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Summer Grilling! Home Izakaya Recipe; Japanese Yakitori Chicken

The meaning of Yakitori is bite-size pieces of meat, seafood, and veggies on bamboo skewers and grilled. Japanese yakitori is classically cooked over small charcoal grills and it attracts visitors with cooking over charcoal gives a smoky and charcoal flavor that's simply Umai (tasty.) Everyone wants to try to make unforgettable Japanese taste at home and what do you think if it's possible to make it? How about reading this post and getting ready for the summer grill?
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Homemade Authentic Japanese Teriyaki (Yakitori) Sauce; For Yakitori, Grilled Meat and Vegetables

You can make authentic Japanese teriyaki sauce at home! Learn about how to make professional-taste Teriyaki sauce without Mirin. All you need is dried dashi kelp, sugar, soy sauce, Sake, and patience. Read this easiest Teriyaki sauce recipe!
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Sesame Crusted Seared Ahi Tuna With Authentic Teriyaki Sauce

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Tender Sweet And Spicy Japanese-style Grilled Chicken Wings

Japanese chicken wing recipe based on the classic dish. It is not a crispy "Tebasaki" chicken wings in the Japanese Izakaya menu. Chicken wings are slow-cooked and grilled to finish. Sweet & spicy Teriyaki glaze makes you hungry! These addictive chicken wings are tender, fluffy, and never worry about under-cooked.
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Easy Steps: Japanese “Nagoya”-style Chicken Wings

Japanese-style chicken wings are the staple Izakaya menu- crispy and peppery, non-teriyaki sauce. Nagoya-style chicken wings are popular local food in Japan, which is coated with Teriyaki sauce after double-fried. Addictive sticky and crispy chicken wings! Easy steps with tips.
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