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The Simple But New Taste: Discover Japanese Green Tea Cocktails

the simple but new taste, discover Japanese green tea cocktailsFood & Drinks
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Tea, especially green tea, has been a part of the lifestyle of Japanese people for many years.

Japanese green tea has been popular due to its taste and aroma all over the world, also “Sado”(茶道), the tea ceremony that has been sublimated into the culture.

It is common for Japanese to serve tea as the show of hospitality when someone visits. In Japan, tea connects relationships in everyday life.

Japanese people drink green tea a lot in any situation, of course, they don’t forget to use green tea for cocktails.

It is easy to get Japanese green tea worldwide today, so

I am going to tell you cocktails used “Green tea” for tonight.

Green Tea In Japan

green tea leaves, Japan

Tea is an irreplaceable part of the Japanese Culture and comes in dozens of various types, and “Green tea”-Ryokucya (緑茶) is the most common daily tea in Japan.

Even in tea called “Ryokucha” has several kinds, “Sencya”, “Gyokuro”, “Matcha”, “Houjicha” and more.

Sencha 煎茶

sencya, japanese green tea

Japanese people consume green tea as “sencha” in 80% out of all other tea products, and it has a refreshing taste with a harmony of umami and astringency and features a refreshing scent.

With meals, after meals, to refresh, for the tea break, for hospitality, before going to bed, Japanese people often drink “Sencha”, and tea leaves or tea bags are always in the pantry at each home.

Gyokuro 玉露

shade-grown, tea, green tea, gyokuro, japan

“Gyokuro” is made from the same type of plant as sencha but shade-grown.

Due to the shade-grown, tea leaves have less “tannin” (the natural ingredient, bitter flavor) and more “theanine” (an amino acid, Umami)contains. Gyokuro is known as a high-class green tea, because of its special flavor and more sensitive process to produce it.

  Matcha 抹茶


“Matcha” is also grown under shade like “Gyokuro”, (called “Tencha”). “Matcha” is grounded with a stone mill after harvest. “Matcha” is also luxury tea because of the gorgeous flavor by the severe professional process.

Houjicha ほうじ茶

houji cha

“Houjicha” is a tea made by roasting “sencha” or “Bancha” leavesover high heat. “Sencha” uses new shoots, while“Hojicha” uses hard leaf parts called “Bancha”. The tea leaves are dark brownand have a unique roasted flavor. It’s kids-safely due to less caffeine and tannins.


“Ocya-wari”(お茶割り) is a cocktail mixed with alcohol and green tea or other kinds of tea in Japanese.

You can have a different taste of cocktails as usual.


Japanese green tea and shochu, drink, alcohol

“Ryokucya Hai”(緑茶ハイ) is a “Shochu” drink mixed with “Ryokucya”, Japanese green tea.

For “Ryokucha hai”, “MugiJochu“(made from barley) is preferred because it’s dry and clear taste will not be against Ryokucha flavor.

“Ryokucya Hai” is also often called “Shizuoka Hai” because the region is famous for Japanese green tea.

Shizuoka Prefecture

shizuoka, tea, green tea, Japan

“Shizuoka Prefecture” (静岡県) is the best tea producing region in Japan, where located almost the center of the main island and where you can see Mt Fuji while riding on Shinkansen.

*Mt Fuji in the picture above is not the view from Shinkansen.

About 40% of green tea in Japan is produced in Shizuoka Prefecture, and there are many famous tea brands such as Kakegawa tea, Kawane tea, Hamamatsu tea, and Tenryu tea.

Match Hai


“Matcha Wari”(抹茶割り) has been gradually trending in Japan.

There are many stylish bars and Izakayas to serve special “Matcha wari” especially in Tokyo, and major Shochu company produced canned drink of “Machawari”.

It features vibrant colored refreshing but “ceremonial grade” taste of “Matcha”, do you want to step up to the challenge of creating a delicious drink?

The Basic “Match Hai”

  1. Dissolve a stick or 1 TBS Matcha powder with hot water in a cup
  2. Filled a tall highball glass with ice, and pour “Shochu” or distilled spirits (Vodka, Gin, Whiskey) and stir well until chilled.
  3. Add dissolved matcha, mineral soft water (if needed), and the desired amount of lemon juice.
  4. Stir well.

As unique toppings, vanilla ice cream, grounded white chocolate, honey.

“Matcha Milk”

matcha, drink, ocyawari, match wari, cocktail, shochu

  1. Dissolve a stick or 1 TBS Matcha powder with hot water in a cup
  2. Filled a glass with ice, and pour “Shochu” or distilled spirits (Vodka, Gin) and stir well until chilled.
  3. Add dissolved matcha, milk, and the desired amount of honey or sugar syrup.

“Matcha” Moscow Mule

A Moscow mule is a cocktail made with vodka, spicy ginger beer, and lime juice, add dissolved “Matcha” in Moscow Mule! Matcha adds more “greenish” “ceremonial-grade” taste.

