in your country

Cherry Blossom Season

Sorry, If you want to cut the budget, you might have to give up the cherry blossom season.

Like you do,

many overseas visitors want to travel to Japan because of the beautiful “Cherry blossoms” around the end of March to the bigging of April.

This means airlines know they can make money in this season,

so the ticket price hardly dropdown.

On the other hand, you better book very in advance if you really want to visit Japan this season.

But, you have to cross your fingers to see the peak of bloom.


Long Vacation In Japan

  • New Year’s
  • Spring Break (Students)
  • Golden Week
  • Summer Break (Students)
  • “Obon” Holiday
  • Silver Week
  • Winter Break (Students)

Long Holidays in Japan

Especially, New Year’s Holiday, Golden Week, and Obon holidays are not good timing to travel to Japan.

The worst time for your trip is During Golden Week. (JUST CHAOS)

Tickets during school break also likely affect the flight ticket price.

Especially during Spring break, it is the “Graduation Trip” season for college students in Japan.

My Experience

travel, winter, japan

I go back to Japan every year, I have a kind of idea about the cheaper season to fly to Japan.

  • The end of January through the beginning of March
  • Late October, November

My latest trip to Japan is for weeks in February 2020, the round ticket from East coast to Narita, Japan was about $700.

Outside of the high season, the average price to Japan is around $1, 400. (From the east coast in the US to Tokyo)

I don’t like more than 1 stop and Too long layover, so I wouldn’t mind paying for avoiding it.

Use Multiple Search Engines

Use multiple search engines such as “KAYAK“, “Skyscanner“, “Google Flight“, “Hopper

and research prices with date combinations, airport combinations as much as you can.

Sooner, you will figure out the regular and cheaper price.

According to some experts, it is no longer a matter of flight on weekdays or weekends because computers control the prices on search engines.

Well but I still feel tickets are cheaper fling on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday rather than other days.

Always search for cheaper flights in private browsing or incognito mode.

Scarcely, the price will be higher once computers (cookies) of airlines and search engines study you are searching for a particular route.

Therefore, it is better to use with incognito mode to search sir fares.

Avoid Tight Connection

tight connection

Book a flight enough connection time to transfer another terminal.

Especially on international flights, it often happens to change the terminal at large airports.

Also, there is no guarantee your first flight arrives on time.

It often delays due to aircraft issues and weather conditions.

I recommend taking a minimum of 2 hours to connect your flight.

Two hours sounds long?

actually, it is Not.

Connection time takes much longer than you expect, to get off the plane, (sometimes you need to take a shuttle bus to the gate), find out the next gate, transferring to the next gate at other terminals (sometimes you need to take a tram to another), and you are required to be at the gate by the boarding time (generally half-hour before departure time).

If available, I also recommend booking the seat of the first flight closer to the front.

If you are entering the US, do not forget to get enough time to reclaim check backs, going to security when you arrive in The US before the connecting flight.

Check Out Several Airports

  • Check out Narita airport and Haneda airport in Tokyo.
  • Check out Nagoya Cetrair 
  • Check out domestic airlines

There are 4 major international airports, Tokyo’s Narita & Haneda, Osaka KIX, Nagoya Centrair, in the main island of Japan, you can research airports near your destination.

Japan is a compact country and also the transportation system in Japan is really developed nationwide.

So you might consider using local trains or Shinkansen to travel around the main islad of Japan.


Tokaido Shinkansen map

If you make plans smartly, “Japan Rail Pass” gives you many benefits to travel around in Japan.

If you want to skip pain procedures for the flight such as getting the airport early, check-in, security check, Shinkansen is much easier and no worry about delay and cancellation.


It is very important to remember, Shinkansen price gives you headache every time you check.

The numbers I give you there, Just an example to give you a hint.

It’s not gonna be TOO MUCH difference, but still it is possibility

it is the differnt number that you check.

Between Tokyo and Osaka, NOZOMI Shinkansen

Destination Regular   Green
  ¥Reserve ¥Non-Reserve ¥
SHINAGAWA 2,670 1,040 3,440
Shin-YOKOHAMA 3,010 1,380 3,780
NAGOYA 11,300 10,560 14,960
KYOTO 14,170 13,320 19,040
Shin-OSAKA 14,720 13,870 19,590

Between Tokyo and Osaka, HIKARI & KODAMA Shinkansen, Shows only major stops.

Destination Regular   Green
*Major stops ¥Reserve ¥Non-Reserve ¥
Shinagawa 1,030
Shin-YOKOHAMA 2,800 1,380 3,570
SHIZUOKA 6,470 5,940 8,740
NAGOYA 11,090 10,560 14,750
KYOTO 13,850 13,320 18,720
Shin-OSAKA 14,400 13,870 19,270
  • Prices as of March, 2020
  • One-way ticket prices showed
  • Prices varies depend on the certain periods

More information, go to offcial web sites.

Domestic Flight in Japan

You might want to consider using a domestic flight, if you book a flight ticket on JAL & ANA in advance, it can be half price of Shinkansen ride.

Also, JAL & ANA have offers for foreign visitors called “Welcome Japan Fare” so you may be able to find domestic tickets with a good deal. (as of March 2020)

Jet lag Strategy

jet lag strategy

According to the study of the University of Maryland, Jet Lag is more severe when you traveling East from West. (CNN, 2016)

It’s very true!

I had no problem to fly back to the UK from Japan.

(or just I was 3 years younger at the time.)

The terrible jet lag symptoms torcher me every time I come back to the East side of the United States from Japan.

Do you know the fact that when you will arrive in the US even earlier time than the departure time in Japan?

Let’s say, if you leave Tokyo at 6:00 p.m. on March 1st, you will arrive in Dallas at 4:00 p.m. on the same day.

You can imagine your brain’s internal clock is going to be a disorder.

The arriving time in the evening is better due to give you a rest in time zone which you will be in.


If you are looking for just cutting the budget, sometimes it destroys the dream trip. 

going to the airport too early, too tight connection, too long layover, and charging extra fare for check bags. 

Start the plan in advance, and consider the cutting budget in several ways.

why my 5 tips to find flight ticket to japan could make better price and better trip

Tips for cutting the budget

Do you want to know the things that you can do for cutting the budget for Japan trip?

I am telling you tips to save money for food, accommodation, shopping here.

Travel Guide
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