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Shogayaki: Japanese Pork Ginger For Easy Quick Dinner

We always love "easy, juicy, tender, delicious" dishes for weeknight dinners. Shogayaki, one of the popular Japanese home cooking, the recipe is literally "easy, juicy, tender, and delicious"!!! Japanese pork slices are already juicy and tender, but, this dish could be dry and chewy when we buy thin-sliced pork in US grocery stores. I use thinly sliced pork shoulder. Marinating the pork with Salt-koji (aka Shio-koji) can bring the pork ginger tender, juicy, and more delicious if you have time! Pork is good for energizing you and Asian gingery sauce definitely makes you hungry.
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Discover How To Make This Tender Juicy Crispy Boneless Chicken Breast Karaage

Good-bye dry fried chicken breast, with my tender juicy crispy Japanese fried chicken breast recipe! Deliciously seasoned in the traditional marinating sauce then double-frying until golden with mouthwatering crisp edges! Make tender and moist chicken breast in two time-saver methods, and make them full-flavored, without dipping sauce. My simple and easy Karaage chicken breast recipe uses skinless and boneless chicken breasts in the Japanese traditional way. Enjoy this authentic gingery Karaage chicken breast.
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Carrot Kinpira: All-Purpose Japanese Vegetable Side Dish

Kinpira is a Japanese cooking term-sautée and simmered with Japanese basic seasonings. In most cases, the Kinpira dish is made of root vegetables such as carrot, burdock, Daikon radish, and lotus root. It's a super easy and healthy side dish, and you can serve it with hot/ cool.
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Kinpira 101: Make Easy Quick Vegetable Side In Japanese Home Cooking

Kinpira is a quick stir-fry with Japanese basic (sweet and salty) sauce. The popular comfort side dish for dinner and bento items. It can help add nutritional value to every meal. Stock in the fridge since it'll last for almost a week once you make tons! Besides, add every salad, soup, and sandwich!! You can switch veggies to any root or less-water veggies.
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Easy Crispy “Chahan” Recipe: Japanese Egg Fried Rice With Simple Ingredients

Make this delicious authentic simple Chahan fried rice -Japanese fried rice- for a quick lunch or as a side for dinner. What'll you need is only egg and cold rice. For more ultimate tips to make "crispy" fired rice, read the post on the same page. You can add your choice of protein and other ingredients, but, select the vegetables that have less water content. This is the first step to making the best crispy fried rice, basically, egg rice.
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It is stir-fried SOMEN noodles with canned tuna/ Spam, vegetables seasoned with Bonito dashi, and soy sauce in Okinawa prefecture's local cuisine. Chanpuru is an Okinawan dialect that means "mixed up"/ "mixed together" and refers to stir-fried dishes. It's a simple, easy to cook, light, mild noodle dish for quick lunch and dinner.
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Good-Bye, Mushy Stir-Fried Udon Noodles; The Ultimate Recipes Of YAKIUDON With Two Sauce

Popular Izakaya menu internationally, Japanese stir-fried Udon noodles, Yaki Udon is an easy & delicious meal loaded with vegetables, mushrooms, and your choice of protein, with rich soy-sauce based sauce. In Japan, Yaki Udon is more likely the staple easy lunch that mothers often cook. Yes, it's quite easy. To avoid making "mushy" Yaki Udon, prepare noodles with my tips, add a moderate volume of vegetables (not too much), and make the stir-fry sauce before cooking.
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Easy-And-Tender Mongolian Beef Marinated With Homemade Yakiniku Sauce

This Mongolian beef recipe is super easy, full of flavor, and incomparable to take out! Sliced flank beef will be so tender that you’ve never experienced, please, please try this recipe and my homemade Yakiniku (Japanese bbq) sauce! Let’s start to make Yakiniku sauce first the day before cooking!
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Izakaya At Home! Japanese Staple Chicken Gizzards “SUNAGIMO” Nibbles Recipes

My top 3 chicken gizzards finger food recipes for Home Izakaya. Whether you’re throwing a party or planning ahead for an Izakaya date at home, these nibbles will win by authentic Japanese SUNAGIMO recipes that you can’t get anywhere else. We love its texture, so we even don’t try to tenderize it. Chicken gizzards are so reasonable and have addictive textures. These recipes are also super-easy to make.
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