Organic Matcha Powder

If you are crazy about “Japanese green tea, Matcha”, you already know the authentic Matcha (powder in the tiny jar) is hardly dissolve without using a special tea kit.

It is really true, the powder easily goes clump unless using “Matcha whisk”.

If you want to try out “Match” spending less money and stress just to taste “Matcha” cocktails, use “Matcha” powder sticks.

It is individual packages so you don’t need mesure each time.

To dissolve, using hot water is better than cold water.

Still clump? But don’t be frustrated!

Actually, clump easily means the sign of high-quality “Matcha”.

The higher the Matcha quality, the powder is finer particles so becomes susceptible due to static which causes clump while whisking.

Not only for cocktails, it can be used Matcha latte, smoothie and just drink straight.

I really like this because of authentic flavor and 100% organic, I put smoothie for my husband.

Jade leaf Matcha Green tea [30 count]

If you like sweet Matcha powder, it is not stick-packages but here’s already sweetened Match powder, dissolve easily. “Itoen” is a Japanese major tea product company so fine quality of taste.

Houjicha Hai

hojicha latte, gifu, mino, Japan

*Houjicha Latte, HAPPA STAND in Mino city, Gifu, 2020

I like Houjicha, I often drink “houjicha Latte” in Japan.

If you like roasted tea taste, you can use “Houjicha” for a making new cocktail.

Houjicha’s savory, roasted flavors pair perfectly with alcohol.

Simply, you can mix “houjicha” with your distilled spirits, but it goes really well with Rum!

To taste, add two ounces of rum, half an ounce lemon juice, desired amount of syrup, and four ounces of cold brew houjicha or chilled Hojicha to a shaker tin with ice.

“Hot Houjicha Soy Latte cocktail”

houjicha latte cocktail

  1. In a milk pan, heat 1 tbsp Hojicha leaves or 1 hojicha tea bag and 4 tbsp water for about 1 min.
  2. Add 3/4 cup of milk or soy milk, simmer until milk starts boiling
  3. Take out tea bags or strain tea leaves, simmer for about 7 minutes until Hojich a latte becomes a little thicker
  4. transfer a cup, add rum. sugar if needed.

Health Benefits

“Green Tea” brings you a lot of health benefits.

  1. Relaxation
  2. Diuretic effect
  3. Antibacterial and antiviral effects
  4. Skincare
  5. Improve Brain function

tea brings you many health benefits, health, women, drinking tea

Green Tea contains various natural ingredients such as “catechin”, “theanine (amino acids)”, “caffeine” and “vitamin C”, because of “theanine”, you feel relaxing when you drink tea.

Catechin” has a diuretic effect, which means excretes harmful substances such as acetaldehyde.

Also, “Catechin” has “Saponin” which has antibacterial and antiviral effects, so apparently residents in Shizuoka prefecture gargle with “sencha”.

Green tea contains “Vitamin C” more than Lemon, moreover, “Catechin” protects Vitamin C breaking up from the heat, so you can take Vitamin C effectively.

As you know, Vitamin C has a synthetic action on collagen which keeps your skin beauty.

In addition, Vitamin C prevents overproduction of “melanin pigments” and thins the spots already formed.

Because “green tea” contains “Vitamin C and Caffeine”, it seems to have the effect of increasing glucose in the blood and helping to break down alcohol.

Speaking “Caffeine”, a natural stimulant that boosts brain function.

You are familiar with this while drinking coffee, that’s why I need it every morning.

Superfood of Matcha

super food, matcha

As I mentioned above, “green tea” contains a lot of natural nutrients.

However, some of the ingredients in green tea, such as β-carotene, vitamin E, and dietary fiber, are poorly soluble in water.

On the other hand, “matcha” can be more effective because “matcha” is grounded to be powder, so you can take the all nutrients contained in tea leaves as it is.

For example, you can take a double amount of catechin via drinking “Matcha”, and also has rich “antioxidants” 137 times greater than regular green tea.

“Catechin” also helps “weight loss”.

It is a type of polyphenol, which is an ingredient that has an effect of suppressing an increase in blood sugar level.

It may prevent overweight, as the increase in blood sugar level will slow down and the fat will not increase easily.

According to directions of Jade leaf Matcha Green tea,

“matcha is rich in antioxidants, helps boost metabolism, a great source of natural energy and mental clarity.”

At last

You can enjoy various tastes, and you can expect effects on the body, also easy to make so try different cocktails at home!

As the Japanese proverb, it is said that “When you drink alcohol smartly enough, it can be the best medicine”, in Japanese, “酒は百薬の長” (Sake wa hyakuyaku no chou)

Although tea is good for your health, don’t forget tea contains “caffeine”.

As you know, caffeine keep your brain boosting.

Well, somehow I can sleep night even I have a coffee at night…

Also, tasty cocktails let you forget how much you drink, or how much the alcohol contains in it.

In other words, “Don’t drink too much”.

the simple but new taste, discover Japanese green tea cocktails


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