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Make The Gorgeous Authentic Ramen While Making My Japanese-style Pork Neck Bones

LEARN HOW TO MAKE AUTHENTIC SHOYU TONKOTSU MISO RAMEN NOODLE SOUP AT HOME! Why My Spicy Pork Shoyu Ramen Recipe? It’s authentic Japanese ramen noodle soup. (because I am from Japan. ) You can skip making Dashi soup. You can make main toppings besides, you get the soup broth at the same time as making my Japanese-style pork neck bones. Choose your favorite noodles! You can adjust the spicy level keeping a rich umami flavor!
Food & Recipes

Atsuyaki Tamagoyaki Sando; Japanese Savory Fluffy Egg Toast Sandwich For Your Breakfast

LEARN HOW TO MAKE A JAPANESE TASTY EGG OMELET TOAST SANDWICH WITH A ROUND PAN AT HOME! Fluffy Japanese Egg omelet "Tamagoyaki: Sandwich with famous Japanese mayo and crispy brioche/Hawaiian toast bread! If you love the combination of sweet and savory recipes, you will love this breakfast sandwich to make your morning shine. Inspired by the popular Atsuyaki Tamago Sando, which originated from Kyoto, Japan. Atusyaki Tamago is not a traditional Japanese rolled egg omelet called Dashimaki Tamago/Tamago-maki, You don't need the Japanese basic ingredients to make this recipe such as Soy sauce, Mirin, Dashi broth, Tamagoyaki pan!
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