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Japanese Unique Mayo Dishes; The Japanese People Are Obsessed With Japanese Mayonnaise

Japanese favorite mayo dish Food & Recipes

I talked about the ultimate unique guide of Japanese mayonnaise in this post, as you know, the Japanese are so obsessed with Japanese Mayo, and they almost drizzle it for everything.

(Mayonnaise lovers are called “Mayolar” (マヨラー), they are obsessed with Mayonnaise. They drizzle squeeze the Mayo tube bottle for everything.)

Japanese mayonnaise is so delicious that there is only one reason why Japanese people are crazy about mayonnaise.

Not only as a dipping sauce or salad dressing but there are also many unique dishes that are used for Mayonnaise.

Today, I am going to introduce Japanese Mayo dishes from classic to unique.

Simply As The Dipping Sauce

Since Japanese Mayonnaise is rich, creamy, and tasty as it is, use it as a dipping sauce for cut veggies, most street food such as Okonomiyaki, Takoyaki, Karaage, moreover, Yakisoba, Yaki Udon, etc…

The combination with rich creamy Mayo and savory sweet Japanese Worcester sauce, who can blame it !?

As a more unique example, we dip traditional (weird) nibbles such as Saki Ika, Atarime (Surume), and Eihire, which are popular Izakaya snacks with Japanese Mayo.

You should know the staple dipping sauce among Izakya lovers which is the mixture of Japanese Mayo and Japanese shichimi togarashi.

Deli Salad (Potato Salad)

All over the world, Potato salad is the staple classic deli salad that mixed boiled potatoes, vegetables, and Mayonnaise together.

This classic salad is also popular in Japan.

Typically, potatoes are partially mashed.

There are surely a million or more potato salad recipes across the country, but, here is the traditional Japanese potato salad recipe.

Snack Bread

Easy Mayo Egg Toast

I don’t know how to call this in a proper way, but anyway, I call it “Japanese Mayo egg toast” here.

This is one of my comfort food, I was so excited to eat this every time my mom made it for me.

easy Japanese mayo egg toast, Japanese mayo recipe, Japanese shokupan bread

Easy Japanese Mayo Egg Toast

Rico McConnellRico McConnell
This is one of my comfort food, I was so excited to eat this every time my mom made it for me.
Course Blunch, Breakfast
Cuisine Japanese


  • 1 Texas toast bread
  • 1 whole egg
  • Japanese Mayo


  • Preheat an oven to 420F. You can use a toaster oven instead.
  • Place a piece of bread on a baking pan.
  • Make a bank along the edge of toast and throw the egg inside the bank.
  • Toast the bread until the egg cooks.


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Japanese Corn Mayo Pan Bread

“Corn Mayo Pan” is one of the popular snack bread in Japan.

Sweet corn and mayo mix filling on a fluffy sweet bread.

High-calories and high-carb equals DELICIOUS, right?

Japanese people like the combination “Corn & Mayo” so it is often used as a topping for the pizza menu. (My American husband says it sounds really weird to him. )

Rice And Mayo

Fillings For Onigiri Rice Balls

Rice and mayo have been the already common (not weird anymore) combination including stuffing for Onigiri rice balls and rice bowl dishes.

Tuna Mayo” (ツナマヨ) is always selected in the top 3 favorite Onigiri filling ranking in Japan.

There are other fillings used in mayonnaise such as “Ebi Mayo”(エビマヨ), “Karaage Mayo”(唐揚げマヨ), “Yakiniku Mayo”焼き肉マヨネーズ).

  • “Ebi Mayo” is the boiled shrimp or tempura shrimp and mayonnaise filling.
  • “Karaage Mayo” is Japanese-style fried chicken and mayonnaise filling.
  • “Yakiniku Mayo” is Japanese (Korean) BBQ sliced beef and mayonnaise filling.

For Sushi

As well as Onigiri fillings, mayonnaise can be fillings/ toppings for Sushi.

“Corn Mayo” or ” Tuna Mayo” is the staple sushi at conveyor belt sushi restaurants.

For Rice Bowl Dishes

You can’t stop the Japanese drizzling Mayo on anything, not only in the rice but also on the rice, which we call “Donburi”.

Mayolah people drizzle Mayo on Gyudon, buta-don, yakiniku-don, tori-don…etc.

Torimayodon is relatively the staple “Mayodon” menu, which is teriyaki chicken on rice with Mayo.

Here is my authentic Teriyaki Chicken recipe, why not try it tonight?


If you are already a fan of addictive Japanese Mayo, you can understand these dishes.

However, these dishes may sound weird to you.

Japanese Mayo is more rich and creamy with a nice vinegary, absolutely tasty, besides, it is considered the balance with rice which is a Japanese staple dish.

It is not so far to say Japanese mayo will become Japanese traditional food like Instant noodles.

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