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The Quick Guide Of Tokyo’s Winter; Winter Basics In Tokyo For Women

Tokyo winter guide Travel Guide

The winter vacation in Japan is not a bad idea as you can enjoy seasonal limited attractions and winter aesthetics! Japan’s winter offers from snow festivals to winter illuminations.

Tokyo absolutely attracts many visitors, and luckily, Tokyo weather is not hard for you to embrace cold.

Check out what Tokyo’s winter is like.

Simply, for those who are not winter wimps and living in cold climates, just T-shirts and a light down jacket or a hoodie may be enough even in winter.

We often will see many overseas visitors walking like that.

Tokyo Average Temperatures

Japan’s winter season is considered between December through February. The coldest months are January and February.

Tokyo (23 wards)December (℃)JanuaryFebruary

The average low temperature is around 5℃, and it sometimes below freezing. Dress warmly especially when going out in Tokyo night! Although the daytime is not cold, it will get cold at night.

It rarely snows in Tokyo- it snows but rarely accumulated, however, transportation services will be messed up once it gets snow.

Read here thoughtfully to protect your itinerary before leaving.

What To Pack For Winter Tokyo Trip

  1. Winter Down Jacket, a winter coat
  2. A knit sweater, a fleece top, a hoodie
  3. Thermal underwear (Optional)
  4. Fleece-lined leggings, Denim jeans
  5. Casual winter boots or sneakers
  6. Winter Accessories

If you visit Tokyo 23 wards only, you don’t need to pack a heavy winter jacket. Inside buildings, on trains, buses are very warm.

Bring winter clothes that you can layer smartly.

Bring a few pairs of thermal underwear for night activities such as a night bus tour, Izakaya hopping, and winter illuminations.

Winter Places In Tokyo

Quick Winter Tips In Tokyo

Tokyo Is Really Dry

Most days in Tokyo are sunny -less rain in the wintertime, so the air is quite dry.

Bring body&hand lotions, chapsticks, and also scarves (or face cover) that you can cover your mouth.

Give Up High Heel Boots

Since Tokyo has a well-developed public transportation network, your main transportation will be the railways, Tokyo Metro, or city buses.

Tokyo Metro network is massively complicated, you will feel like walking almost for 1 mile to transfer subways. And stairs, stairs, stairs… Also, You will walk a lot in the city like walking from the station to your destination or walking for shopping.

Give up dressing up with winter high-heel boots, choose comfortable winter boots or sneakers for sightseeing.

Dress Warmly To Visit Tama Area

Dress warmer when visiting the Tama area on the west side of Tokyo.

Tama area has lots of attractive activities such as Mt Takao, Sanrio Puroland, Ghibli Mitaka Forest Park, and harmonica alley in Kichijoji.

Compared with temperatures in 23 wards, they are a little lower in the area.

Mt Takao

Mt Takao, Mt Fuji, the summit, mountains in Tokyo

Mt Takao is located in Hachioji city, and it is only 599 meter-high mountain.

Yet, the summit is cold so dress warmly when visiting Mt Takao.

Cable cars and lifts are available near the summit of Mt Takao, and there are paved paths so you don’t have to wear hiking clothes.

However, high heels are dangerous even on paved roads the summit. Wear comfortable shoes.

There is a beginner’s hiking route if you like to try hiking Mt Takao, you can go ahead with regular activewear. However, require full hiking clothes and shoes if you like to hike on the upper-level hiking route.

Warm Weather In Tokyo Islands

There are several islands in Tokyo prefecture-Izu & Ogasawara islands.

Don’t you feel it is warm and sunny days when you hear “islands’???

It’s true.

It depends on islands, the average temperatures in the Ogasawara islands is approximately around 10 ℃ through the winter season, and those in Izu islands is around 20 ℃. Besides, the temperature doesn’t change much during the day.

When exploring Tokyo islands, bring a light jacket or a windbreaker jacket.

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