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Heatstroke In Japan; How To Prevent Heat Stroke During Traveling In Japan’s Summer Season

After the rainy season in June, the weather will be rapidly hot and humid from July through September. Especially, in July and August, the hottest season in Japan, you really need to be careful of heat stroke and heat-related illness. There are many patients transported to hospitals every summer, read heatstroke prevention tips if you think about the summer trip to Japan.
Travel Tips

High Japan Travel Season, BUT You Will Miss Japanese Traditional & Cultural Experiences By NOT TRAVELLING In Those Seasons

Traveling to Japan? Do you know the Japanese high seasons? Cherry blossoms, sure. There are several high reasons that you have a hard time traveling around due to the crowd, and not so friendly for your budget. However, it will still worth seeing Japanese tradition, beauty and uniqueness in Japan. If you want to have authentic Japanese experiences, you should read this why you should travel to Japan even in high seasons.
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6 Periods to avoid traveling to Japan

Traveling to Japan? Do you know 6 periods to avoid traveling to Japan? Better consider avoiding certain periods and seasons in Japan before making your plan. Trust me, I am a Japanse and don't go back to these periods if I could, especially the Golden week and New Year's holiday. What is Golden Week? If you want to know I will tell you here about 4 long holidays and 2 seasons that you don't want to travel to Japan.
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What you must know about the Summer Heatwave in Japan

Do you know what the weather like in the Japanese summer season? It is dangerously hot! Literally, Dangerous if you don't learn about Japanese hot summer. Before you leave for Japan, read this and save your life.
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