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The Best Guide Of 100 yen Shops In Japan With My Love

the best guide of 100 yen shops in Japan with my love Travel Guide

The word – “Kawaii” is already a public word worldwide.

The next word, “100 yes shop”, “100 yen store” will be soon.

“DAISO JAPAN” is the top 100 yen shop in Japan, and you are lucky if you live in the area where DAISO JAPAN is located.

When you visit Japan, you must go to “100 yen shops” in Japan.

I am going to tell you what you can buy in not only DAISO “IN” Japan, but also other 100 yen shops such as Seria, CAN☆DO.

“100 yen shops” in Japan are the perfect shops if you are wondering where to buy Kawaii cheap gifts.

DAISO, Seria, and CAN☆DO are everywhere throughout Japan, (don’t think it is the only shop is DAISO in Harajuku. )

Besides, my favorite is not DAISO.

To me, the best 100 yen shop is “Seria” rather than “DAISO”, because I can find “authentic” Kawaii products which native Japanese girls love.

If you look for something “JAPANESE-LIKE”, “DAISO” can be the best so go ahead and find the gifts for FAMS.

I am a JAPANESE and don’t need “JAPANESE-LIKE” stuff, this is why.

Take a peek to see why 100 yen shops should be on your list of Japan trip.

How To Find 100 Yen shops?

Just put “100 yen shop” or “DAISO”, “Seria”, “CANDO” on google map in Japan.

Make sure bring cash with you when you go to 100 yen shops in Japan.

Some major DAISO can accept credit card payments, but there is less hope that you can use your credit card in any 100 yen shops.

the basic japan travel tip, how to withdraw money from ATM

What’s a 100 yen shop in Japan

A 100 yen shop is “Hyakkin” (百均) in Japanese, the most popular shop can be “DAISO” as you know.

“Seria” and “CAN☆DO” is following DASIO in the 100 yen shop market.

100 yen is about $1, a little less 1 UK pound, 1 Euro.

There is so much on offer in each 100 yen shop, and almost all products are 100 yen each but some products are like more than 100 yen but less than 500 yen.

Currently, the consumption tax in Japan is 10% for purchasing merchandise.

The quality of the merchandise is NOT “CHEAP”, moreover unique, Kawaii, and well-designed.

Overseas visitors often get surprised by their wide range of products,

  • ceramics/kitchenware
  • stationery/office supplies
  • homeware/garden supplies
  • toiletries/beauty supplies
  • and toys/games/novelty items

Japanese Small Plates

seria, 100 yen shop, ceramics

Yes, 100 yen.

It is perfect to buy Japanese small plates to make the usual dinner prettier.

Authentic Japanese “Kaiseki” serving way, each item is placed on each small plates to be served.

Perhaps, with the “Kaiseki serving way” trace, Japanese people tend to use plates separately for each item at home.

It’s so small, so you don’t have to worry about the weight of luggage when you fly back to your home.

I recommend to buy plastic bubble wraps together at the 100 yen shop.

Even you think you do the perfect wrapping for packing,

ceramics will be broken when you unpack.

I have many experiences with disappointing moments.

mamezara, 100 yen shop, Japan

These small Japanese plates are called “Mamezara”(豆皿), which is often used for serving nibbles, garnishes, or dipping sauce such as soy sauce.

Why it is called “Mamezara” is because of small like “Mame” – “beans, peas”.

I use these as my jewelry dish.

As you can see, small plates and bowls in plain white, shibori colors, and simple Japanese patterns, modern cute patterns, and shops frequently change to new designs so you can find new ones every time you visit.

Bento Goods

“Bento” is a representative Japanese food culture today, and there are so many offers on Bento goods to see in 100 yen shops in Japan.

Food Picks

pinchos stick, food pick, 100 yen shop, bento

I always buy food picks to decorate supper or dinner party at home.

Disposal Wooden Chopsticks

waribashi, disposal chopstick, wooden chopsticks, 100 yen shop

Disposal chopsticks are called “Waribashi” in Japanese, you can find super “Kawaii” design especially in 100 yen shops.

On the other words, you can find super-duper cute designs (nontraditional designs) in only 100 yen shops.

I am into a bird feeding right now, it didn’t take time to fall in love this waribashi set.

Cherry Blossoms designs

bento goods, cherry blossoms, 100 ye nshop

Around spring season, many “cherry blossoms” designs will be showed up in 100 yen shop stores.

I found many picnic party goods for “Hanami” – the Japanese traditional event to enjoy cherry blossoms.

Japanese Kawaii Stationery

For your Journal, school supplies, office supplies

paper clip with tassel, 100 yen shops

Think how jealous your friends will be when you show cute paper clips with tassels.

You maybe already familier tassel paper clips on Pinterest or Etsy.

In this way, you don’t have to pay more than 100 yen (not count tax) and don’t have to spend time to DIY.

It’s also great idea to organize pile of paper documents on your desk!

paper clip, magnet, animal, 100 yen shop

This magnetic bookmarks will be great to decorate your journal.

Of course, you can use this as a bookmark especially when you can’t fold a corner like dog ears when you borrow someone’s book or a public book.

It will be a nice gift if you will return book to your friend with one of cute magnetic bookmarks.

notebook, 100 yen shop

There is a wide range of notebooks from classic to super-cute in 100 yen shops in Japan. (Especially at “Seria”.)

