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What the Japanese can teach you 5 Things You Should Know about a Conveyor belt Sushi in Japan

what the Japanese can teach you 5 things you should know about conveyor belt sushi in Japan Food & Recipes

Sushi, is one of the top soul food for Japanese people, and nowadays, it is becoming (became?) popular food all over the world.

The one attraction for Japan trip, having the experience to eat authentic sushi.

It’s a very precious experience, eating long-trained sushi chef’s sushi at a sophisticated sushi restaurant, however,

the price is also “precious” too.

Although you go to a casual authentic sushi restaurant, the cost is still not cheap, you can’t eat much until your stomach fill-up.

Moreover, it might be a pain to care about the manner and have a conversation with a chef as an etiquette.

If you have a little kid, unfortunately, some sushi restaurant is not willing to have a kid at a counter table.

So, I am going to recommend conveyer belt sushi restaurants.

Honestly, it’s different from ones 20 years ago, the quality of sushi is much much better, and you will be surprised by the original technology every time you go.

It can be better for you because of the reasons below I am telling you today.

5 top conveyor belt sushi chains in Japan

top 5 sushi chain restaurant, japan

  1. Sushiro
  2. Kura sushi
  3. Hama sushi
  4. Kappa sushi (Japanese only)
  5. Genki sushi



Fancy restaurants serve great sushi, of course, we pay for the taste and chef’s techniques.

No matter what, customers love the reasonable prices but still look for the taste at belt conveyor sushi restaurants.

Unless the quality of sushi taste has been increased in Japan, the companies do not survive in the “Conveyor belt sushi business market”.

Indeed, 5 top chains have been using their efforts to keep reasonable but tasty sushi.

Anyway reasonable

The best thing about a conveyor belt sushi restaurant is the price is shown with different colors of plates.

The range of price at Sushiro, the top seller restaurant, is ¥100, ¥150, ¥300 (not including tax), and “Kura Sushi” and “Hamazushi” are mostly ¥100!

Moreover, each chain has discount campaigns a few times monthly, so you can get certain items for less ¥100 during campaigns.

For example, “Hamazushi” serve sushi item all ¥90 on weekdays.

Therefore, you don’t have to be scared by the market prices at the authentic sushi restaurant.

Menu with many varieties

Compared with an authentic Sushi restaurant, there is a variety of menu from classical sushi items to unique modern items at a belt conveyor sushi restaurant.

You know that you can’t find Americanized sushi such as “California rolls”, “dragon rolls” at the sophisticated sushi restaurant in Japan, right?

In fact, there are some oversea travelers who are not big fun fo Japanese classic sushi.

Do you know my husband’s (American) favorite sushi?

It’s a “Panko fried shirmp rolls”.

Absolutely, I can’t order it in the REAL sushi restaurant.

May be for Japanese wives like me, conveyor belt sushi restaurant help

There are many options and also challenge easily a new taste.

Side dishes

ramen noodles, side menu

In these 10 years, the belt conveyor sushi business market has been focused on “side menu”.

It had used to be for children who are not interested in sushi, but today, even adults like going to the restaurant because of the various side menu such as udon noodles, ramen noodles, and sweets.

Especially, “Kura sushi” has a very unique menu more than expectations, you might be able to taste popular Japanse food such as udon noodles, ramen noodles, grilled eel pieces on rice, tempura, Japanese fried chicken in one place.

Easy to order

If you can’t find your favorite dishes on the belt, you can directly order to dish chefs inside of the belt.

Most of conveyor belt sushi restaurants, you can order sushi items via a touch panel at your seat.

You can also ask a check, “Okaikei”(お会計), via the touch panel.

The staff comes to your table to count plates, (Kura Sushi have another system) and give you a bill.

In Japan, you have to go to a cashier to pay a bill. The table check is not so common.

No dress cord

Just like fancy restaurants have dress codes, fancy sushi restaurants also have the appropriate clothes.

On the other hand, a conveyor belt sushi restaurant is starting called “the second family restaurant” in recent Japan, you can go with casual looks.

You don’t need to cry about making soy sauce stain on the fancy dress shirt.

Just fun

There are fun attractions in each restaurant.

I am going to introduce the high-lights of attractions of popular conveyor belt sushi restaurants.

Kappa sushi

Kappa Sushi(かっぱ寿司), which the chain with more than 350 stores nationwide, have an express order system, surprisingly the Shinkansen train carries your order to your seat on the express lane.

Take the sushi you ordered and press the OK button on the touch screen to return to the Shinkansen again.

This service, which is also quite unique visually, will surely be even more exciting with friends and family!

Kura sushi

I can say “Kura sushi” is the top innovation conveyer sushi system among the top 5 restaurants.

The signature innovations of Kura sushi are a “plate dump slot”, which you can dump an empty plate into a slot on each table right after eating.

capsule toy, gacha, kura sushi

“Bikkura Pon” attracts everyone.

When you throw 5 plates into the slot, you will get a capsule toy if you get a hit.


The conveyor belt sushi experience in Japan will be memorable for your trip because of the price, taste, varieties of side menu, their innovations.

There are no picky manners to eat food, how to behave so that everybody can enjoy sushi together.

Anyway, you don’t have to worry about the language barrier to the touch screen order system.

Just remember, no “table check” in Japan.

Don’t forget to bring a bill to a cashier.

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what the Japanese can teach you 5 things you should know about conveyor belt sushi in Japan

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