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What To Do In Nagoya Port Area; The Hidden Spots From The Local Guide

What to do in Nagoya port area Travel Guide

Hey, guys! Do you still think that Nagoya is not worth visiting???

Nagoya has been trending the foodie’s city as well as Osaka & Okinawa, especially well-known for “Nagoya Meshi”.

Moreover, Studio Ghibli park is planning to open its gate in 2022 IN NAGOYA!!! (I can’t wait either!)

You really need to prepare what to do in Nagoya by then.

By the way, I introduce my “1 Day in Nagoya itinerary” getting around the popular spots. However, you may notice that the plan is a little bit not enough attractions or you don’t need too much shopping time.

Honestly, I really want to squeeze “Nagoya Port Aquarium” on the itinerary.

Today, I am going to tell you “Nagoya Port Aquarium” and attractions around Nagoya port as the option plan.

The Port of Nagoya Public Aquarium

Nagoya port aquarium, Nagoya, Japan (1)

Speaking of popular sightseeing spots in Nagoya, “The Port of Nagoya Public Aquarium” is right on, which has been attracting locals and aquarium fans since it opened in 1992.

The aquarium is one of the great aquariums, the total floor space is the biggest in Japan and the number of visitors is the third place following Okinawa Aquarium and Osaka aquarium.

Nagoya Port aquarium is especially famous for the exciting dolphin’s show and killer whales training show in one of the world’s largest pools. No exaggeration to say that the dolphin show is the best in Japan with its high performance, the 6-meter high jump is a must-see.

Also, it is one of the aquarium where you can meet the white dolphin Peruga as your precious experience. The feeding show is held on weekends, many visitors enjoy cute Peruga.

Day TimeNight Time
Adult (Over ages 16 years)¥ 2,030¥ 1,620
Student (Aged 6 – 15 )¥ 1,010¥ 800
Child (Aged 4 – 5 )¥ 500¥ 400

1-3 Minato-cho, Minato-ku, Nagoya, Aichi 455-0033

Check Out Show Schedule

Tornado of  sardines, Nagoya Aquarium, Nagoya Port, Japan

If you want to go around Nagoya efficiently, you should check the schedule of your favorite event. Visitors who can spend full time for the aquarium, please enjoy a day!

Popular Shows At Nagoya Port Aquarium

Dolphin performance show, Nagoya Aquarium, Nagoya, Japan

  1. The Dolphin Performance Show
  2. The Killer whale Training Show
  3. Beluga Training Show
  4. Communication Time With Divers
  5. Tornade Of Sardines
  6. Feeding Shows (Penguins, Seals, Sea-Turtles, Marin lives in Kuroshio Tank)

Understanding About The Travel Time From Major Stations

Travelers who have limited time for Nagoya trip, it’s important to know the required time from the stations. (I will not talk about driving time. )

StationTransportationTime (Approximately)
Nagoya Sta.Subways40 minutes
SakaeSubways35 minutes
KanayamaSubway18 minutes
*Nagoya CastleSubways40 minutes

From Nagoya station, sometimes better to take the overground train (JR line or Meitetsu line) to Kanayama station and take Meiko Line (Purple-Double line) to Nagoya port. The only 5-minute train ride to Kanyama station and you can catch Meiko Line which directly goes to Nagoya port.

*If you go to the aquarium instead of Downtown Sakae on my 1-day itinerary.

The Hidden Spot; The Antarctic Icebreaker Ship “Fuji” Museum

Fuji, the floating museum, Nagoya port, Japan (1)

The hidden attraction spot of Nagoya port, the orange Antarctic research ship “Fuji” is the special museum of an Antarctic research ship.

Fuji was the first full-scale icebreaker ship in Japan that had been active for 18 years since 1965.

In the floating museum, you can see the cockpit, the medical office, the private space, a dentist’s office, and a barber’s Shop simulating a researcher’s real life. The most exciting point (to me) is lifelike (scary) mannequins replicate scenes onboard the vessel.

This attraction is a lot of fun and well worth the price.

