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The Ultimate Guide; What You Can Find 2020 Trend Of 100 Yen Shop In Japan

the ultimate guide, 2020 trend of 100 yen shops in japan Travel Guide

My wonderland, 100 yen shops in Japan such as DAISO, Seria, and CAN☆DO.

I ❤ Japanese “Kawaii” things.

I have never got tired of shopping in 100 yen shops in Japan because items are constantly changed so you can find new things every time you go.

Today, I am going to introduce the “2020 100-yen-shop Trend” in Japan.

As first, don’t forget to bring enough cash with you when going to 100 stores in Japan.

Most of 100 yen stores (except for major big DAISO stores), they don’t accept credit card payments.

“Showa” Retro Boom

As old-school fashions are trending worldwide,

“Showa” Retro Boom has been popping since around 2019 in Japan, especially among millennials.

“Showa” era is the period from 1926 through 1989, but this new trend is focused on the 80s, 90s.

The nostalgic old-fashion design is now trending, it is not only products but also food.

Retro series

Retro Alley

note, retro, 100 yen shop, japan

This is a note pad from the “レトロ横丁” series – Retro alley series in Seria.

“Retro Alley” series get always big sales for a few years, Seria has produced new items constantly form then.

Not only in Seria, sometimes you can see the items at CAN☆DO.

retro, stickers, animals, retro, 100 yen shop, japan

These are stickers not only cute but also “washi tape” like.

retro, purce, retro, 100 yen shop, japan

It is a small coin purse made of satin fabric.

It is kind of small like 14 cm, (5.5 inches) long.

“Kuma” means “Bear”, and “chan” comes to the end of the name, which often used to refer adorable people or creatures in Japanese grammar. (So it doesn’t have meaning itself.)

usa chan, coin purse, 100 yen shop, japan

Here is the “Usa chan” version, “Usa” is not a “United States of America”.

“Usa” is the short version of “USAGI”, a rabbit in Japanese.

retoron, 100 yen shop, japan

“Retron” series.

This is my kitchen, he encourages me to do dishes all the time.

The flower is also from Seria, both are made from wood.

Retro Fairy

sticky note, retro, kawaii, 100 yen shop, japan

It’s called “Retro Meruhen” (レトロメルヘン) series.

“Meruhen”(メルヘン) in Japanese means “Fairy-tail”, “Fairyland”, “Fancy”.

This series is the one of popular series among “Meruhen” goods geeks,

The company, “Do-BEST” produces items for Seria.

Pill Case

pill case, 100 yen shop, seria

It is a pill case from the “Twinkle March” series.

I am going to use this for an accessory case for traveling.

I couldn’t find a hand cream of this series, but it’s my type.

mt melody, sanrio, retro, 100 yen shop, japan

“My Melody” is the one of popular *Sanrio Characters, and she was born in 1975.

Her popularity has been hidden under other characters during the 80s but revived in the 90s.

Since then, her motif goods are must-item among young girls, even for the 20s & 30s.

  • Full Name; Melody
  • Date of Birth; 1/18/1975
  • Place of Birth; The forest in Maryland
  • Gender; Female
  • Address; Rabbit Hill, Maryland
  • Hight; The almost same high as a white dot red mushroom in woods
  • Favorite Food; Almond nuts pound cake
  • Hobby; Baking cookies with Mom

*Sanrio is a famous large company that has been producing many cartoon & illustration characters in Japan. “Hello, Kitty”, “Cinnamon Roll”, “Little Twin Stars( KIKI & LALA)”, “PomPom Purin” are from Sanrio.

retro, 100 yen shop, japan

I found a “care bears-like” coin purse at Seria & CAN☆DO.

It’s gonna be super cute as a bag accesary when you hang it on your purse for a chapstick.

coin case, bear, cute, bag accessory, 100yen shop, japan

Bring Cash

Most of 100 yen stores in Japan rarely accept credit card payments. (except for major large DAISO stores.)

At least, in my town, none of 100 yen stores accept credit card payment.

So don’t forget to bring cash to shop in 100 yen stores throughout Japan.

You can use ATM in 7-eleven convenience stores or in Japan Post Banks with credit cards issued in your countries.

I explain in this post how to withdraw the money step by step.


Do you find your favorite Retro Kawaii goods?

They are all ¥100 (+Tax), you don’t have to check the wallet each time.

“Retro Boom” has been continuing in 2018, 2019 and 2020, but

when the trend will be changed, these items will disappear from 100 yen shops.

Especially, merchandise in 100 shops in Japan replaces very quickly so

some of the items on this page may be gone already.

Here is another tip, you better buy items you like when you find in 100 yen shop.

The next time may not come again.

the ultimate guide, 2020 trend of 100 yen shops in japan

Before you leave…

• The basic information of 100 yen stores in Japan, read here!

• Do you want to take a peeks of DAISO and Seria???

• My latest 100 yen store report in 2020!

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