When you have to go back to work or school, to encourage your kids to go back to school life after long vacations,

Kawaii notebooks can be an inspiration for productivity, and also a cute notebook can just make taking notes more fun.

Washi Tapes

washi tape, shelf, 100 yen shop, cando

Find crafting and scrapbooking inspiration in a wide range of decorative washi tapes and masking tapes in 100 yen shops.

Each 100 yen shop (DAISO, Seria, CAN☆DO) has the cute selection of Kawaii Washi Tape and Masking Tapes.

washi tape, sanrio, 100 yen shop

You can find popular characters of masking tapes such as Disney, Pixar, and Sanrio.

I found “Hello kitty”, “little twin stars” masking tapes. 

Everyday treasures bring pleasures that touch our hearts.

washi tapes, fruits, 100 yen shop

Super cute fruits masking tape set is great for decorating journals, notebooks, greeting cards, and any other crafts!

Household Supplies

Cat Socks Organizer

ankle socks organizer, 100 yen shop

This socks organizer is handy for storing ankle socks.

Many people are wondered how they can fold and put away, and everyone has experiences of losing a pair.

I am not sure “Konmari” sparks, so I found this cute cat.

A little pain to put each sock on it, but you can organize socks neatly.

4 pieces for 100 yen, and go perfect for the box dresser organizer.

Microfiber Cleaning Towels

microfiber cleaning cloth, 100 yen shop

You can use a dry cloth or a damp microfiber cloth to do a variety of cleaning tasks such as dusting surfaces, cleaning windows and mirrors, and polishing stainless steel.

Not so many cute microfiber towels are available in the US, but in Japan, look at the cute (funny) one above, you can find them easy at 100 yen shops.

I don’t know why they design animals are playing sports, but anyway, it is sure that you can start cleaning with happy mode.

The Washer Maschine Lint Catcher

washer machine lint catcher, 100 yen shop

I am surprised this washer machine lint catcher has still existed in Japan because all Japanese washer machines have lint traps as equipment that you can take out and clean.

One of the things that I am surprised American culture, my washer machine doesn’t have a lint trap as I had seen for my life.

According to Mr. Appliance’s website, it seems like my washer machine is a newer high-efficiency (HE) washer, and the type doesn’t have a lint trap.

Although it has a self-cleaning pump filter, I was a little concerned about whether it gets clogged.

I knew the lint catcher was common in Japan when I was a kid, so I tried to find it in 100 yen shop one day, and there was.

I am using one with a plastic balloon top, but the parts are easy to be apart.

So next time, I am going to buy one like in the picture, the top material is sponge-like form.

Laundry Mesh Bags

laundry mesh bags, 100 yen shop

There is also a wide range of laundry mesh bags in 100 yen shops in Japan.

Not only handy to wash delicates, bras, sweaters, knits but also I use them as organizers on travel packing.

Especially, mesh bags for bras are useful as regular use and as packing.

I pack bras in the mesh bag to keep bra’s shapes and even I can throw in the washer machine without taking it after going back home.

Moreover, they are just cute.

I have many mesh bags that I bought in 100 yen shops a long time ago, but those are still in good condition.

• Why you should use laundry mesh bags???

laundry, delicate

Mesh bags protect your garments from tangling, snagging, or pulling in the washer. Especially, the primary use is to protect “delicate fabrics” such as Lingeries, formal dresses, machine washable knits.

Also, it can help colors bleeding into each other also avoid catching lint from other laundries.

Super Water-Absorbent Umbrella Bag Case

portable umbrella case, microfiber, 100 yen shop

I love this water-absorbent travel umbrella bag case.

The umbrella bag has a fluffy water-absorbent fabric lining with a water-repellent polyester shell.

It fits neatly in my purse or backpack without wetting other belongings.

No matter the rainy season or not, it’s lots of rain in Japan,

don’t forget bring a travel umbrella or a rain jacket for Japan trip.

Kawaii Wet Wipes

wet hand towels, wet hand napkins, 100 yen shops

How about Kawaii Wet Wipes as Japanese gifts for FAMS in your country?

It’s fragrance-free, Non-alcoholic wet wipe.

“Wet Wipes” in Japanese, “Wet tissues” (ウエットティッシュ) and

“Baby Wipes” in Japanese, “Akachan no Oshirifuki” (赤ちゃんのおしりふき).

Kawaii Pocket Tissues

kawaii pocket tissues, 100 yen shops

How about another Kawaii Japanese gift???

Lots of selections of pocket tissues in 100 yen shops, and this one is

moisturizing tissues-“Hoshitsu” (保湿) which is an extremely soft and very gentle touch to your nose.

So if you want moisturizing tissues, look for the written word – “Hoshitsu” (保湿).

DAISO has many products with English (Chinese, Korean, Spanish) labels, but not so much in Seria and CAN☆DO.

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At Last…

This is my 4th post about “100 yen shops in Japan” for less than 1 year, but I still can’t tell you everything all of my “100 yen shop love”.

Hoping I could share such a unique, kawaii, handy, well-made products filled with 100 yen shops in Japan.

I guarantee you can get Kawaii gifts for yourself and fams with fun!!!

Bring a big shopping bag, oh, don’t forget bring enough cash with you.

You can withdraw money without problems via ATM machines in Seven-eleven convenience store, or in “Japan Post Office”(Yuucho-ゆうちょ銀行).

the best guide of 100 yen shops in Japan with my love

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