You can buy a combined ticket with the aquarium and “Fuji”.

Japanese National Heros; Taro & Jiro

Taro and Jiro, Statues, Nagoya port, Nagoya, Japan, official websiteSouce; “Fuji” official Website

Take a picture with “Taro & Jiro” statues in the square at the front of Fuji.

Taro & Jiro are the brothers of the Karafuto Inu, that accompanied the early Japanese Antarctic Research Expedition. Being left behind in Antarctica, they survived together rescued a year later. This famous story became the movie in Japan, and the Disney movie “Eight Below”(2016) is the remake from the original movie known as “Nankyokumonogatari”.

After The Nagoya Port

Plan 1

After exploring the Aquarium & “Fuji” museum, you can go back following my 1-day itinerary if liked. Get back the subway station and head to the Osu Shopping District.
Get off “Kamimaezu” station(M05). Osu shopping strict and Sakae downtown area is a walking distance, so if you want to take photogenic pictures with Oasis 21 & Nagoya TV tower or enjoy shopping, still you can go. By the way, in Oasai21, there is the Ghibli shop where you can find the favorite Ghibli characters for your gifts.

Plan B; The Hidden Garden “Bluebonnet”

wildflower garden bluebonnet, Nagoya, Japan, wiki

source; Wikipedia

Here is my local information not so many site telling you.

There is the garden called “the wildflower garden, Bluebonnet”(ワイルドフラワーガーデン ブルーボネット) on Nagaoy bay.

There are 22 gardens that have different concepts such as an English garden, a herb garden, a designer’s garden, a restaurant, and a gift shop.

They have often events and music concerts.

“Bluebonnet” garden opens limited season, not throughout the year. The additional attraction, there is the water bus connected with the Bluebonnet garden from Nagoya Port (across the aquarium) or from “Kinjo Futo” during the season.

My husband and I went to the garden on my Birthday by the water bus, the garden was decorated with Halloween toys, it was so cute.

Unfortunately, the facility in the garden hasn’t support for English and other languages, so don’t forget “Google Translate”.

Due to the seasonal attractions, please check out the business hours of “the wildflower garden Bluebonnet” and the water bus operated by “Cruse Nagoya”.

General Information

HoursMarch 1 – November 30/ 9:30 – 17:00
December 1 – December 25 / 9:30 – 16:00
ClosedMonday *If Monday is Holiday, the next day is closed.
During Nagoya Port Festival
A special event day or the member’s only day
The winter season (December 26 – the end of February)
FeesAdult (Over age 16)/ ¥300
Senior (Over age 65) / ¥200
Student ( age 6 – 15) / ¥150
Child (Under age 5)/ Free

42 Shiomi-cho, Minato-ku, Nagoya 455-0028, Japan

Note 1:

  • Do not bring flammable into the garden
  • Smoking is prohibited outside of the smoking space.
  • No eat & drink in the park.
  • Do not touch, Do not break plants.
  • No litter.

Note 2: About Taking Picture In The Garden

  1. Strictly prohibited “Cosplay Shoots”.
  2. Don’t enter gardens or put a camera stand inside of gardens. (beyond paths). There is no gate for visitors enjoying the gardens, but it doesn’t mean you can enter.
  3. No commercial shooting without a permission.

Feel The Sea Breeze & Go To Kinjo-Futo Area

After enjoying the sea breeze and seasonal wildflower garden, board the water bus toward “Kinjo Futo”(金城ふ頭). “Futo”(埠頭) means a “wharf”.

Kinjofuto was once a boring place where there were only business convention centers. But the area has been getting lively since SCMAGLEV and Railway Park was opened in 2011. Besides, Legoland Japan boosted more visitors coming to the Kinjo Futo area recently.

Major Attractions And Facilities In Kinjo Futo Area

  1. SCMAGLEV and Railway Park
  2. Legoland Japan Resort
  3. Legoland Japan Official Hotel
  4. Sea Life Nagoya (Aquarium)
  5. Maker’s Pier
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