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Foodies! Don’t Miss These Staple Osaka Food From The Nation’s Kitchen; With Little Bit Trivia From The Japanese Guide

the-staple-foods-in-OsakaFood & Drinks
Food & Drinks
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Kushi Katsu


“Kushi Age”(串揚げ), “Kushi Katsu”(串カツ) is deep-fried skewered meat and vegetables.

“Kushi”…a skewer
“Age”(the pronunciation is Ah ge)…The Japanese cooking term- deep fry, deep-fried *Ageru is a verb of Age. 
“Katsu”…a Japanese dish, panko-breaded and deep-fried pork, pork cutlet

The popular Japanese food, “Kushikatsu” was born in “Shin Sekai”, Naniwa ward, in Osaka, in 1929.

Generally “Kushikatsu” refers to skewered pork in other regions, but in Osaka, it refers to skewered beef.

Osaka style of “Kushikatsu” restaurants are generally standing-style, “cheap, tasty and fast”.

Strictly Prohibit Double-Dip At Kushikatzu Izakaya In Osaka

However, you can scoop additional sauce using chopped cabbage if needed. Even don’t use chopsticks to grab a cabbage, Use your fingers directly to hold a cabbage. 

Top 9 Menu In Osaka

Beef Gyuu
Lotus rootsれんこんLenkon
Japanese Yum長芋Nagaimo
Pickled Ginger紅生姜Beni Syouga


“Kushikatsu Daruma”(串カツだるま) is the pioneer Kushikatsu restaurant that started serving deep-fried skewered food at the first time in Japan, 1929, it has been a very popular restaurant and always busy with locals and visitors.

Outside of the headquarter restaurant in Shinsekai, there are many branches throughout Osaka city, why not try famous Kushiage with a cold beer in Osaka!

Do not the double-dipping sauce, also use fingers to grab a cut cabbage for scooping extra sauce, not using chopsticks. (To avoid touching tips of chopsticks to the sauce.)

Kansai Style Udon noodles

Udon noodles can be in your bucket list already, but do you know there is roughly the two taste of udon noodles soup in Japan? Which are Kanto style” and “Kansai” style.

• What are Kanto & Kansai in Japanese???

Japanese phrase 42

  • Kanto region (関東地方)is located in the eastern part of the main island of Japan. It includes the Tokyo Metropolis and the six prefectures.
  • Kansai region (関西地方) is located in thewestern part of the main island of Japan. It includes the Osaka Prefecture and the seven prefectures.

Kanto Style Udon Noodles VS Kansai Style Udon Noodles

Kantou VS Kansai Udon, Japanese food

Kantou Style Udon noodle is used dark soy sauce, dark-colored soup and mainly dried fish broth.

Kansai style Udon noodle is used light soy sauce, light (clear) colored, and mainly Konbu (dashi kelp) broth.

According to Kansai region people, Kantou style Udon soup is salty for them. It will be interesting to compare with these types of Udon noodles when visiting Japan.

Udon noodles(うどん) in Osaka is obviously “Kansai style” and is one of the popular food in Osaka.

By the way… I often see “Yakiudon”(焼きうどん ) in “Must-try Japanese food in Japan” lists on other sites, honestly, I am very surprised and don’t know why. Because “Yakiudon” to me (I am from Japan), it is a casual dish that usually eaten at home. In my experience, I don’t often see “Yakiudon” on the menu at restaurants. At *“Teppanyaki” restaurants such as “Okonomiyaki” “Monjayaki” restaurants, they often offer Yakiudon as a side menu. If you have a chance to cook in Japan, buy a “Yakiudon kit” at grocery stores. Especially, “Sugakiya Yakiudon” is recommended if you are in the Chubu region.

*Teppanyaki Restaurant means the restaurant (or Izakayas) offers dishes such as Okonomiyaki, Yakisoba noodles, cooked on the iron flat top grill, or self-style grill restaurant to cook its own flat top grill on each table.

Popular Menu (Using Osaka Terms)

  • Kake(かけ)…it is simply soup and noodles only, no topping.
  • Kitsune(きつね)…with Aburaage, deep-fried thin-sliced tofu.
  • Kasu(かす)…with tempura scrap topping.
  • Tsukimi(つきみ)…with an egg (semi-cooked).
  • Tempura(天ぷら)..with tempura topping.
  • Curry(カレー)…curry-flavored thick soup
  • Zaru(ざる)…A cold udon noodles. Eaten with dipping the sauce.
  • Bukkake(ぶっかけ)…Without soup. The sauce on the warm or cold udon noodles.

Osaka Kitsune Udon; Usamitei Matsubaya

kansai udon

Among the many udon noodles, “Kitsune Udon” is Osaka’s soul food, and its roots are in Osaka.

“Usamitei Matsubaya” (うさみ亭マツバヤ) has been loved by Osaka people since the restaurant opened in 1893.

It is said Usamiteii Matsubaya is the first restaurant to put “Kitsune Udon” on the menu, then it became the staple Udon menu nationwide.

Therefore, it can say that you must try Kansai-style Udon noodles which you can’t eat in the Kanto region and also eat Kitsune Udon at the pioneer Udon restaurant.

What’s Kitsune, What’s Kitsune Udon???

aburaage, age, inariage, tofu, deep-fried tofu, Japanese food

“Kitsune” (狐, キツネ,きつね) means a “fox”, and “Kitsune Udon” refers to the Udon noodle bowl with a sweet cooked “Aburaage” topping.So don’t worry, it is not the Udon noodle bowl that used Fox meat.

“Aburaage” (油揚げ) is made of “Tohu”, which is technically deep-fried thin-sliced Tofu (bean curd). It is often used for “Inari sushi” “miso soup” “Goma ae”. For as the topping of Kitsune Udon, Aburaage is cooked with soy sauce, sugar, Mirin, so it becomes tender, juicy, and sweet.

Why Does It Call “Kitsune” udon???

Shirine, Oinarisama, Inari shirine, Nagoya, Japan, fox, kitsune

It is derived from the Japanese belief that the shrine fox’s favorite food is “Aburaage”. So Japanese people offer aburaage to the shrine fox deities of local shrines.

Therefore, aburaage gives the image a “fox” to Japanese people, then the Udon bowl with aburaage topping is called “Kitsune Udon”.

551 Hourai

chinese pork buns

Personally, I strongly recommend you to try Chinese pork bun at 551 Horai, in Osaka.

The most famous Chinese buns in Japan, you will see lots of Japanese visitors going home holding “551 Horai” paper bags.
No word to explain, it is just super yummy!! It’s big, juicy, hot and tasty!
“Siomai Pork” is also super yummy!!

551 Horai tenpo

You can buy 551 Chinese buns at over 60 branches in the Kansai region, you can’t buy outside the Kansai region. (Some branches sell only chilled buns.)

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