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The Next Best App for Japan Travel

Travel Guide

You might have been looking for travel applications for your Japan trip, but there are too many options in stores to choose the right one for you.

You can download several applications on your smartphone, however, do you want to use the space for the clutter?

I recommend the travel guide and planning application today, it is an essential app for travelers who visit Japan for the first time.

Indeed, you can easily solve questions and troubles in sightseeing in Japan with just one application.

Japan Trip Navigator


Three major companies, JTB Corporation, Navitime Japan, and Microsoft Japan, provided an application called “JAPAN Trip Navigator”.

This application covers making plans, searching routes and navigate, booking tours, *restaurants, accommodations into one so that you don’t have to switch applications several times once you download this application.

  • JTB…the largest travel agency in Japan
  • Navitime Japan…is the leading provider of navigation technology and services
  • Microsoft Japan…is a subsidiary of Microsoft based in Japan.

*only booking the table in the restaurant required to download another application.

Provide trip plans

“Japan Trip Navigation” offers over 100 sightseeing plans in the popular five regions below so far, but the developer has been working for expanding service regions in the future.

  • Hokkaido
  • Kanto
  • Kyoto/Osaka
  • Kyusyu
  • Okinawa

Also, it provides over 3,600 recommended routes using JTB wide network based on your researching, includes how many spots to visit and required time.

Moreover, Navitime Japan supports you with useful maps and navigation during the trip.

Customize a sightseeing plan

It has a function called “My plan”, that you can custome the recommended route to your own attractive plan.

You can switch or add the sightseeing spots, tours, and activities from various options in the app, and quickly calculate routes ( includes public transportations ) from location to location.

Search and Book



Need to find an accommodation?

You can search one and book one on the Japanican web site via Trip Navigator quickly.

Japanican is the booking website for foreign tourists by JTB, which has a wide range of “ryokan”s across the country compared to other sites.

*Ryokan…A Japanese traditional style of the hotel


restaurant search trip navi

In this app, you can go to the “Restaurants” section and select the area, types of cuisine, and budget.

You can book the table without worries about making phone calls or go to their web site (some websites are still not supported other languages).

Only one thing I have to tell you, it is required to download another application called “Japan Foodie”.

You can book accommodations, tours, activities, tickets, restaurants and more directly via the same application.

Tour and activities

trip navi page

When you are researching the sightseeing spots and find favorite attractions, you can book tickets or tours right away.

It also quick and easy access to the “Japanican” website, click and done a booking.

AI chatbot assistant

miko trip navigator

“Miko” is the AI chatbot in the app to help you to make a plan.

She will catch your heart by her quick suggesting attractions or sightseeing spots for your rich next plan and also telling stories of the culture and history behinds.


She looks like an actual “Miko” (巫女) who is an assistant in a shrine.

Other information


The app picks up for you many side-information to enhance travel in Japan.

Go to the “stories”, and check out what you want to know about more.

Now for example,

  • Local spots where you can meet local peoples
  • Japanese Culture
  • Photogenic spots for your Instagram
  • Spots for girls
  • Sports
  • Nightlife
  • Seasonal attractions and activities

Japan information

You can learn about the basic information about Japan anytime.


“Japan Trip Navigation” is a helpful application to make your trip plan in Japan without changing search engines.

Especially for the first time to travel to Japan, you have no idea what to do.

It suggests over 100 tour plans and over 3,600 recommended routes with JTB networks and provides routes and “JRail pass user” friendly transports on the same screen.

You can find great restaurants and book at the same time.

It is a must-download app for your travel to Japan.

Download “Japan Trip Navigation”

Get it on Google Play

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Travel Guide
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