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AVOCADO AND CREAM CHEESE Great For MISOZUKE| Effortless Pressed Sushi Recipe

Marinate avocado in miso! It's an unexpected combination, but the rich buttery creamy flavor will be enhanced and goes well with not only the avocado but also rice and Japanese sake. “Pressed sushi” called Oshizushi is a traditional type of sushi, which literally made by pressing sushi rice and ingredients in a container. Aesthetic, this block-shaped sushi can be an eye-catching dish at a party. Moreover, it is effortless, and super-easy to make even if you've never tried making sushi. Since this recipe is used Misozuke avocado and cream cheese, so I skip seasoning the sushi rice.
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Dashi Kelp 101: How To Make Japanese Kombu Dashi At Home

As you know, Dashi refers to Japanese soup stocks that are used for a lot of Japanese cooking. Kombu Dashi is one of the staple dashi made from Kombu (dried kelp) which contains a lot of glutamic acids and brings many nutritional values. Unlike Awase dashi or Iriko dashi, kombu dashi has a mild and refreshing flavor but a more complex and distinctive taste. Moreover, it’s vegetarian, vegan-friendly, enough to make you happy. You can also freeze this authentic genuine Kombu dashi when making a big batch.
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Yuzu Kosho 101: How To Make Japanese Mysterious Condiment For Everything

A condiment so simple, citrusy, spicy, sensational, and amazing. Yuzu kosho is going to be your favorite use of lime or other citrus fruits which is tempting with simple grilled meats, seafood, vegetables, mushrooms, tofu, or steamed, stir-fried, soup, salad... To make the yuzu kosho, take a large handful or four of green chili peppers like serrano, jalapeno, Thai, or bird's eye. The golden ratio of peppers to Yuzu skins is 4 : 1.
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Tofu Steak Is Simply Crusted Tofu With Potato Starch: Nothing Less Than IT

If you’re vegetarian, vegan, or Japanophiles, surely, you've heard about Tofu steak in Japanese cuisine. There're many twisted Tofu steak recipes, yet, Japanese authentic Tofu steak is simply, coated Tofu with the potato starch (or cake flour) and pan-fried with sesame oil. Nothing less than it. Crispy, sticky, and your choice of sauce and garnish.
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It is stir-fried SOMEN noodles with canned tuna/ Spam, vegetables seasoned with Bonito dashi, and soy sauce in Okinawa prefecture's local cuisine. Chanpuru is an Okinawan dialect that means "mixed up"/ "mixed together" and refers to stir-fried dishes. It's a simple, easy to cook, light, mild noodle dish for quick lunch and dinner.
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Japanese Glass Noodle Salad: “Harusame” Salad With Easy Sesame Dressing

Japanese Glass Noodle Salad (Harusame Salad) is a simple, vinegary, savory fresh noodle dish that can bring an unusual international side dish to your kitchen. Quick-cooking of glass noodles, which soaking glass noodles in boiled water for 4 minutes, drain, rinse and cut. Add your favorite protein and vegetables. Great served chilled. Glass noodles are a common food in Asian cuisine, and it is called "Harusame" in Japanese. Japanese Harusame noodles are mainly made of potato starch. Harusame salad is also a popular salad menu in Japan- it's refreshing and addictive with sesame oil and soy sauce-based dressing. You can use Mung Bean Thread Vermicelli instead, but not rice noodles if you care about calories.
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Japanese Basic Cooking; How To Make A Paper Thin Egg Omelet (Usuyaki Tamago)

LEARN THE JAPANESE TAMAGO RECIPE. When you enjoy a Japanese home cooking recipe, you will have opportunities to make "Usuyaki-Tamago"/ "Kinshi-Tamago"- a paper-thin egg omelet and egg threads, which are the Japanese basic home cooking and are commonly used as a wrap/ a garnish adding brilliant yellow color to the dish. You don't need a Tamagoyaki pan for this dish, however, you may need a little technique and practice.
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