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What’s TSUKEMONO: Japanese Pickles Complete Guide

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Simple Japanese Potato Salad: Traditional Japanese Recipe With Kewpie Mayo

Japanese potato salad, chunky mashed potatoes, cucumbers, onions, eggs, aaaaand Japanese Kewpie Mayo. Savory creamy starchy Japanese-style potato salad is so addictive. Throw in it—leftover veggies, frozen corn, or you can skip some of the ingredients—making them perfect for cozy weekday dinners or as a side in a party spread!
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Japanese Pickles With Shio Koji Is An Easy And Healthy Idea For Vegetable Side Dish

Traditional Japanese TSUKEMONO, packed with sweet and delicious natural flavor. Since this recipe is used semi-dried cucumber and carrots, these koji zuke pickles have a unique crunchy texture without a bold watery taste.
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Carrot Kinpira: All-Purpose Japanese Vegetable Side Dish

Kinpira is a Japanese cooking term-sautée and simmered with Japanese basic seasonings. In most cases, the Kinpira dish is made of root vegetables such as carrot, burdock, Daikon radish, and lotus root. It's a super easy and healthy side dish, and you can serve it with hot/ cool.
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Asian Grilled Romaine Recipe

Fresh Romaine lettuce tastes great by itself, when you want to search for different flavors, grill it! Try this grilled romaine with an Asian twist. It’s simple, healthy, and absolutely delicious. Cut the top few inches and slice it in half, to grill it easier and prevent burning it. Easy grilling and healthy vegetable side dish!
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Only 3 Step-Healthy Snack! Quick, Easy, Super Healthy Yamitsuki Cabbage With Sesame Oil

Make a delicious, healthy fresh vegetable snack ready in just three steps! This super-simple quick veggie snack is called Yamitsuki Cabbage, which means Addictive cabbage, and is the popular Izakaya snack in Japan. The perfect option when you need healthy snacks or late-night cravings. Why is it so addictive? Because of high-quality toasted sesame oil and a little bit of mineral salt.
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Don’t Throw Radish Greens! Japanese-Style Sauteed Radish Greens

Don’t toss those radish greens! Learn how to make Japanese-style sautéed radish greens for a simple but healthy vegetable side dish. If you're throwing out the radish tops, let's learn how to make this super-easy traditional Japanese radish greens stir-fry by use in soups, salads, omelets, and even as a topping for rice and noodles. Sauteed Radish green is a Japanese stir-fry with iconic Asian-Japanese flavors running through the dish, which is commonly served with a side dish of rice or tea-time after meals. Also, it is a popular dish as the meal-prep ingredients such as adding fried rice, egg omelets, or miso soup... Incorporate this easy Japanese dish that everyone can enjoy, and reduce food loss using rich nutritious radish greens.
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