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What You Should Wear For Hokkaido In Winter, Japan

What you should wear for Hokkaido in Winter Travel Guide

As you know, Hokkaido is the big north island known as the coldest area in Japan.

Hokkaido is a very popular travel destination for Japanese and international visitors because of its great nature, good seafood, and delicious vegetables throughout the year.

Especially in winter, you don’t get blamed to travel the winter land to visit the famous Snow Festival!

It’s freezing cold outside after December, you need to pack suitable clothes to protect yourself from temperature, snow, and cold wind.

Yet, inside is really warm like houses in the cold states and Canada.

Therefore, one of the tips for traveling to Hokkaido always chooses clothes that you can easily put on and off.

Anyway, let’s find out details what exactly you need to pack for the Winter trip to Hokkaido.

The Average Monthly Temperature From November To February

Let’s talk about how Hokkaido is cold with the average tempratyres from November to Febururay before considering clothes.

Hokkaido is considered the coldest region in Japan and is the largest prefecture nationwide, actually, the temprature differs even area in Hokkaido.

Here are each average temperatures among popular cities, Sapporo, Hakodate, and Abashiri.

Sapporo, Winter Illumination, Japan

Sapporo2020 (℃)201920182017

Hakodate, Night View, Top 3 night views in Japan, Hokkaido


Abashiri, Abashiri Prison, Hokkaido, Japan


After December, the temperature drop after December, and the average daily temperature goes below freezing.

It snows a lot on the Sea of ​​Japan side, and on the other hand, blizzards constantly blow on the Sea of ​​Okhotsk side, anyway it extremely cold in winter.

Outfits For A Winter trip to Hokkaido!

Winter Accessories

The basic idea of ​​outfits in the winter season to Hokkaido, choose one easy to put on and off depends on the itinerary! Outside all day? Shopping inside of the mall?

The Heavy Winter Coat & Jacket

Bring the best heavy winter coat from your closet. Also, it is better to have waterproof material, long enough to cover your waist and an attached hood.

Hokkaido travel is packed with outdoor activities such as the Sapporo snow festival in Sapporo, strolling along Otaru canal in Hakodate, Watching drift-ice in Okhotsk sea.

Thermal Underwear

Thanks God for this technology! Bring several thermal inner to keep you warm even they are lightweight and thin which will not bother your packing!

Don’t forget leggings and tights to protect your leg!

It is the option but why not get Uniqlo Heattech in Japan which you can get cheaper! In my opinion, the Uniqlo Heattech series are the warmest underwear for me.

Note that thermal inners made of chemical fabric irritate your skin if you have severely dry skin or sensitive skin for chemical fabric.

Those functional clothes such as thermal or cooling are mostly made of chemical fabric. Daily, Apply lotion, or body cream to prevent dried skin after taking shower. If you have severely dry skin or sensitivity to certain fabrics, you need to buy 100% cotton or silk inner clothes.

Lightweight Down Jacket

Just layer up a light down jacket under your outerwear to warm up. A lightweight and packable is convenient when traveling.

Hand & Foot Warmers

Pack some disposal or battery-powered hand & foot warmers to keep them warms. Don’t worry if you forget them! In Japan, there are a variety of hand & foot warmers available in any kind of store.

58, Phrase, Hand warmers

Simply unpack and shake it a few times. Keep it in the coat’s pocket or insert it between double gloves. Never contact it in your bare hand for several hours. It can burn your skin.

The same for foot warmers.

Handwarmer is also handy to keep your smartphone alive.

The Foot Wear

Low-heal pumps or sneakers are fine in early November, but after mid-November, better to shift to non-slip shoes for the winter season. You can keep warm and fashionable by choosing booties and short boots.

However, wear winter boots when traveling between December through the beginning of March. It becomes very icy especially in the morning even in the cityside.

Winter Accessories

Anyway, cover you up as possible as you can! In Hokkaido, it’s not only cold but also wind is really cold.

If you go to snow field activities, bring sun protection and a pair of sunglasses (or ski goggle).

  1. Winter Gloves
  2. Earmuffs
  3. Winter Hats
  4. Winter Scarves
  5. A Pair Of Sunglasses

Talk About November

In Hokkaido, it is getting cold especially in the morning and evening from November. Indeed, the first snow can be seen from mid-November. Although it’s not below freezing yet, be aware of temperature change in a day.

You shouldn’t need thick heavy winter coats but make sure you pack a lightweight down jacket and thermal inner. Besides, it’s a good idea to bring clothes that adjust easily to the temperature.

Last Thoughts

Due to global warming, Japan’s November is changing a little warmer than usual, but it gets still cold in Hokkaido.

When traveling to Hokkaido in November, better bring winter clothes.

From December through February,

The basic idea of ​​clothing

  1. The heavy jackets and coats for winter. The inner should be thermal.
  2. Easy to adjust layers.
    (Because inside of the building is very warm)
  3. Winter shoes (anti-slip sole)
  4. Cold protection side goods such as gloves, scarves, earmuffs.

So you may need to be smart for packing because winter items are definitely going to take the space in your suitcase. These vacuum bags are super helpful if considered.

What you should wear for Hokkaido in Winter

It is a really good thing to know about Winter outfits in Hokkaido, also you must know about winter travel tips in Japan.

In this post, I will tell you about what you should be careful during traveling in Japan.

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