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Homemade Layu: Keep This Japanese Hot Sauce In Your Pantry (TAKE A PEEK INTO JAPANESE PANTRY)

La-yu is chili oil made of hot chili peppers, roasted sesame oil, and other exotic spices, which is often used to add spicy and sesame oil’s aroma for gyoza dipping sauce, ramen soup, mainly Chinese dishes, and tofu dishes in Japan. Simple, Easy, But Supreme Savory Flavorful Japanese Layu. Please try to make this Layu if your traditional Layu is not enough.
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Traditional Japanese miso paste with simple 4 ingredients, a simple process. This miso paste recipe makes for a great mild yellow miso using koji rice.
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Sesame seeds, sesame oil, and sesame paste…are often used in Japanese cooking as represented in the dish called “GOMA-AE”. Sesame seeds are packed with nutrients so they are respected as a natural remedy from ancient times in Japan. Especially, black sesame seeds have black pigment in their shells, which is a good source of polyphenols. The main nutrition of sesame seeds is about 50% lipid, about 20% protein, and rich in fibers and minerals. In particular, the lipid compounded in these small grains is packed with unsaturated fatty acids such as linoleic acid and oleic acid. Let's break down sesame seed benefits and how to incorporate them more into your daily healthy diet.
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Authentic Japanese MISOZUKE TOFU: Easy Appetizer For Japanese Sake

Tofu misozuke is a traditional Japanese delicacy that requires a fermentaion period in miso paste for 1 week to years. To enjoy misozuke tofu safely at home, let's make the soft, creamy, cream cheese-like with the hint of fermented soy (miso) flavored tofu. For the salad, rice, toast, and dipping & crackers. The important key is to remove water from tofu thoughtfully. Otherwise, it may cause the tofu to rotten. Marinate the tofu for up to 3 days, and consume it within a week.
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What’s Koji Miso

Recently, you’ve often heard about “koji miso” if you’re a miso connoisseur. It’s actually the name for commercial use to enhance the raw ingredients, especially, Koji. It probably indicates that companies produce their products to guarantee using selected raw materials and Koji.
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Ladies! Eat Natto Every Day; The Japanese Super Food Can Bring Natural Health & Beauty

Why Japanese traditional superfood can bring you many health benefits? Especially for ladies, natto can improve your health & beauty. What are nutritions? What are good for you? When & how much should you eat Natto? All about Natto health benefits you should know is in this post!
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Holy Cow! Easy-Cheesy How To Make Homemade Natto Beans Without Starter Spores

Natto beans are the Japanese traditional super healthy food to eat daily! Generally, you can get natto at any Asian grocery store, but you can save money and eat homemade fresh Natto every day using my easy homemade natto recipe; without a starter, use the instant pot for the whole process.
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Stewed Beef AND Tofu Japanese Hamburg Steak In Tomato Sauce: Nikomi Tofu Hamburg Steak

LEARN HOW TO MAKE STEWED JAPANESE HAMBURG STEAK IN TOMATO SAUCE AT HOME! Juicy, fluffy, tender, absolute meaty Japanese Hamburg Steak (Hambāgu), served with rich tomato sauce, on rice or noodles. This Japanese Hamburg Steak (Hambāgu) is especially called "Nikomi Hambāgu" which literally means stewed meat patties (meatballs) in Tomato sauce. By stewing ground meat slowly, you don't need to worry about undercooked patties. If you’re worried about them tasting tofu, don't worry. Even if you can feed those who don't like tofu, they will not notice there is tofu. Rich delicious tomato sauce will be ready at the same time.
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Tofu Steak Is Simply Crusted Tofu With Potato Starch: Nothing Less Than IT

If you’re vegetarian, vegan, or Japanophiles, surely, you've heard about Tofu steak in Japanese cuisine. There're many twisted Tofu steak recipes, yet, Japanese authentic Tofu steak is simply, coated Tofu with the potato starch (or cake flour) and pan-fried with sesame oil. Nothing less than it. Crispy, sticky, and your choice of sauce and garnish.
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